Scholarships for Indian Students to Study in UK

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Popular for their impeccable quality of education and rated one of the finest places to live today, the UK offers a significant number of popular scholarships for international students, alongside an enriching study experience.  There are a multitude of Scholarships in UK for international students to help fund their studies in the United Kingdom. This includes scholarships, grants, bursaries, fellowships, monetary awards, and loans, etc.  The availability of these multiple scholarships in UK for international students from both the government and the privately held universities is driving the student growth every year. Now, Full scholarships are rare, and those that do exist are highly competitive. That doesn't mean you shouldn't apply – keep reading to learn how to improve your chances of receiving one of these coveted scholarships.

Scholarships for International students in UK

One question that pop-ups on every student’s mind is, ‘ how to get scholarship to Study in UK?’ 

A good academic score is the most important criteria for most scholarships, but it also depends on factors like your chosen destination, topic, and level. Extracurricular sports and charitable work can be used to your benefit with certain scholarships. Keep in mind that each scholarship has its own set of requirements. While a simple application may suffice in some cases, you may be required to meet a number of additional requirements in others. In research-oriented programmes, for example, you will be required to submit written assignments. If you have any questions, please contact the university admissions office.

Popular scholarships for International students in UK

Scholarship Name
Chevening Scholarship
This programme assists talented professionals who have shown prior leadership abilities and outstanding success in their fields.
Commonwealth Scholarship
Students from Commonwealth countries may apply for fellowships and scholarships through the Commonwealth Scholarship Commission in the United Kingdom.
Charles Wallace India trust Scholarship
These scholarships are awarded to Indian students who are in their early or mid-career and have expertise in the arts, heritage conservation, or humanities.
Great Scholarship
The GREAT Britain Initiative of the UK government and the British Council's Study UK campaign have partnered to finance this scholarship.

Chevening Scholarship

You may apply for a Chevening Scholarship or fellowship, which is chosen by the high commission and British embassies. These grants are fully funded and cover all costs, including airfare, living expenses, and tuition (get in touch with an AECC Global education expert for more info). This is for a period of 12 months (provided your course is for 12 months). However, if a special case is accepted by the FCO, it may be extended after one year.

Commonwealth Scholarship

This scholarship is available to Indian students who are pursuing a master's degree or a PhD in the United Kingdom. There are also scholarships available for low and middle-income countries under the scheme. This scholarship will pay for your airfare, tuition, and other living expenses (get in touch with AECC Global education experts for more info).

Charles Wallace India trust scholarships

Fully-funded scholarships, visiting fellowships in agreed-upon subjects at particular institutions, graduate study grants, grants for academic and professional trips, and grants to attend the Scottish Universities Summer School are all included. The volume and length of time varies:

  • CWIT Long-term grants: This normally lasts for 2-3 months to a year and includes housing, living expenses, and fees, as well as any contributions to international fares.
  • Visiting fellowships: This includes ten fellowships that enable authors, scholars, and translators to spend two to three months at specific host universities working on specific projects. The deadlines are determined by the educational institution that will host your visit.
  • CWIT short-term grants: This includes 10-15 grants of up to ₹1,44,983.71 to cover the expenses of independent research scholars and practitioners working in the arts, heritage conservation, and the humanities visiting the UK for brief research or professional visits. This is normally given for a three-week duration, and if you want to stay longer, you may need to supplement it with funds from other sources, such as an Indian council grant for historical research. This fee is due when you arrive in the UK and does not include international travel.
  • Grants during the final year of doctoral study: This will be given in your final year of doctoral study in arts, heritage conservation, and the humanities with the aim of filling funding gaps. Typically, the amount is between ₹51,778.98 and ₹62,131.32.

Great Scholarships

This initiative comprises 99 postgraduate scholarships in a number of subjects from 36 UK universities. However, 12 UK higher education institutions are providing 13 postgraduate scholarships to Indian students. Each scholarship is worth a minimum of ₹10,35,895.09, which is the cost of one year of tuition for a postgraduate (taught) degree. The application deadline varies by institution, so check the university's website for the most up-to-date details.

In addition, the majority of British universities and colleges have their own list of scholarships available to Indian students. Don't worry if you get lost somewhere; our foreign education experts will be happy to assist you.

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