SAT Exam Preparation


SAT Exam Preparation

The SAT Exam Preparation that produces a very successful result is not an easy journey. To prepare the candidates for the high-school level SAT exam which consists of areas in Reading, Writing, Language, and Math subjects, it is crucial to create a unique study plan/program and figure out a schedule that works best for you to ensure that you ace the test. SAT preparation is a process of careful and thorough reading, research, and revision of numerous newspaper and academic articles and a recurring practice of numerous sample papers.

How to prepare for SAT Exam?

Normally for SAT Preparation, it takes an average of three months to prepare for it where the SAT coaching can help the candidates to strengthen their weaknesses through regular teaching and practice sessions. To help the candidates further understand what the SAT Exam is all about, a clear study plan is necessary which consists of going through numerous previous year SAT exam question papers because for a beginner/first time-taker, it can help in properly guiding the candidate of what he/she can expect from the Exam, and for a re-taker solving the previous year papers can help them strengthen their weak areas.

To prepare for the SAT exam Preparation, the first step is to thoroughly know all the sections. The students/candidates can enrol themselves in SAT classes, SAT exam coaching, or can even practice to self-prepare for the SAT Exams. There are numerous SAT Exam coaching and SAT prep courses that can be opted for, for those who require them. However, we have listed a few strategies that can help you reach a step closer to your dreams, as they can help you ace the SAT exam as mentioned below:

How to prepare for SAT Reading and Writing?

This division contains the preparation strategies for the SAT Reading followed by the SAT Writing and Language to help you better understand the concepts that will be focused on the exam.

The candidates who keep track of the SAT’s previous year’s question papers and practice with them can understand what the types of questions are asked in them. Hence, the preparation tips that we have jotted down can help you improve your chances of scoring a very high score.

  • Reading helps a lot and if the candidates focus on reading more from American passages and keep yourself updated with reading newspapers, novels, magazines, and more during SAT exams to improve your SAT Reading skills.
  • Remember to sharpen your vocabulary while preparing especially on the SAT to ensure that you know how to use the phrases and words in English by the time you take the SAT.
  • Make a note to focus on eliminating three wrong answer choices during your SAT practice among the options given and don’t emphasize answering the SAT Reading Practice questions while including your own opinions.
  • While attending the SAT Test prep, get yourself to become interested in the passage and start with the easiest passages in the SAT EBRW is the best way to prepare for it.
  • Once finished, always focus on every minute mistake that you make and rectify them to improve yourself in the SAT Reading practice.
  • When attending the Reading practice, make an effort to answer every question correctly than answering all the questions, as rushing it will lead to making lots of incorrect guesses.
The SAT Language and Writing tests can prove to be a challenge for non-English speaking candidates and so it will take more time to prepare for the test. However, we have jotted down some preparation tips to help you while preparing for the SAT Writing and Language Test as follows:

  • Practice grammar, punctuations, and sentence construction as SAT writing and language tests the standard of the candidates and their proficiency in English, so ensure to make your English vocabulary strong.
  • Seek to make logical relationships between ideas which include reinforcement, contract, cause and effect, and sequence while writing.
  • Always make the correct usage of grammar rules while answering the SAT exam.
  • In the case, you find more than one similarly correct answer, choose always the most precise one.
  • Like practicing in the Reading tests, make it a habit to eliminate the wrong options from the choices given.
  • While writing, every word has to make sense when put in a context and ensure to keep an eye for dangling modifiers during the SAT English preparation.

How to prepare for SAT Maths?

The SAT Math section is designed in a way that tests the candidates’ ability to interpret data presented in graphs and tables, solve mathematical problems, and reason quantitatively. Below listed are some of the points that can help you in your Math preparation sections:

  • While taking the test, have a clear understanding of the mathematical concepts and how they should be applied in the real world. 
  • Ensure to give importance to problem-solving, modelling, strategically using tools, and use algebraic structure during the SAT Math Prep.
  • Practicing as many SAT Math practice tests as possible can help you get a good grasp of the different math concepts, relations, and their operations.
  • You will have to practice to speed up when using the SAT Math Prep questions.
  • As always, focus on your weak areas while solving the SAT Math prep tests and show the method of answering during the SAT Math practice test.

How to prepare for SAT Physics and Chemistry?

To understand better this section, you have to firstly understand that SAT History and Chemistry are interrelated. Here we have listed a few points that you can follow during your SAT preparation as follows:

  • Work on becoming better at spatial thinking
  • Work on understanding linear, inverse, and quadratic relationships
  • To work on both Physics and Chemistry topics as they are both inter-related
  • Practice regularly and continuously as the more practice you have, the more you will be able to get good scores, and taking regular mock tests can help you improve in this aspect.

