MBA in USA for Indian Students

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MBA in USA for Indian Students

According to BLS, by 2024, around 1,38,000 new opportunities will be available for business management graduates in the USA. This is expected to be a 23% rise in comparison with current demands. There is no wonder why international students love to pursue MBA in the USA. Leadership roles are something more special and emotionally connected with one’s soul. Reputed universities and business schools in the USA inculcate global leadership skills in their MBA graduates. Keep reading if you wish to know about the lesser-known surprising facts on MBA in the USA.

Why Study MBA in the USA

  1. Highest MBA graduation - The US is having amazing records of the highest graduation rate in management courses. According to the US Department of Education, more than 1,26,000 MBA aspirants are graduating every year. 

  2. Topper in the ranking - As per the QS ranking and FT ranking, around 50 business schools in the USA are ranked globally. As per the Financial Times Global MBA ranking, 51 courses from the US business schools are recognized globally.
  3. Exceptional career opportunities - Close to 500 multinational corporations’ headquarters are in the vicinity of the USA. MBA graduates are getting average salaries of around 116,000 USD per annum. Thus, you have an amazing chance of getting placed with the top global recruiters. The best investment for future returns!

  4. Comprehensive Financial aid - Who doesn’t like Scholarships? Around 348 universities provide a wide range of scholarships for international students. 

  5. Industry experience - You are able to acquire a wide range of training programs, internships, experiential learning, and opportunities to interact with the global leaders who prepare you to meet the market demands.

TOP MBA Colleges in the USA

The primary intent of any university is to fulfill your needs in different aspects. It covers the entire spectrum from imparting knowledge, globally accepted graduation, amazing job opportunities, sophisticated life, and an exceptional study experience. These are the foremost reasons why international students show abundant love towards the best business schools in the USA. Getting to know about such MBA institutions is certainly important which narrows down your research and helps to make the right decision in every potential aspect.

QS Global ranking 2021
FT Global ranking 2021
Stanford university
University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School of Business
MIT (Sloan)
London Business School
HEC Paris
UC Berkeley (Haas)
Northwestern (Kellogg)

Most Preferred MBA Specializations in the USA

Global demand for specific skill sets in business management amplifies the importance of various specializations in management degrees. Did you know? In the Top 100 MBA programs, around 51 are highly recognized by Financial Times’ Global MBA Ranking. The main reason for this recognition is through the popularity of the courses as well as the demand in the present business market. Present MBA degrees mainly focus on a scientific approach towards business management. 

  • MBA in General Management - General Management comprises critical thinking, problem-solving, and risk management. A comprehensive approach to complete management skills that help to be successful global leaders. You also have a great opportunity to get into streams like business analytics, project quality management, organizational behavior, etc.,
  • MBA in Marketing - This is a most sought-after specialization for aspirants who want to grow exponentially in their career ladder. You’ll get to familiarize yourself in the core marketing functions like advertising & sales promotions, digital marketing, brand management, etc., 
  • MBA in Human resource - Get a 2-year degree program that is designed to cover recruitment, management, and offers people to work with an organization. 
  • MBA in consulting - Leading institutions in the USA offers classes on business strategy, business communication, organizational behavior and prepares you to meet the demands of the corporate world. MBA graduates in consulting will have high paying opportunities in roles like Business consultant, business development manager, management consultant, etc
  • MBA in Finance - Aspirants who have a love for numbers, calculation, analytics, etc., are good to go with an MBA in Finance in the USA. You’ll get to familiarize yourself with business functions like fundraising, managerial finance, investments, corporate budgeting, etc.,

Scholarship for MBA in the USA

The first nightmare of any student who wants to pursue higher education in the USA is predominantly the investment that they are going to make. Yes, it is one of the significant deciding factors for students which needs to be taken into consideration seriously. However, such skyrocketing expenses can be effectively handled by utilizing some of the best scholarships available. Generally, you’ll be able to avail either Merit-based or Need-based scholarships. Knowing about the different scholarship schemes in the USA will help you to cut down the expenses easily without any hindrance. 

Below are some popular scholarships schemes in the USA, through which lakhs and lakhs of people are getting benefited every year. 

  • Harvard Business School Scholarship - International students are awarded up to 40,000 USD/year to cover up their tuition fees. 
  • McComb’s Scholarships and Fellowships  - Get a complete tuition fee waiver for all the semesters that range from 2000 USD
  • Forte Foundation Scholarships - This scholarship is awarded to the nominated female students who are studying in the Columbia business school. 
  • Akhtarali H. Tobaccowala - You can acquire up to 1 million USD to study MBA in the USA. 
  • Ramakrishnan Family Scholarship - Around 3 Indian students can avail 25,000 USD per year at Chicago business school.

MBA Fees in the USA

A famous quote says that knowledge doesn’t have a price tag. However, we have to invest in getting a quality education and make returns out of it. Investing in an MBA in the USA is the most effective way to acquire a profitable career. Potential managers, marketers, organization executives, and other effectual job roles are the greater demands of the present and future. Studying MBA in the USA can range from
45,000 USD to 80,000 USD. It is also important to consider the overall cost which includes preparation fees, tuition fees, cost of living, and miscellaneous expenses.

Our team strived to sort out the various costs associated with MBA in the USA and have listed below.

