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Learn everything you need to know about Dubai
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Make Your Dubai Visa Process Effortless
Learn everything you need to know about Dubai Student Visa and get end-to-end expert guidance from us.

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Dubai Student Visa from India

Due to its exceptional educational facilities for residents and international students, Dubai is referred to as the Education Hub. International students have access to numerous campuses in Dubai that provide popular courses in Natural and Applied Sciences, Engineering, Architecture, Management, Business, Economics, Media, and Mass Communication. The highly regarded and internationally recognised degrees open up employment prospects domestically and abroad. While building construction and interior design programs are in high demand, architecture is also in high order.

One of the first requirements to study in Dubai for Indian students is obtaining a Dubai student visa. If you satisfy all the criteria, you will definitely fall under the eligible category for a Dubai study visa for Indian students. If you wish to learn about the requirements, application process, visa fee etc., to obtain a Dubai student visa from India, you can read further.

Latest Updates for Dubai Student Visa for Indian Students


  • Golden Visa: The UAE has expanded the Golden Visa categories and added substantial amendments to the Golden Residence Scheme. The new rules will allow Golden Residence holders to sponsor family members of any age, including spouses and children.
  • Green Visa: A green visa is the UAE's new five-year resident visa, which allows a person to stay in the country without being sponsored by an employer. The Green Visa will enable highly skilled individuals, investors, entrepreneurs, and top students and graduates to sponsor themselves without first establishing relationships with companies based in the UAE.

Types of Dubai Student Visa for Indian Students

There are three types of Dubai student visas for Indian students. We have tabulated their details below. You can apply for the one you seem fit, depending on the course you wish to pursue, study program etc.

Type of Student Visa


Dubai Student Visa Sponsored by Family

Students enrolled at an educational institution can apply for a UAE visa under their parents' sponsorship. 

Dubai Study Visa Sponsored by an Educator

The educational institution may sponsor full-time students if it meets the requirements. 

Dubai Student Visa for a Short Stay

If students plan to study for a few months in Dubai, they can apply for a short-term student visa. 


How Much Does A Dubai Student Visa Cost From India?

Students who want to study in Dubai should contact their respective universities to apply for a student visa. Each university has its visa requirements, document requirements, and visa processing fees. We have tabulated the Dubai student visa cost from India below. However, it should be noted that the values are in INR, and there can be changes in the denominations.

Types of Dubai Visa

Average Fees (in INR)

48-hour visa

INR 2,200

96-hour visa

INR 3,899

14 days single entry short-term visa

INR 9,500

30 days single entry short-term visa

INR 6,755

90 days visit visa

INR 16,890

Multi-entry long-term visa

INR 40,320

Multi-entry short-term visa

INR 17,110

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Dubai Student Visa Requirements for Indian Students

A Dubai student visa is required for students studying at a university or college in the city. Dubai student visas are available to expatriate students living in the UAE on the sponsorship of their parents or relatives and to international students from other countries who wish to study in Dubai. Candidates should review the Dubai student visa rules and regulations to avoid making mistakes. Admission to an institution in Dubai does not guarantee the issuance of a student visa. You should meet the following requirements to obtain a Dubai student visa from India.

  • Before a visa can be issued, a medical fitness exam, a security check, and clearance from the General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs (GDRFA) in the respective emirate are required.
  • Get admission to a recognised university in Dubai.
  • Health insurance coverage.
  • Proof of sufficient funds in the home country.
  • A valid passport.

English Proficiency Tests for Dubai Student Visa from India

As a non-native speaker of the English language, you will be required to prove your proficiency in the English language. Though IELTS is one of the prominent English proficiency tests, you can also apply for a Dubai student visa without IELTS. Instead of IELTS, you can attempt tests like TOEFL or PTE. The table below shows the minimum score you may need to obtain in these tests.

English Proficiency Tests

Minimum Score Requirement







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Which Documents are Required for a Dubai Student Visa?


You will be required to submit a few documents when you apply for a Dubai student visa. They are given below.


  • A confirmation of enrollment letter from your university.
  • Evidence of a Bachelor’s degree is required for admission to graduate school.
  • Records from your bank to show that you have enough money to cover your educational and living expenses.
  • A photocopy of your first year’s tuition and visa expenses for studying in Dubai.
  • Legal paperwork or a lease for a dorm.
  • Verification of health status.

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How to Apply for a Student Visa for Dubai from India?

Applying for a Dubai student visa from India is not a tedious process, and you will definitely get selected if you apply the right way without making any mistakes. We have outlined the steps you need to follow below.

  1. Get admission to a recognised university in Dubai.
  2. Arrange all the necessary documents.
  3. Visit the official website to apply for the student visa and apply online.

Processing Time for Dubai Student Visa

A Statement Of Purpose (SOP) is one of the most important documents that you will need to submit when applying for an Dubai 
student visa. It is important to write a compelling SOP so that your application stands out from the rest. Start with an introduction and then describe your academic details. You can then explain your professional experience and setbacks, if any. You can then explain your reasons for choosing the course and your future goals. You can state your reasons behind studying at the university and end with a conclusion.


How to Write an SOP for a Dubai Student Visa?


An SOP, or Statement Of Purpose, describes an applicant's professional and educational background, personality traits, and personal story. It also explains why a specific institution in a specific country was chosen, as well as the academic course and subsequent career choice. An SOP is required to be submitted to:

  • The admissions committee at the particular university or college of choice.
  • Visa centre.

A Statement Of Purpose (SOP), also known as a research statement or a Letter of Intent, is a document written to the admissions committee that discusses your career path, interests, professional contributions, goals, and motivation for pursuing a specific program. An SOP is typically a 1000-1500 word essay written in a manner that reflects your traits and characteristics. It should be unique and tailored to you.


Dubai Student Visa Rejections for Indian Students

Visa rejections for a Dubai student visa can occur for a variety of reasons. Dubai visas for Indians are processed at immigration, and the right to be rejected rests solely with the immigration authorities. If a Dubai student visa application is denied, the reason for the denial is sometimes disclosed, but more often than not, the Consulate reserves the right to do so. The best way to avoid having your Dubai student visa rejected during the processing stage is to strictly follow the instructions of the visa expert assigned to your case. Your visa processing officer should be fully aware of your travel history and, if applicable, any cases of overstaying.

Some major reasons for the rejection of Dubai student visas for Indian students include

  • Females under the age of 22 travel alone.
  • If the applicant is a low-skilled professional such as a labourer, farmer, or someone of a similar nature,
  • If the applicant has a criminal record, is a fraudster, or has been reported for misconduct in the UAE.
  • There are numerous typographical errors on the application form.
  • The submitted photograph does not meet the requirements.
  • The identity of the candidate is misrepresented in the form.
  • The required documents are missing.
  • Incomplete or incorrect passport number or other pertinent information on the visa application form.
  • Two applicants with strikingly similar personal information, such as name, birth date, and so on.
  • An applicant who previously obtained a Dubai student visa online but did not visit the country.

Renewal of Dubai Student Visa for Indian Students

The Dubai student visa will be valid for one year and can be extended based on the length of the course. Any student who stays outside of Dubai for more than six months will have his/her visa revoked. Dubai student visas are generally valid only for one year and must be renewed each year while you are enrolled in any institution in Dubai. The relevant higher educational establishment in the city where the student is studying issues the official proof of continuation of study. If a student leaves the UAE for more than six months, their student residence visa becomes invalid. Students will be unable to enter the UAE until their current visa is cancelled and a new one is issued.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The average Dubai student visa application fee ranges from AED 1000 to AED 3000.

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