How to prepare for SAT History?

This section comprises passages from a classic or contemporary work of the US or world literature. SAT History will test the candidate’s analytical ability to examine hypotheses, how you can interpret the data, and how they consider the implications of the given information. Below given a few preparation tips to help the candidates get a better picture as to how you can prep for your SAT History:

  • Work on enhancing your time management skills as managing time in such a test will be crucial to ensure you get the highest of marks without getting carried away in the passage.
  • Always practice active reading as this exercise can help you save time and help you answer more questions.
  • Ensure to practice rigorously, as only repeated practice of this section can help you ace the test with the more previous year test papers you try, the more experience you get to gain to help you score more.

How to prepare for SAT Exam at Home?

Preparing for the SAT Exam can be a tiring task as it can be rigorous, frustrating, and difficult. But setting up a Study plan can help you work things through and a study guide can help you prepare for the SAT and make you more effective and efficient. When you have these down, studying and preparing for the SAT even at home can be as productive as any other.

Setting up a timeline for SAT Study plan study guide can help you get started and work your way to acing the test. Here we have a guide that you can help improve yourself and practice even at the convenience of your home.

SAT Math



  • Try to cover topics from – Algebra, equations, and inequalities
  • Start practicing with a minimum of 20 sums.


  • Read sample reading comprehension passages
  • Practice with verbal sample papers.
  • Work on Trigonometric problems
  • Work on 10 practice questions randomly.
  • Use flashcards to read vocabulary for 10 – 15 mins
  • Work on punctuations.
  • Work on writing a passage.
  • Work on time management
  • Work on your first full practice test.
  • Assess your weaknesses
  • Work on answering the questions.
  • Work on getting through the coordinate geometry
  • Work on 15 practice questions.


  • Start reading three medium passages
  • Work on answering the questions.
  • Start practicing distance between 2-points problems
  • You can start with watching videos that explain these topics.
  • Work on practicing random questions from Math and Verbal sections.
  • Start revising entire geometry lessons
  • Work on 20 random questions.


  • Work on 22 working questions
  • Work on 20 – 24 reading questions.
  • Work on linear equations and linear inequalities
  • Work on 15 random sums.
  • Work on reading and practicing detail and inference questions
  • Work on developing your writing skills.
  • Work on learning rates, ratios, and proportions
  • To understand the concepts, you can start searching them out on YouTube.

SAT Essay

  • Work on organisation, development, and effective use of languages.
  • Start with taking a full-length practice test
  • Start revising and covering the weak areas.


  • Work on connections and the vocabulary-in-context-based questions.
  • Work on functions and trigonometry
  • Work on 15 sums.


  • Work on sentence structure and punctuations


  • Work on synthesis questions.
  • Start working on another practice test
  • Work on the weak points and cover them.
  • Work on reviewing the SAT Essay.
  • At this level, ensure to take a couple of days off to rest a bit
  • Work on taking one final practice test
  • Calculate the difference between the target scores and the SAT score you have obtained.
  • Work on revising
  • Ensure to stay confident on the amount of effort that you have put in for this test
  • Ensure to have rest before the exam day.

SAT Preparation Tips

These tips can help you schedule your SAT Practice and help manage your time that is as follows:

  • Ensure to identify your strength and weaknesses by taking mock tests to help yourself to improve your skills and reach your dream score in your SAT Exams.
  • Ensure to take a full-timed practice test at the end of the preparation of your SAT study schedule to familiarise yourself with the test to assess your preparedness for the test.
  • Try to familiarise yourself with the sequence of the questions that appear in the sections as they are the same for every SAT. This can help you in saving time during your actual SAT exam.
  • Ensure to rest and have proper sleep the night before your SAT as a fresh mind can help is keeping your morale and confidence high for the exam.
  • Make sure to have your supplies and stationaries ready in advance such as No. 2 pencils and a calculator for the test alongside your ID and a printed copy of your SAT registration to avoid any issues.

Best Books for SAT Preparation

SAT preparation books can be a great asset for any candidate aspiring to take a SAT Exam. Here are some of the books that you can refer to ensure that you get to score more in your SAT Exams.

  • Kaplan SAT Prep Plus 2021
  • Barron’s SAT, 29th edition
  • The Princeton Review’s Cracking the SAT, 2020 edition
  • The College Board’s Official SAT Study Guide (2006)
  • Kalli’s SAT Pattern Strategy
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