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GRE Exam Preparation Tips 2023: Find Section-wise Prep Tips, Study Materials & GRE Prep Book

GRE Exam Preparation

Candidates who want to do well on the GRE must adhere to a good GRE Preparation approach in order to obtain their desired result. This post has been written mainly to provide our users with the greatest GRE preparation material for 2023. Continue reading to learn how to use the GRE study plan to ace your next GRE exam.

To prepare for the GRE exam, you can study on your own or attend a tutoring centre, just like you would for any other exam. The option is completely yours, as you must choose whether you have enough time and finances to do both. Newer study methods, such as GRE preparation online, are gaining popularity. It incorporates self-study as well as coaching class approaches.

You enrol in a virtual classroom and learn from the comfort of your own home. To choose the ideal technique for preparing for the GRE, you must first consider your criteria and make a decision based on them.

GRE exam preparation tips

Making a study plan is the best method to begin studying for the GRE exam. To attain your Goal Score, stick to the study regimen based on your skills and weaknesses.

Making a Study Plan for a Higher GRE Score:

  1. Plan ahead
  2. Know what you're getting into
  3. Take lots of practice tests
  4. Start studying vocabulary
  5. Focus on your subject
  6. Don't ignore the other subject
  7. Use good materials
  8. Know question types
  9. Keep an error log
  10. Plan on taking the exam twice

How to Prepare for GRE verbal?

The GRE Verbal Reasoning part is undoubtedly the most difficult to prepare for. The reason behind this is simple: unlike the quantitative component, the GRE verbal curriculum cannot be enumerated. You might be tested on any of the English language's many thousands of terms. Keep in mind that GRE vocabulary is simply one part of GRE verbal preparation! This part also assesses you on:

  1. English grammar
  2. Reading comprehension
  3. Critical reading
In this section, we go over each step you should follow in order to study for GRE Verbal and get the score you want.

How to prepare for GRE verbal reasoning?

Because of the extensive vocabulary, the Verbal Reasoning element of the GRE is sometimes seen as more challenging than the Mathematics section. The Verbal Reasoning part of the GRE is designed to examine your understanding of written content as well as your ability to evaluate it. The GRE Verbal Reasoning test assesses your ability to analyse sentence structure as well as your comprehension of word-to-concept links.

  1. Recognize the significance of vocabulary in the GRE verbal part, keeping in mind that the terms you should know must be the type of words that are likely to occur on the GRE. At the same time, no group of words is ever sufficient for GRE preparation. Continue to study words until you take the GRE. Learn the terms' secondary meanings as well.
  2. Do not rely just on one strategy to memorise all the terms. Maintain a vocabulary notebook (a record), utilise flashcards, etymology, mnemonics, vocab games, and internet applications and tools to learn terms.
  3. Learn how to answer Sentence Equivalence and Text Completion problems in addition to words. Learning words alone will not be sufficient; you must also understand the procedures that should be used to answer the Sentence Equivalence and Text Completion problems.
  4. Never fill in the blanks with answer selections to solve Sentence Equivalence and Text Completion problems. Concentrate on hints and triggers (if any) to generate your own term or phrase, and then follow the process of elimination.
  5. Keep in mind that the two credited replies in a sentence equivalence question do not have to be synonyms.

How to prepare for GRE analytical writing?

The GRE Analytical Writing portion is intended to measure critical thinking and analytical writing abilities, as demonstrated by your ability to articulate difficult concepts clearly and effectively while keeping a cohesive and focused conversation. Many students lose sight of the reality that the test does not assess their understanding of the subject matter. So there is no right or incorrect answer to whatever viewpoint you supply.

  1. Please keep in mind that your AWA activities will be chosen from a pool of tasks published by ETS at However, do not even consider practising writing replies to all of the themes and assignments. Writing your comments while completing the full-length practice exams should suffice, but make sure to get the essays graded and reviewed.
  2. Consult the Official Guide for detailed instructions, one of which will accompany each AWA activity. There are six instructions for the problem task and eight instructions for the argument task. You must handle the problem and the argument in accordance with the precise instructions provided with each job.
  3. While taking each sample exam, practice composing the AWA replies.
  4. Have a framework in mind for writing your AWA replies; this will allow you to breeze through the AWA portion with ease, allowing you to tackle the succeeding verbal and quant sections with full vigour and fervour.
  5. Remember that you are not permitted to remark or debate whether the claims in the argument are true or false in the argument task. You should not say whether you agree or disagree with the expressed stance. In other words, you are not permitted to voice your own opinions on the matter. You are only needed to evaluate the argument's soundness in accordance with the precise guidelines provided with the argument.

How to prepare for GRE quantitative section?

The GRE General Test Quantitative Reasoning portion assesses your fundamental mathematics abilities, grasp of rudimentary mathematical ideas, and ability to reason with numbers and solve problems using quantitative approaches.