Pre-Departure Expenses

Getting prepared to study MBA in the USA is one of the most important things that need to be taken into consideration. Before receiving the offer letters and before landing in the USA, there are some costs that need to be considered. It may include application costs, English proficiency test fees, visa charges, flight tickets, etc., 

Cost (USD)
Application cost
180 - 200

Average Tuition Fees for MBA in the USA

Commonly, the tuition fees of an MBA in the USA are based on the quality of education of the university, the value of specialization, and popularity. Aspirants who are looking for management courses may either have a business already or want to improvise their skills, knowledge, and potential to the very next level There is a wide range of
scholarships in the USA available to reduce the fees. 

Average Annual Tuition fees (USD)
Stanford university 
University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School of Business
University of Virginia- Darden
MIT (Sloan)
Harvard University
Columbia Business school 
Yale University
Chicago Booth
UC Berkley
Northwestern University 

Cost of living in the USA

If you’re looking to live affordably in the USA, you are not alone. Every year, several people that include international students, business aspirants, and common people want to be legal temporary or permanent residents in the USA. With proper pre-planning, analysis, and funding options, you can enjoy the most vibrant cities and environments.

International students who are looking to lead a happy life while they are studying should have a glance at the table below. 

Major elements 
Average Expenses per Month (USD)
150 - 200
150 - 300
Personal expenses 
300 - 600
Health insurance 
500 - 750

MBA Requirements in the USA

Whether you prefer a full-time, part-time, executive, or online MBA, some requirements need to be fulfilled by the aspirants. Aspirants who have these potentials can be easily placed in their favorite courses in the leading institutions. Majorly, international students need to be prepared with entry requirements, educational certifications, and decent test scores.

Eligibility Criteria and exam requirements for MBA in the USA

  • Overseas aspirants must have the basic academic qualifications which is a three to four years bachelor's degree. However, most business schools or universities expect students to have 16 years of previous education from reputed institutions in their respective countries. 
  • GMAT/ GRE score is one of the most significant criteria for any business school and aspirant must have a decent score (Average GMAT score should be above 730/ GRE ranges from 150 to 165)
  • It is essential to get through language proficiency tests like IELTS and TOEFL
  • Work experience is another factor where some colleges have mandatory requirements for their intake. Generally, international students who want to pursue some specialized courses must have 2 to 3 years of work experience.

Jobs After MBA in the USA

Leading universities that offer top-notch courses nurtures international students for the future global market. Top recruiters like Amazon and Google are fulfledgely welcoming graduates for high-paid jobs. As of 2021, the average annual salary earned by management graduates falls around 115,000 USD. Recruiters hire students from various sectors that include finance, business, analytics, marketing, consulting, etc., Presently the employment rate of MBA graduates is 95%.  However, knowing about the suitable job role helps the students to get prepared accordingly. 

S. No
Job Designation
Average Annual Salary(USD)
Business development director 
Project Manager
Operation Manager
Finance Manager
Financial Analyst
Accounting Manager
Data analyst
Product Manager
HR Manager
HR Director

MBA Salary in the USA

Getting returns on what we invested is a special feeling. Investing in management courses in the USA will always be valuable in the future. Management graduates are the great needs for different industries that include technology, firms, finance, marketing, taught sectors, etc., 

The average annual salary for MBA in technology 

International students who pursue MBA in technology get the highest-earning jobs in wide sectors. The average annual salary ranges around 112,000 USD. At the top of the ladder, Chief Information Officers (CIOs) can get up to 202,000 USD per year

The average annual salary for MBA in consulting 

One of the fastest-growing domains is consulting, where MBA graduates are in major demand. Popular consulting firms like BCG, McKinsey, and Bain provide average salaries up to 165,000 USD/year

The average annual salary for MBA in Finance 

MBA in Finance is the most popular degree were graduates from the USA are recognized and accepted globally. The average annual salary of MBA graduates in the stream of finance can get up to 102,000 USD

The average annual salary for MBA in marketing 

Popular job roles like Marketing director, marketing manager, and senior product manager are well paid by the top recruiters of the USA. The higher range of annual salary of MBA Marketing graduates from the recognized institutions will be around 162,000 USD.

Work Permit after MBA in the USA

With the vibrant environment, rich culture, and widespread opportunities, it is hard for international students to leave the USA after completing their graduation. With a student-friendly policy by the USA government, you will be able to acquire a post-graduate work permit easily. You can stay back in the USA by holding a recognized F1 visa. Through OPT (Optional Practical Training) scheme, you can avail of temporary employment opportunities. Students who pursue a STEM program that includes computer science, engineering, and business management courses can avail themselves of up to 3 years of stay-back terms

The USA, recognized for exceptional innovation, extensive research, quality education, and globally accepted degrees, is one of the few destinations where students love to pursue their higher education. 

Studying MBA in the USA is no longer a dream! Yes, you can make the right decision now. AECC has partnered with the leading business schools & universities in the USA that offer a wide range of management programs for international students. Take the right decision & carve your dream career through top-notch management programs.


1. How to do MBA in the USA?
Pick the university in the USA that offers you a suitable MBA program. 

Make sure that you go easy with the eligibility requirements of the university 
  • Four years bachelor’s degree.
  • GMAT score over 600.
  • Proof of English Proficiency (TOEFL/IELTS)
  • Most of the universities require/recommend a minimum of two-three years' work experience.
For end-to-end assistance, you can approach educational experts who can help you. Connect with AECC Global to Apply.  
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