TOEFL Exam Overview

TOEFL Exam Overview

TOEFL Full Form - Test of English as a Foreign Language.

The TOEFL test is one of the most widely accepted English proficiency exams at American and Canadian colleges and educational institutions across the world. TOEFL stands for Test of English as a Foreign Language, and the exam assesses overseas students' knowledge and understanding of English as it is spoken, written, and heard in college and university settings. ETS (Educational Testing Services), the TOEFL exam's administering organisation, is in charge of administering the TOEFL exam, delivering the TOEFL iBT test, and emailing each examinee their scorecard.

Given the epidemic, the TOEFL exam is now available to students from the comfort of their own homes, thanks to the introduction of the TOEFL at Home edition of the TOEFL test. ETS has also released the TOEFL Essential Test, a shorter but equally effective version of the TOEFL test that will be accessible to students beginning August 21, 2021. ETS has just decided to accept Aadhar Cards as student ID for individuals enrolling for the TOEFL exam from India. As you read on, you'll learn about these recent changes and more.

Students who desire to study abroad can pick from a variety of TOEFL Test Dates accessible throughout the year, as well as test centres situated in key cities, or test remotely at home with the TOEFL iBT Special Home Edition test. As they read, candidates preparing to take the TOEFL exam will learn about the most significant TOEFL exam subjects.


TOEFL Exam Details

Test of English as a Foreign Language
English language proficiency test
Conducting Body
Educational Testing Service (ETS)
Level of Exam
Mode of Exam
Internet-based and Paper-based
Reading, Writing, Listening and Speaking
Around 3 hours 30 minutes

TOEFL iBT fee: $185 (INR 13,652)

TOEFL PBT fee: $180 (INR 13,283)

Score Range

Reading: 0–30

Listening: 0–30

Speaking: 0–30

Writing: 0–30

TOEFL Test Centers
4500 across the world
Official Website
TOEFL Helpline




Why TOEFL is Important?

  • TOEFL becomes an inseparable component of your ambition of pursuing higher education from one of the overseas institutions—essentially English speaking in nature—as you commence on your dream of pursuing higher education from one of the overseas universities.
  • Whether you want to attend an IT training school or continue your education in an English language course, you must pass the TOEFL exam.
  • It demonstrates your ability to utilise and comprehend English.
  • The scope of usage and comprehension includes reading, hearing, speaking, listening, and writing.
  • This yardstick of evaluation is used by more than 130 countries, including Australia, the United Kingdom, and the United States of America.
  • The fact that the measurement pattern controls the entrance system of over 8000 universities says words about its worldwide significance.

Who Should take the toefl Exam?

Those who take the TOEFL typically desire to study at a university or graduate school in another country. The TOEFL, on the other hand, is open to anybody who wants to demonstrate proficiency of English for academic purposes. Anyone applying to a foreign high school, exchange programme, community college, or for a student visa falls under this category.

TOEFL Exam: Latest Update 2023

1. Following the acquisition of IDP IELTS by AAERI, AAERI will promote TOEFL in India.

Following concerns expressed by agents over IDP Education's purchase of IELTS India, the Association of Australian Education Representatives in India signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) TOEFL. Members of AAERI speculated that the revelation would increase competition because IDP also operates as an agency and uses testing data for student recruiting initiatives.

2. From July 1, Aadhaar cards will be accepted as ID proof for TOEFL.

Indian students can now take the TOEFL using their Aadhaar card as identification. ETS, the exam tool's administrator, considered the ongoing COVID-19 epidemic and the large number of students who were having difficulty obtaining passports.

3. ETS Launches a New English Language Test Called 'TOEFL Essentials'

TOEFL Essentials is a new 90-minute English language test from ETS that focuses 50% on academic English content derived from university-level academic literature and 50% on general English. This is in contrast to the TOEFL iBT test, which is entirely based on academic English material. The exam, which is planned to be accessible in August 2021, will also assess four communication skills that are useful in both academic and non-academic settings, such as interviews or internships.

4. Home Edition of iBT TOEFL says it is widely accepted.

According to a recent webinar, the TOEFL BT Home Edition is now approved by over 11,000 colleges and organisations throughout the world. It was also said that all colleges who take TOEFL BT accept the home version as well because both examinations are equivalent.