  1. Do not overlook the principles of mathematics. Although there may be only a few questions focused exclusively on math principles, it may be hard for you to complete multiple math problems unless you are well-versed in math fundamentals.
  2. Prioritize the math subjects that will be assessed more extensively on the GRE above the areas that will likely have fewer questions. For example, prioritise the number system, averages, percentages, ratio-proportion, and so on over permutation-combination and probability. After you've mastered the more typically tested topics, you may start paying more attention to the latter.
  3. Consult the Official Guide for a list of all the math subjects that may appear on the GRE; ensure that you grasp each and every topic.
  4. Keep in mind that, while the GRE does not test you on arcane math ideas, the questions are frequently difficult. As a result, you should learn to recognise and avoid trap replies.
  5. While you have a (drop-down) calculator to utilise in the quant area, keep in mind that it only does fundamental mathematical operations like addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division (and square root). Furthermore, the calculator is difficult to use, yet it must be used when necessary. As a result, begin utilising the calculator for practise from the beginning, but keep in mind that it is sometimes a moot question to determine whether or not to utilise the calculator.

What is the best way to prepare for GRE?

Candidates should be aware that there is no standard preparation template. What may be appropriate for Person A may not be appropriate for Person B, and vice versa. As a result, we have offered a list of several learning approaches in this post, and we anticipate our readers to choose the one that best meets their needs and use it to improve their GRE scores.

How to prepare for GRE at home?

Candidates should not be confused between preparing for the GRE at home and preparing for the GRE at the testing centre. The only difference between the two tests is the test environment. Test takers might often become overwhelmed. Candidates should be aware that ETS, the GRE exam's governing organisation, has begun administering the GRE exam at home for candidates who choose to take the GRE exam from the comfort of their own homes. Candidates who do not have a conducive environment at home or the appropriate system requirements may take the GRE test in a GRE test centre if the COVID-19 local regulations permit.

GRE Training Online

If you want to pursue a master's degree in law, business, or any other graduate course, you must take the GRE test, which is approved by hundreds of schools worldwide. We also offer a separate GRE sample papers area for applicants to browse for the most up-to-date GRE study resources. The study material given here is available online, and the GRE study material has been gathered from the most credible sources and is in accordance with the current GRE Exam Syllabus and GRE exam format.

The GRE Exam assesses students' verbal, analytical, and mathematical abilities. The Subject Test, on the other hand, assesses candidates' competence in specific areas. Students from varied educational backgrounds take the GRE General Test, which offers institutions standard selection criteria for assessing candidates' qualifications.

How long does it take to prepare for GRE?

This is another very tailored question. While some test takers may need two to three months to attain their peak level of preparation for the GRE, others may need to study for a longer or shorter period of time. As a result, there is no specific time frame. Candidates are advised to schedule their GRE examinations only after they have thoroughly prepared for the GRE.

How to prepare for GRE in one month?

A 30-day GRE study schedule will work well for you if you are dedicated and confident about your GRE preparation, as long as you have the necessary time. You'll need to devote at least 2-3 hours every day on average, and that's just if your basic arithmetic principles are solid. If they are not, you will require long working hours every day. You can also skip areas you know you don't need to review if you're strong at them. So, in essence, this book may be tailored to your own strengths and weaknesses.

GRE Study Materials

Choosing the correct study material is an important step in the GRE preparation process. There are a plethora of books and free online resources accessible on the Internet, but very few of them include knowledge that can genuinely help you pass the GRE. Here are some books and tools that we discovered through our study that will help you prepare effectively for the GRE and achieve a noteworthy score.

GRE prep book

If you want to prepare for the GRE through self-study, there is a wealth of GRE preparation material and GRE study programmes accessible to assist you. The official ETS offers its own study guide as well as a mobile app. To assist you in developing a study strategy, consult the GRE books and guides listed below.

  • Kaplan's GRE Complete 2021 Bundle
  • Manhattan Prep's 5 lb. Book of GRE Practice Problems, 3rd Edition
  • Official GRE Super Power Pack, 2nd Edition
  • The Princeton Review's GRE Premium Prep, 2021
  • GRE Prep by Magoosh
  • Manhattan Prep's GRE Strategy Guides
  • Test Prep Books' GRE 2023
  • Barron's Essential Words for the GRE, 4th Edition
  • The Princeton Review's 1,027 GRE Practice Questions, 5th Edition
  • Mometrix's GRE Prep, 2023 and 2024
AECC Global works with premier institutions in the United Kingdom, the United States, Canada, Australia, Ireland, New Zealand, and other countries to help you through every step of the international education process.

AECC Global wishes anyone taking the GRE the best of success on the exam. And for those who don't need to take it, congratulations - one less thing to worry about on your journey to grad school!

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A candidate who is familiar with the GRE curriculum and has prepared thoroughly for the GRE test with complete sincerity and passion will be able to pass the GRE exam.