Duolingo Test Fees

Duolingo Test Fees

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Are you ready to embark on an exciting linguistic journey? Look no further because today, we're diving into the world of Duolingo test fees, where learning meets affordability! Whether you're a polyglot-in-training or a linguistic enthusiast seeking to validate your skills, Duolingo has become a beacon of language proficiency assessments. 

Imagine sitting comfortably in your favourite cosy corner, armed with a cup of hot coffee, and your laptop screen flickers to life. As you navigate through the colourful interface of Duolingo, a thought crosses your mind. How much are the Duolingo test fees? What is the fee if you reschedule the exam? This article will answer all these questions! So let’s get started!
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Fees for Duolingo

So, how much is the Duolingo test fee to take the proficiency test? The good news is that the prices are reasonable compared to other language competence examinations.
The Duolingo test prices vary based on the language and country in which you take the exam. The costs typically vary from $49 to $99. For example, the charge for taking the English ability test in the United States is $49. However, the charge for taking the Spanish proficiency exam in Japan is $99.
It's worth noting that Duolingo also provides a free version. Even though the free version estimates your language skill but does not provide an official certificate, you must pay the official test fee if you want a certified exam result.
Additionally, you can utilise the Duolingo app to study for the Duolingo exam. You can check all the grammatical rules and vocabulary for the language you're testing on the app. You may also practice mock tests to understand the exam structure.

Duolingo Rescheduling Fees

If something arrives, you can reschedule your Duolingo test while paying a rescheduling fee.
You can reschedule your Duolingo exam up to 72 hours before your planned test appointment. Yet, there will be a rescheduling fee if you accomplish so within 72 hours of your appointment. The cost varies by area and language but is often between $15 and $20.
You are in charge of transforming the exam date, and you may do so by logging into your Duolingo account and seeing your trial dashboard.
Select a new test appointment that works for you by clicking the "Reschedule" option. Further, you must pay the rescheduling charge before confirming your new appointment.

Duolingo Exam: Cancellation Fees

Duolingo also allows you to cancel your test if something unexpected comes up that cause plans to change. However, before you cancel your exam, you must know the associated expenses.
You will be charged a cancellation fee if you cancel your Duolingo test appointment. The charge varies by language and location but is generally between $10 and $15. The cancellation cost is removed from your test fee, and the excess amount is refunded.
Moreover, it is critical to note that you will be charged the entire test and cancellation fees if you cancel your test appointment less than 72 before the scheduled test. Cancelling your test as soon as possible is critical to prevent these fees.
To cancel your exam, you must go to your test dashboard after logging into your Duolingo account to cancel your test. To finish the cancelling procedure, click the "Cancel" option and follow the instructions.

Duolingo Exam Fees: Payment Options

Duolingo provides multiple payment options, making paying your Duolingo Test Fees easier. The payment options include the following:

1. Credit or Debit Card

This is one of the most often-used payment options at Duolingo. Most credit and debit cards, including Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover, are taken. To pay with a credit card, select your card at checkout. Before making the payment, ensure your card has enough balance.

2. PayPal

You may link your PayPal account to your Duolingo account and pay for your exam using PayPal. It is a secure and comfortable way to pay online without joining your credit card points. To pay with Paypal, select it as your payment choice at checkout and follow the tips to finish the transaction.

3. Google Pay

You can also make payments with the help of Google Pay. To pay, link your Google Pay account to your Duolingo account and pay for your test using that option if you have one. Your payment information may be safely stored in Google Pay.

4. Apple Pay

You can also pay your Duolingo Test Fees via Apple Pay using an Apple smartphone. Paying Duolingo Test Fees with Apple Pay is safe and straightforward with your iPhone, iPad, or Mac. You must choose Apple Pay as your payment option at checkout and observe the instruction on the screen to complete the transaction. Remember that your smartphone must be set up with Apple Pay to use this option.

5. Gift Cards

Duolingo gift cards are a simple way to pay your Duolingo Test Fees without using a credit card or bank account. These gift cards are easily accessible and may be purchased online or at specified businesses. The gift card code is given to you when you get a gift card. You can use this code to redeem the gift card when enrolling for the test. The gift card value will be added to the total cost of the exam.

Duolingo Exam: Registration Process

The Duolingo test is an excellent way to assess your language skills. Before taking it, you must know how to register for the Duolingo test.
Here are the actions you can take to register for the test properly.

Step 1: Go to the Duolingo website
Start by opening your web browser and going to the Duolingo website to begin the registration procedure. Then click on the option "Take a Test" You will be sent to the exam registration page.

Step 2: Choose Your Exam Type
Select the type of test you want on the exam registration page. You can take the Duolingo English Test, the Duolingo English Test for Business, or the Duolingo English Test for University to demonstrate your level of English ability. If you want to take the language ability test for any additional language, you can also choose the language.

Step 3: Create an Account
You must sign up to register for the test. You can mark up with your email talk and a password or use a Google or Facebook account. Use your current login information if you already have a Duolingo account.

Step 4: Select Your Test Date and Time
After creating an account, choose your preferred test date and time. You can select the most convenient days and times from the available choices. You can take the exam as per your preference as the slot are available round the clock.

Step 5: Pay for the Exam
After you've chosen your test day and time, you must pay for the exam. Duolingo uses credit and debit cards as payment methods, including PayPal, Google Pay, Apple Pay, and Gift Cards. You must choose the best payment method and follow the steps to finish the transaction. When your payment is complete, you will receive an email containing your exam information.

Step 6: Download the Duolingo Test App
To take the test, you must first install the Duolingo test app. The software must be downloaded from the Software Store or the Google Play Store. After installing the app, sign in with your Duolingo account information.

Step 7: Take the test
Launch the Duolingo test app on exam day and begin your exam at the allocated time. Ensure you have a reliable internet connection, a peaceful testing setting, and a valid ID. The exam typically takes roughly an hour to complete, and you will accept your results within 48 hours.


The Duolingo exam is a famous and easy way to test your English competence or knowledge of another language. The Duolingo test fees are low, and the payment choices vary, letting you select the best manner. The Duolingo exam may help you gauge your language ability and reach your objectives, whether you're taking it for personal or professional purposes. Don't hesitate to sign up for the Duolingo exam and continue your language learning experience.
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The Duolingo test prices in India vary depending on the type of exam and region. In India, the Duolingo English Test costs roughly INR 4,852 as of 2023.
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