5. TOEFL iBT at Home as a Post-Pandemic Option

Given the students' resolve to pursue their study abroad aspirations and the overwhelming reaction to the TOEFL BT at home, the ETS has chosen to keep the exam running post-pandemic.

TOEFL Exam Types

There are TWO varieties of TOEFL exams:

  • TOEFL - iBT

As well as alternative TOEFL examinations like TOEFL Junior and IPT.

Let we first define the two basic categories of TOEFL:

TOEFL PBT: Paper Based Test

The Paper-based examination, being one of the most prevalent versions of TOEFL exam, is administered in offline mode. It has a total duration of 2 hours and 25 minutes, is divided into three pieces, and is only available in regions where internet access is not available. Take a look at the TOEFL PBT exam pattern provided below.
Number of Questions
Question Types
54 minutes
30 MCQs
3 Reading Comprehension Passages with 10 questions each
41 minutes approx.
28 MCQs
2 Conversations with 3 lectures and a total of 28 questions
50 minutes
2 Constructed Responses
1 Integrated Task & 1 Independent Task

TOEFL iBT: Internet-Based Test

The Internet-based TOEFL consists of four sections: reading, listening, speaking, and writing, with a total time limit of four hours. It is one of the most popular forms of TOEFL exams and has replaced the computer-based examination, which has been discontinued since 2006. Examine the major features of the iBT TOEFL exam:
Number of Questions
Question Types
54-72 minutes
10 questions/passage
3-4 Reading Comprehension Passages
41-57 minutes
6 questions/lecture
4-6 lectures & 2-3 conversations
17 minutes
4 Tasks

The candidate needs to speak on a topic or academic issue

50 minutes
2 Tasks

Given an opinion or provide a logical analysis after a reading passage and classroom lecture

Other Types of TOEFL Exam

Now that you are familiar with the two primary forms of TOEFL exams that you might take to enrol for a programme overseas, you should also be aware of three lesser-known variants.

They are as follows:

  • CBT (Computer Based Examination): This was a popular TOEFL exam in the past, however it has since been superseded by the Internet-based test, and CBT was terminated in 2006.
  • TOEFL IPT: IPT is for Institutional Testing Program, and it is widely used in academic settings to test the English competence of non-native English speakers.
  • TOEFL Junior Exams: The TOEFL Junior Tests assess English competence in middle school students aged 11 and above. It is available in two formats: paper-based and computer-based. This exam is divided into four sections: reading comprehension, listening comprehension, speaking, and writing. 

Difference between TOEFL PBT, TOEFL CBT & TOEFL IBT

The TOEFL PBT exam is given on paper using a pencil. This test assesses hearing, reading, writing, and grammatical abilities. This test is only available in places where Internet access is not available. It takes roughly 2.5 hours to finish the test.
The TOEFL CBT, often known as the TOEFL Computer-Based Test, assesses your English language competence in an academic setting. It is owned by Educational Testing Service (ETS) in the United States. It is used in over 300 nations throughout the world. TOEFL CBT is an evolution of TOEFL PBT. TOEFL CBT scores vary from 0 and 300.
The TOEFL iBT ® test is accepted and chosen by colleges worldwide. It is a high-quality, high-standard test that ensures admissions officers of your preparation for the classroom and beyond. The TOEFL test has been chosen by over 35 million people worldwide to demonstrate their English-language ability.

TOEFL Exam Eligibility

Students who want to study abroad must take the TOEFL exam. Many students are confused about the TOEFL eligibility criterion. Candidates will be relieved to learn that ETS, the organisation in charge of administering the TOEFL iBT, has not established any age requirements, educational qualifications, or prerequisites for taking the TOEFL exam.

TOEFL Exam Fee

TOEFL Fees in India in 2023: The TOEFL exam registration price varies by region. In India, the TOEFL exam costs US$190, or Rs. 14,242.11 ($1=74.96). Aside from that, candidates must pay extra for services such as late registration, rescheduling the exam, and score review. The prices of various services are shown below.

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TOEFL Registration Fee
TOEFL Late Registration Fee
TOEFL Rescheduling Fees

TOEFL Exam Duration

The entire test takes roughly 3 hours to complete, but you should leave 312 hours to allow for check-in.

