IELTS Computer-Delivered


IELTS Computer-Delivered

Having options always give us more comfort and convenience to achieve our goals with ease. After 30 years of conducting the IELTS exam as a paper-based test, British Council and IDP decided to introduce one more option for students to take the IELTS exam. It is IELTS Computer-delivered test format, which was implemented during the last phase of 2017. 
As most study-abroad aspirants know, IELTS - International English Language Testing System is a competency test conducted for students who wish to continue their education in an English-speaking land like the US, the UK, Australia, Canada, Ireland and New Zealand. The test tests their English Language proficiency in a supervised environment in four main aspects of the Language: Listening, Reading, Writing and Speaking.

If you are skilled in using computer and have a relatively good typing speed, you can definitely choose the computer-based test. You wil get time in-between the sections, which you can spend in checking the answers, among other things. However, unlike the paper-based test, you will not be given extra time after the test is completed.
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What is IELTS Computer-Delivered?

IELTS Computer-Delivered is a computer-based test implemented for students, who don’t want to take the IELTS paper-based test. Contrary to paper-based test, the whole test can be taken using computer, except for the Speaking part.

IELTS Computer-Delivered comes with many benefits. The computer-delivered test is applicable for both IELTS Academic and IELTS General. The test can be taken any day in a week and any session in a day - either morning, noon, or evening. The time slots are available for all the three sessions and can be chosen according to the convenience. More importantly, the test results are delivered in 3-5 working days.

How is the IELTS Computer-delivered different?

Apart from the benefits, the test format of both the IELTS paper-based and computer-delivered tests are the same. Both will have four sections and same timings allotted to complete them. Besides, content, question types, scoring, result and result verification of both format of the exam remains the same.
The first three sections of the exam - Listening, Reading and Writing, will be taken using the computer. The Speaking section will be conducted in a separate room by an actual human examiner. The Speaking section will be face-to-face with the examiner and happens in a quiet room.

What are the highlights of the IELTS Computer-Delivered test?

Let us now dive into the main highlights of the IELTS Computer-Delivered test section by section.

Test Format

Test Format remains the same for both forms of the IELTS exam - IELTS Paper-based and Computer-Delivered. Both have four sections - Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing. Apart from Listening, Reading and Writing, which has to be delivered according to the test format, the Speaking section will happen with a real examiner in both forms of the exam. 

Test Duration

The Test duration for both the formats remains the same, which is 2 hours 45 minutes. But, IELTS Computer-Delivered comes with slight changes in timings in Listening section as opposed to the paper-based test.
  • Students get some time to read the questions before they can start any part of the Listening section.
  • After completing the section, students have a couple of minutes to review their answers.
  • In IELTS Computer-Delivered test, the timing of Listening section is 30-36 minutes.

Listening Section

The type of questions asked in the IELTS Computer-Delivered remains the same in the Listening section. Students will attempt multiple-choice, matching, plan/map/diagram labelling, form/note/table, flow-chart or summary or sentence-completion and short-answer questions. However, attempting the Listening section in IELTS Computer-Delivered format is easier, with some helping tools.

  • Help Button - Students can make use of the “Help” button, which is located at the top of the screen, to read instructions related to the section.
  • Navigation Bar - Located on the bottom of the screen, “Navigation Bar” allows students to see all the 40 questions of the Listening section in one stretch.
  • Arrow Buttons - With the Arrow Buttons, students can go back and forth to see the questions.
  • Volume Buttons - Students can increase or decrease the volume as per their convenience.
  • Review Button - Students can edit their submitted answers by clicking on the Review button.

Reading Section

Like the Listening section, the Reading section of the Computer-Delivered format too is similar to the paper-based test. Type of questions asked in both the formats: Multiple-choice, True/False, identify the writer’s views and claims, matching information/headings, flow-chart/diagram completion and short answers.

For the Reading test, the computer screen will be divided into two sections. The left side will have the reading part and the right side will have the questions. Students can highlight the necessary text and make notes wherever they want. The Reading section will have a scroll bar, which students should be aware of to move to the next passage or the next questions asked.

Writing Section

As other sections, the Writing section remains the same in both the formats. The Writing section is divided into two parts.
  • Part 1 - Question types asked in part 1 are graph, table, chart or diagram, which students should summarise or explain the given information in their own words.
  • Part 2 - Part 2 is essay writing through which students should express their point of view, argument or solution to a specific situation.

Speaking Section

The Speaking section of the Computer-Delivered is as same as the paper-based test format.

  • Separate test rooms with no distractions or noise.
  • Examiner can repeat or rephrase the question, if asked by the student.
  • Examiner can match the pace and level of English of the student, attending the section.
  • Examiner will not pose any time restrictions on them to complete their answers.
  • Examiner can understand the student’s real English accent.
  • Examiner can understand students’ strengths better than the computer.

Benefits of IELTS on Computer-Delivered

  • Speedy Result -  Result of the IELTS Computer-Delivered will be issued within 3 to 5 working days of the exam taken.
  • Flexibility - Exam time can be booked for any session of the day and can be taken on any day of the week.
  • Automatic Word Counter - All the systems have an in-built Automatic Word Counter, displaying the number of words students write in the Writing section.
  • Highlight Text and Make Notes - In the Reading section, students can highlight any text and make notes on the go.
  • Edit the Answers - In the Listening section, students can edit their submitted answers using the “Review” button.
  • Need not worry about the Handwriting - Students no more need to worry about their speedy handwriting while nearing the end of the test duration.

Test Report Form

Test Report Form is nothing but the score certificate issued for the exam attended. Irrespective of the format you chose to attend, the Test Report Form is issued in the same design. A score of the respective section will be printed separately along with the overall band score. Students displaying a strong performance in a specific section will be awarded a half-band score additionally.

Enquiry On Results (EOR)

Students who have attended any format of the IELTS exam can apply for an EOR if they are dissatisfied with their results. The process remains the same for both formats. Students have to apply for the EOR within six weeks of the results announced. To apply, students must pay a service fee for proper submission of their EORs. In case, students get a change in the result after the EOR submission, their money will be refunded.

Where can I take IELTS Computer-Delivered?

Currently, students in India can attend their IELTS exam in the following cities mentioned below.



Anand - VV Nagar


Bengaluru - Kasturba Road

Bengaluru - St Mark’s Road

Bengaluru - Whitefield

Bhopal - MP Nagar


Chandigarh - Sector 34


Chennai - Adyar

Dehradun - Ballpur Chowk

Goa - MG Road


Hyderabad - Begumpet

Hyderabad - Jubilee Hills

Hyderabad - Kutkapally



Karnal - Shyam Nagar


Kolkata - Park Street

Lucknow - Aliganj



Mumbai - Lower Parel

New Delhi - Nehru Place

New Delhi - Pitampura

New Delhi - Rajouri Garden



Pune - Shivaji Nagar

Rajkot - Nana Mauva Circle





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FAQs About IELTS Computer-Delivered

Yes. In fact, more than the paper-based test of IELTS, Computer-Delivered IELTS format is much easier to attend given the many helping tools available in the computers kept for taking the IELTS exam.

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