Cost of Studying in USA for Indian Students


The USA remains the No.1 destination for international students who aspire to improve and impact their lives and the ones around them. For many years the country has offered quality education and created quality Engineers, Doctors, and scientists, and it continues to do good work. India has given world tech leaders like Sundar Pichai, Satya Nadella, and Shantanu Narayen to attract more students to the USA to achieve their unique identity in this world. But in common, the cost of studying in the USA for Indian students is a major concern among parents when it comes to funding their education in dollars as they earn in Indian rupees, which is lesser than the Dollar value.

How much does it cost to study in the USA from India? What is the cost of studying in the USA for Indian students? Do you know the cost of studying Engineering in the USA for Indian students? If you need answers to these questions and more like these.

Unlike your thoughts, affording education in the USA is easier than you think! Yes, it is possible for an Indian student to pursue their education abroad if they are guided in the right direction. With numerous financial aids, scholarships, and loans offered by both public and private bodies in India and the USA, your study abroad dreams can never miss seeing the light. 

The Number of Students Studying in the USA from India as of 2022:


% of students

Total number of students

United States









United Kingdom






New Zealand







Average Cost of Studying in the USA For Indian Students

Subjects like Humanities, Social Sciences, Arts, and Education have lesser tuition fees when you compare them with Medicine, Engineering and MBA courses. This is because Engineering, MBA and Medicine are lengthier courses and demand more supplies, space, tools, faculties, and facilities to enable the learning to its expected delivery and excellence. The average cost of studying in the USA comes to around USD 35,000. Depending on the course, university and program you choose, this is subject to change. There are private and public universities and community colleges in the USA, and the tuition fee varies.

The average tuition fees for Undergraduate programs for universities in the USA are given below.

  • Community Colleges: USD 17,930
  • Private Universities: USD 52,500
  • Public Universities: USD 41,950

Similarly, the average tuition fees for Postgraduate programs for universities in the USA are given below.

  • Private Universities: USD 41,100
  • Public Universities: USD 25,000

Detailed information can be obtained from the table below.


Average Annual Tuition Fees (in USD)

Average Annual Tuition Fees (in INR)


USD 8000 - USD 40,000

INR 6,49,436 - INR 32,47,182


USD 10,000 - USD 60,000

INR 8,11,796 - INR 48,70,773


USD 28,000 - USD 57,000

INR 22,73,027 - INR 46,27,234


USD 30,000 - USD 75,000

INR 24,34,112 - INR 60,85,279


USD 50,000 - USD 60,000

INR 40,56,853 - INR 48,70,773


USD 500 - USD 20,000

INR 40,569 - INR 16,22,741

Average Tuition Fees at Top Universities Per Year

It is a well-known fact there are several top-ranked universities in the USA. If you are admitted to any of them, it will greatly benefit your higher studies and career. The study cost in the USA for Indian students in some of the top universities is tabulated below for your reference.


QS RAnking 2023

Average Annual Tuition Fees (in USD)

Stanford University


USD 25,000 - USD 55,000

California Institute of Technology (Caltech)


USD 44,000 - USD 57,000



USD 50,000 - USD 55,000

Harvard University


USD 25,000 - USD 51,000

Princeton University


USD 52,000

Columbia University


USD 62,000

Yale University


USD 55,000

University of Chicago


USD 60,000

University of Pennsylvania


USD 58,000

Northwestern University


USD 57,000

Average Cost of Studying Bachelor's in the USA

Certain community institutions offer two year UG program as an option, but most people prefer the four-year UG course over the two-year ones. These two-year courses are skill-based programs focusing purely on hands-on practices, like a Diploma program in India.

This two-year degree can be used as a credit to enter into a full-time UG course at universities. To apply to US universities, you must start the process 6 to 12 months before the course commencement. The average cost of studying Bachelor's in the USA ranges from USD 20,000 to USD 40,000. Here is the average cost of the universities in the USA.

  • Tuition fees: INR 20,00,000 - INR 30,00,000
  • Application fees: INR 9000 - INR 11,000
  • Visa fees: INR 12,800
  • Entrance exam fees: INR 28,000 - INR 40,000
  • Living expenses: INR 6,75,000 - INR 13,50,000
  • SEVIS fee: INR 26,250

The table below will help you understand the cost of graduation in the USA for Indian students.


Average Annual Tuition Fees (in USD)


USD 15,164 - USD 51,196


USD 32,712 - USD 39,672


USD 39,150 - USD 64,494


USD 17,211 - USD 55,540


USD 11,442 - USD 77,612


USD 25,945 - USD 68,112

Associate Courses

USD 7627 - USD 35,819

Average Cost of Studying Master's in the USA

The USA has the topmost universities and colleges in the world which offers quality education and research facilities to help one create opportunities for them and solutions for everyone. The USA has 1700+ universities that offer various Postgraduate courses that cater to every student's interests.

There is huge flexibility in applying to universities across the USA, but students should be aware of the institution they choose. Also, the country's government has announced many scholarship schemes and community schemes for students from all over the world. The average annual college fees for Indian students in the USA for Postgraduate studies range from USD 20,000 to USD 45,000. The average cost you can expect is given below.

