Study Bachelor of Engineering (B. Eng) in the USA
Study Bachelor of Engineering (B. Eng) in the USA

Study Bachelor of Engineering (B. Eng) in the USA

Options to study Engineering are high in recent days. Taking the right decision matters the most. Yes, if you are looking to pursue the engineering program at its core, the USA is one of the best choices in every aspect. Due to the abrupt increase in career prospects, tons of opportunities, and the most renowned educational excellence, the USA stands at the top in all aspects. International students who want to explore their love of maths and science have a wide range of specializations that offer insights into different structures, machines, and processes. Leading universities of the USA not only offer the basic study of engineering but also make aspirants a great solution finder of the world.

Why Study Bachelor of Engineering in the USA?

Engineering is the subspace of technology and science which edify the students to meet the demands of future technologies. International students who want to continue their higher education in the USA, choose engineering studies as a stronger reason. Engineering programs have been getting popular in past decades that attract students for innovative solutions, job opportunities, and the chance to become global leaders in every sector. However, there may be some questions in minds of school graduates on why they want to prefer the USA for their post-graduation. Below are some actual and amazing reasons to make you amaze you:

  1. Worthy campus study experience - You’ll get an amazing experience of meeting top educational experts, alumni, brilliant curriculum, and much more in the USA’s top-notch universities. The best way to feed your knowledge in different engineering domains. 

  2. Flexible education system - The USA universities have multitudes of courses and programs for engineering aspirants. In the undergraduate nature, you have wide choices to pursue or switch courses based on your interests and desperation. 

  3. Complete support for international students - When it comes to understanding when it comes to an international degree. When it comes to undergraduate which is essential to block the ensures which is essential. In the 2020 academic year, nearly one million international students are pursuing their dream education in the USA. 

  4. Extensive educational aid - Around 600 universities are helping international students by offering a wide range of scholarships on an average of up to 20,000 USD. You can study peacefully without the financial burden in the USA. 

  5. Welcoming environment - Apart from the other features, you can enjoy the most beautiful communities, make friends, and try delicious iconic cuisines of the USA. Pursuing engineering in the USA is one of the most beautiful things you are going to make.

Best Engineering Colleges in USA

According to the QS world ranking, the USA’s universities are the top-ranked in every year. Among few top study destinations, leading universities in the USA offer the best engineering curriculum as taught programs and research studies. Commonly, ranking is made on the basis of some important factors that include academic background, university reputation, employer’s integrity, research citations, and the H-index. However, you may have confusion in picking the right university for your engineering degree. In fact, each top ranker is well versed in some specialized engineering courses which can be helpful in opting out. Yes, knowing about these is certainly important which are listed below for your reference. 


Popular universities that offer engineering programs


Duke University


Arizona State University


University of Alabama Tuscaloosa


University of California Irvine Ext


University of South Florida


University of Arizona


Florida International University


Northeastern University


University of Utah


University of South Carolina

Engineering Courses in USA


An undergraduate degree in engineering in the USA is the most valuable professional program that attracts students from all over the world. If you have a passion for engineering, the USA universities offer a wide range of courses that ranges as mechanical, civil, electrical, chemical engineering, aerospace engineering, etc., In addition to the conventional program, you’ll get to learn more specialized as well as advanced courses that include petroleum engineering, material engineering, biomedical, nano-technology, etc., 

1. Bachelor of Mechanical engineering: Getting a mechanical engineering degree from the top universities of the USA has special value to your career. With a four-year full-time degree program, you will learn the concept of research, design, manufacturing of the products and systems. 

2. Bachelor of Chemical engineering: Mathematics and natural science come into play where you’ll get to learn about chemical and material processing which has amazing scope in the future. Several top universities are ranked globally especially with academic excellence in chemical engineering. 

3. Bachelor of Electrical Engineering: Every year, the number of international students is increasing gradually especially in the program of electrical engineering. With a 4 year full-time program, various concepts of electrical equipment, data circuit logic, digital signal processing, electromagnetic theory, and much more can be studied. 

4. Bachelor of Civil Engineering: With the eight-semester of the study program, leading universities of the UK offer the best knowledge on plan, design, and oversee modern construction projects. 

5. Bachelor of Biomedical Engineering: The scope of medical technologies is skyrocketing in recent decades. Preferring the Biomedical undergraduate program is wise to get tons of opportunities in medical practices.

Cost of Studying Engineering in USA

The average annual cost to study engineering in the USA ranges from 45,000 to 62,000 USD. This cost fluctuation is mainly based on the elements like courses you select, the university you pick, the scope of the program, duration, bursaries you avail, etc., However, you are able to minimize your expenses through acquiring the scholarships that are available as governmental, non-governmental or university-specific scholarships. 