TOEFL Exam Syllabus & Pattern

The TOEFL 2021 exam format includes English reading, writing, speaking, and listening. TOEFL Reading and Listening parts are made up of MCQs, and the total number of MCQs in these two sections ranges from 58 to 79. The TOEFL writing portion tasks are descriptive. Candidates must deliver brief to extended replies to the questions posed during the speaking phase. The TOEFL exam lasts around three hours. TOEFL assesses a candidate's performance by combining four separate language skills:

  • Reading a passage, listening to a tape or lecture, and answering to a specific question;
  • Listening to a recording/lecture and answering with a written response to a specified question;
  • Reading a passage, listening to a recording/lecture, and answering to a specific question in writing.

TOEFL Exam Dates

TOEFL Exam Dates 2023: You should schedule your TOEFL iBT exam at least a month before your initial application deadline. This will give you plenty of time to work on your applications, and if you need to repeat the exam after three days, you may do so. So, if your application deadline is in November, you should take the exam by October. If you feel the need to repeat the TOEFL, you can do so again in the latter half of October. You have three days after your first try to retake the TOEFL. The TOEFL dates are available on our website for candidates to verify.

TOEFL Registration

The TOEFL exam is available all year, however exam dates are assigned on a first-come, first-served basis. You can select the exam day and location that best suits your needs. In addition, there are other ways to register for the test.

The three TOEFL registration modes are as follows:

  • Online registration is the most prevalent and convenient method of registration. Online registration is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Seats must be reserved at least 7 days before the exam date.
  • Register by Phone: Prospective candidates can also register by phone. For Indian exam takers, the TOEFL registration number is 91-124-4147700.
  • Register by Mail: Those who are unable to register via the previous ways may register by mail instead. To do so, you must download the form from the official TOEFL website, fill it out correctly, and mail it at least four weeks before your chosen test date. On the official website, you may look out your local TOEFL centre and mail the form to the same address. Following a successful registration, a confirmation is generated.

TOEFL (iBT/PBT) registration costs $190. (INR 14,086). Taxes and fees where applicable are not included.

Here are a few steps to register for te exam:

  • Create your profile on the official ETS website.
  • Fill out all of the required information, such as your name, address, and email address.
  • Check that the information you submit matches what is on your passport ( Most important, your name must match your ID exactly.)
  • Pay the application cost next.

TOEFL Exam Results

Once you have completed your TOEFL exam, you will not have to wait long for your TOEFL results. At the end of the test, test takers can check their unofficial Reading and Listening results. When your official scores are posted online, you will be notified by email. Sign in to your TOEFL iBT account and select the Scores tab.

The official TOEFL iBT score will be accessible to you within six days of the exam date, and test-takers who choose the Special Home Edition of the TOEFL test will receive their results within six to ten days after the test date.If a candidate requested a print copy of their score report prior to taking the exam, it will be mailed to them within 11 days after the test date. Delivery timeframes will be determined by local postal agencies.

TOEFL Accepted Countries

The United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, France, Germany, Singapore, Japan, and other nations where English competence is required in graduate schools and universities.

TOEFL Accepted Universities

The TOEFL iBT test is the world's primary English-language test for study, work, and immigration, and it is accepted by over 11,500 colleges and institutions in over 160 countries.

Name of the University
TOEFL Minimum Score
Ohio State University–Columbus
Golden Gate University
Indiana State University
Cleveland State University
East Tennessee State University
University of Tulsa
Bowling Green State University
Arizona State University
Oregon State University
Lehigh University

University of Pacific

Clark University Worcester

Pittsburg State University

The University of New Mexico
The University of Montana

TOEFL vs IELTS which is more accepted

The TOEFL is more often recognised by American colleges, while the IELTS is more commonly accepted abroad, however scores from either exam are accepted by many schools. However, a school's choice for which exam you take should be considered as well.

English language certificates are helpful in gaining admission to prestigious colleges. Many of them demand you to obtain the predetermined grades in order to be eligible to apply. A good score, in any case, boosts your chances of admission. Consult with AECC Global and our best trainers to improve your English score and application so that you may get into your preferred institution.

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