  • Tuition fees: INR 13,00,000 - INR 18,00,000
  • Application fee: INR 8000 - INR 13,000
  • Visa fee: INR 12,800
  • Entrance exam fee: INR 28,000 - INR 32,000
  • SEVIS fee: INR 26,250
  • Living expenses: INR 6,80,000 - INR 12,00,000

The table below will help you know the study cost in the USA for Master's.


Average Annual Tuition Fees (in USD)


USD 13,100 - USD 56,304


USD 18,272 - USD 93,358


USD 50,000 - USD 60,000


USD 12,750 - USD 19,620


USD 11,442 - USD 84,700


USD 16,344 - USD 65,509

Average Cost of Studying PhD in the USA

A Doctoral degree is one of the prestigious courses to study in the USA. There are innumerable universities that offer a Doctoral degrees in several disciplines. The study cost in the USA for Indian students ranges from USD 28,000 - USD 57,000. The table below shows the average cost of pursuing a PhD in the USA.


Average Annual Tuition Fees (in USD)

Electrical Engineering

USD 31,137


USD 58,450


USD 43,640


USD 54,048

Computer Science

USD 17,806


USD 47,032


USD 78,834

Average Cost of Studying Diploma in the USA

Diploma courses are an option you can choose if you wish to pursue a short-term course in the USA. They generally have a shorter duration and cost less as well. You will find Diploma courses in all streams. The average cost of a Diploma course in the USA ranges from USD 500 to USD 2000. The table below shows some popular Diploma programs and their average tuition fees.


Average Annual Tuition Fees (in USD)

Business Analytics

USD 37,388

Supply Chain Management

USD 39,374

Biomedical Sciences

USD 29,681

Applied Statistics

USD 22,529

Supply Chain and Logistics Management

USD 36,464

Biotechnology and Bioprocessing

USD 27,178

Biomedical Art

USD 9248

Pre-Arrival Costs in the USA

The pre-arrival costs include the costs that you have to incur before you start studying at the US university or before you move to the country. When you consider the cost of studying in a country in general, you should also consider the pre-arrival costs. Given below are the pre-arrival costs to expect in the USA.

Types of Costs

Average Amount (in USD)

Entrance tests

USD 20 - USD 255


USD 390 - USD 1300

Visa application fee

USD 160

University application fee

USD 43 - USD 50

General Examination Costs for the USA

Planning to study in the USA has an important task to complete other than visa processing and admission procedures. The application process also requires criteria like good scores in language tests and other tests like GMAT, LSAT, MCAT, GRE, and SAT/ACT, depending on the university requirements. These are accustomed procedures for all international students from different educational backgrounds to enter universities in the USA. Few universities have exceptions for entrance examinations, but most universities prefer students to have these exams cleared to know their student's ability to understand their modules. Let's see the kinds of exams present for students which are recognised by universities in the USA.

Entrance Tests

Average Fees (in USD)


USD 245 - USD 255


USD 190


USD 275


USD 205


USD 315 - USD 320


USD 60


USD 63 - USD 88

Cost of USA Student Visa

A student visa is one of the primary documents one needs to study in any country abroad. You can apply for a student visa as soon as you get your offer letter from the US university. The US student visa costs around USD 160. After getting your acceptance letter from a recognised US university, you must register with the Student and Exchange Visitor Information System (SEVIS). You can submit the application online after paying the application fee.

Yearly Cost of Living in the States of the USA

Each US state has varying costs depending on the population, opportunities, amenities, etc. This list has the average cost of living for an off-campus 1bhk apartment for a year.

Southern Part of the USA


Average Yearly Cost (in USD)

Dallas (Texas)

USD 10,944

Houston (Texas)

USD 9876

Northern Central


USD 12,276


USD 11,004

West Coast

Los Angeles

USD 12,876

San Diego

USD 11,856

San Fransisco

USD 14,988

East Coast


USD 14,040


USD 12,828


USD 12,372


USD 12,516

Washington DC

USD 13,440

Newyork City

USD 16,308


New Orleans

USD 11,676


USD 14,100

USA Education Loan

Many students stay away from choosing the USA as their study abroad destination because of the increased cost of studying. In most cases, this is not true. The total cost to study in the USA from India can actually be less. There are scholarships, fellowships and other financial aid available for international students. These can be funded by the US government, universities and private organisations. They have varying eligibility criteria and scholarship values as well. The cost of studying in the USA for Indian students tends to be on the lower side, especially because of this financial aid.

Additionally, several banks and other financial institutions provide education loans to students for their overseas studies. The interest rates of these loans may vary depending on the institution, and you should thoroughly check the terms and conditions before proceeding further. You may also need to provide security against the loan amount.

As the most preferred study destination, the USA offers excellent job opportunities and openness to entrepreneurship culture among students. If you want to seek more opportunities and are open to exploring knowledge after school or college, you need to give yourself a slingshot to the USA to pursue your dreams. You can start applying today and change your days to come with AECC.

aecc education experts guide you through every step of your decision-making to enhance the possibilities of choosing the right stream to achieve your admissions at your favourite university. You can explore Undergraduate and Postgraduate courses in the USA in our blog section, which gives you a clearer understanding of how and what to choose. If you want to talk to an abroad education counsellor to get your queries addressed, contact aecc. It makes a huge difference!

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