Average Annual Fees (USD)
Duke University
University of Alabama Tuscaloosa
University of California Irvine
University of South Florida
University of Arizona
Florida International University

Engineering Colleges in the USA: Eligibility for Bachelors

Commonly, most universities expect students to have a certain standard of education from their previous schooling. In general, any student can pursue engineering courses in the leading universities in the USA with some basic qualifications. It includes the following. 

  • Academic qualifications 
  • Standardized tests 

Previous academic qualifications are an important consideration that needs to be focused on. Students must hold decent grades in their previous education which includes both high school or diploma courses. It should be a minimum of 60% in their schooling. 

English proficiency tests include language proficiency where IELTS and TOEFL are considered. 

  • IELTS - overall score of 6.0 to 6.5
  • TOEFL - overall score of 60 to 90

Documents Required to apply for Bachelor of Engineering in USA

The US government and universities offer an opportunity to all international students to pursue undergraduate degrees. The basic qualifications and the documents corresponding to the qualifications are essential to make the process go smoothly and effectively. This is mainly based on the qualifications as well as proof of standardized test scores. 

  • LOR, Letter of Recommendation 
  • Recent academic records, academic transcripts. 
  • Application fee paid evidence 
  • Student card
  • Merit certificate, if any 
  • Additional certificates, if any

Application Process for Applying Engineering in USA

Generally, planning to study abroad takes a ton of time for preparation. This is a reason why you should plan prior to avoid any last time preparation. This is more certain for the application process which includes preparing an essay, preparing for the IELTS/TOEFL tests, working on the student visa, and LOR. However, following the standard way helps to get rid of the issues at the last time. 

Step 1: Select the university and engineering program 

Determining the university and the courses is one of the important steps to kick start your education in the USA. Top-ranked universities are available online to kick start the application process. 
Step 2: Prepare application 

Generally, application offerings will be announced earlier by the universities. In common, every university has its own time for online application filling. It is the obligation of international students to follow the application in order to avoid overdue. 

Step 3: Apply for a visa and prepare I-20 form 

The application process starts with the I-20 form which is the certificate for eligibility for international students. This gives information about the financial status of the applicant. The financial resources that are submitted should act as evidence for tuition fees. 

Step 4: Know the application submission deadline and act prior 

Intakes for the undergraduate program may come under two categories based on the season of admission. Usual intake falls between Aug and Jan. 

Step 5: Receiving an acceptance letter

Once the application process goes well, corresponding universities send acceptance letters to the students which are otherwise called offer letters. 

Engineering Scholarships in USA for International Students

Financial assistance is one of the determining factors for most international students who want to study engineering in the USA. In fact, lakhs and lakhs of international students are availing scholarships in form of waivers, bursaries, etc., to make the transition easier. Fortunately, financial aid is readily available for the aspirants who have qualifications to get through. Generally, there may be questions on how to apply for a scholarship in the USA. Direct online applications are available through which one can apply easily. Apart from this, you can either connect with the educational experts or connect with the university to know about the various scholarships that help your studies. 




Comindware Scholarship

UG in engineering 

4000 USD

1st formation business scholarship

All UG programs

800 USD

Go clean scholarship

All UG program 

3500 USD

Richard A. Freund International Scholarship

UG program 

5000 USD

Engineering Jobs in USA

Generally, the curiosity of work opportunities kindles international students every time. Do you know, the engineering sector is now having great hype for different positions with skyrocketing salaries. Once after completing your graduation from the leading universities of the USA, you will get an amazing chance to get placed with the top recruiters in America as well as in the other top destinations. By 2024, around 1,89,000 new jobs are available with the greatest demands than other sectors. 

  • Mechanical engineer 
  • Civil engineer 
  • Electrical engineer 
  • Design engineer 
  • Computer engineer
  • Acoustic engineer 
  • Biochemical engineer 
  • Ceramics Engineer
  • Communications Engineer
  • Genetic Engineer
  • Robotic engineer

Salary of Engineer in USA

There is a great reason why everyone around the world is talking about the engineering program. This is more certain when it comes to the USA. Yes, engineering jobs in the USA are one of the high-paying jobs with the amazing starting package. The annual average salary of an engineer in the USA ranges around 91,000 USD. However, these packages mainly depend on the level of the recruiter, the performance of the interview, and the designation you get recruited.



Average Annual Salary (USD)


Civil Engineer 



Chemical Engineer



Computer Hardware Engineer



Software developers 



Electrical engineer



Environmental Engineer



Mechanical Engineer





The USA has always been attracting students from around the world. When you have thought of studying abroad, the first thing that comes to your mind is in the USA. This is not only by its amazing culture, vibrant environment, colorful community, and friendly people. Apart from this, educational excellence reached its heights where the engineering program is the favorite undergraduate program for the students. If you want to get a quality engineering program, the USA is the right place with versatile lists of universities. AECC is partnered with the top-ranked universities and helping international students throughout.
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