Bachelor's in Australia

Learn everything you need to know about studying
bachelor's in Australia and get end-to-end expert guidance from us.

Bachelor’s Degree in Australia

Learn everything you need to know about
studying bachelor's in Australia and get end-to-end expert guidance from us.

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Australia, with its student-friendly Immigration policies and presence of top universities, is a preferred study abroad destination by several international students. If you are planning to study in Australia, Bachelors programs are one of the best ones you can pursue. The number of Australia universities for Bachelors is high, and it is always a good idea to consider studying in Australia.

Do you wish to study Bachelors in Australia? Would it be helpful for you to learn about a student visa in Australia?

If you are planning to study Bachelors in Australia, you are at the right place, as we have covered all the details regarding the program, including the cost of a Bachelor in Australia, bachelor's scholarships in Australia, and much more.

Study in Australia

Why Study Bachelors in Australia?

A few reasons why you should consider Australian universities for Bachelors are given below for your ease of reference. You can go through them so that you can confirm that you made the right choice.

  1. Universities in Australia offer world-class education.
  2. Several Australian universities are top-ranked.
  3. The country has a welcoming student environment.
  4. There are several scholarships, internships and bursaries available.
  5. There are special student rights and student protection acts.
  6. A wide range of courses and study programs to choose from.
  7. There are several internship programs offered for students.
  8. The opportunity to live and study in a multicultural environment.
  9. Better standard of living.
  10. Opportunity to work part-time during studies.

Top Bachelors Courses in Australia for Indian Students

If you are planning to pursue an Undergraduate degree in Australia, it would be helpful if you get a list of the top courses among international students who study in Australia. Given below is a list of Bachelor’s degree courses for you to take references from.

  • Architecture
  • Computer Science
  • Law
  • Literature
  • Medicine
  • Geology
  • Finance and Accounting
  • Business and Management
  • Music and Arts
  • IT


Indian Students





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Top Universities in Australia for Bachelor's Degree

If you wish to learn about
Australia universities for Bachelor, you will get the same from the table below. You can then choose the best university in Australia for Bachelors. An average Bachelor in Australia costs from INR 17,00,000 to INR 24,00,000.

Name of University

QS Ranking 2024


Average Annual Tuition Fees (in INR)

Monash University


4 years

INR 19,15,000

University of Sydney


4 years

INR 24,94,000

University of Queensland


4 years

INR 17,73,000

University of New South Wales


4 years

INR 15,69,000

University of Adelaide


4 years

INR 24,13,000

University of Technology Sydney


4 years

INR 23,73,000

Macquarie University


4 years

INR 18,66,000

Queensland University of Technology


4 years

INR 17,32,000

University of Newcastle


4 years

INR 19,17,000

Curtin University


4 years

INR 18,75,000

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Eligibility Criteria for Bachelors in Australia for Indian Students

In order to pursue
Bachelors in Australia, you will be required to satisfy a few criteria. Though the requirements will vary depending on the university you choose, a few criteria will remain the same. We have given the general guidelines below.

  • A good score in grade 12.
  • A good English proficiency test score in any of the prominent tests like IELTS, TOEFL or PTE.

Documents Required for Indian Students to Study Bachelor's in Australia

When you submit your university application online, you will have to submit a few documents. Though there may be slight differences in it based on the university and course, the general documents that may be asked in all cases are listed below. It is also advisable to check the official websites of the universities to get updated information.

  • All academic documents.
  • English proficiency test scorecard.
  • Updated CV/Resume.
  • Proof of sufficient funds in the home country.
  • Letter Of Recommendation (LOR).
  • Statement Of Purpose (SOP).
  • A valid passport.
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Admission Process for Bachelors in Australia

The admission process to apply to Australian universities may vary slightly depending on the university you choose. However, you can obtain the general admission process below. You may also refer to the official websites of the universities for all updated information.

  1. Finalise the course and university you prefer.
  2. Visit the official website of the university and ensure that you satisfy the eligibility criteria.
  3. Fill in the required information and submit the necessary documents.
  4. Pay the application fee and submit the application.
  5. You will receive a confirmation email from the university.
  6. You will get your Letter of Acceptance within two weeks.

Cost of Studying Bachelors in Australia for Indian Students

The average cost to study Bachelors in Australia ranges from AUD 20,000 to AUD 45,000. However, the cost can vary depending on the university and course you choose. You will additionally benefit from scholarships and other financial aid, which can help you reduce your total cost of studying and living in Australia. You may also take up part-time jobs and internships.
As a note of additional advice, we advise you to keep track of the application and the deadlines for Admissions to your favourite universities to ensure you are ahead of your peers who also seek to study bachelor's in Australia!

Scholarships for Bachelors in Australia for Indian Students

There are a number of Bachelors scholarships in Australia that you can apply for, as an international student studying in Australia. These scholarships will be funded by the government, universities and other private institutions. They will also have varying eligibility criteria and scholarship value. A few popular scholarships, their eligibility and award values are tabulated below. You can choose the best scholarship in Australia from this list.

Name of Scholarship


Average Amount (in AUD)

Destination Australia International Scholarship

This is a merit-based scholarship

AUD 16,160

Australia Awards

This is a merit-based scholarship

Variable amount

Melbourne International Undergraduate Scholarship

At least 93% in the top 3 subjects & at least 3 ‘A’ grades

AUD 10,000

UQ Global Connect Scholarship

This is a merit-based scholarship

Variable amount

Sir John Monash Scholarship

Those with a good academic record & a minimum weighted average score of at least 85 are eligible

AUD 50,000

Endeavour Awards

This is a merit-based scholarship

AUD 272,500


Career Opportunities after Studying Bachelor in Australia for Indian Students

After you complete your Undergraduate degree in Australia, you will find a wide job market in front of you, which will help you enjoy a higher standard of living. A few top job roles and their average salaries after completing your Bachelor’s degree from Australia are tabulated below for your convenience.

Field of Study

Average Annual Salary (in AUD)


AUD 80,000

Cyber Security

AUD 62,000


AUD 70,000

Human Resource Management

AUD 70,000

Social Work

AUD 74,000


AUD 66,000

Computer Science Engineering

AUD 102,000


AUD 76,000

Actuarial Science

AUD 94,000

Agricultural Sciences

AUD 70,000

We have covered all the important information related to studying Bachelors in Australia. If you need any further information on scholarships, student visas and the like, you can read our blogs on them. You may also reach out to AECC’s expert counsellors to get guidance on every process related to studying abroad. Do not hesitate to contact us for FREE assistance!


Frequently Asked Questions

Bachelor’s programs in Australia are pretty wide and you will find courses in all disciplines ranging from Psychology to Architecture. You can also study both niche and specialised subjects.

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