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Experience the distinctive culture and fantastic higher
education institutes if you wish to study in Ireland from India

Why Study in Ireland?

Ireland's education system is one of the strongest in the country, and there are many reasons to learn here, which is why we say ‘GO’ to study in Ireland from India. Schools and universities are internationally linked, and graduates of Irish educational institutions will pursue a variety of careers around the world.

Ireland is a small island country off the coast of Europe. And it is known for its beautiful green countryside, fascinating history, and friendly people.

Many of Ireland's higher education institutions are globally rated, and the country's 5000+ strong courses cover a wide range of subjects (medicine, research, technology, engineering, industry, law, languages, literature, history, philosophy, psychology, and so on), so there's something for almost every student.

If you live and study in a remote Irish town or the booming capital of Dublin, you'll enjoy all of Ireland's distinct personalities: its contemporary and lively social and cultural life as well as its traditional and historic character.

It is reasonably easy to travel from one country to the next while studying in Europe. Take advantage of this by spending a long weekend in another part of the UK or exploring the rest of Europe after your study abroad experience in Ireland is over.

Ireland Education System

Higher education in Irish universities and colleges now leads the world in many disciplines, including natural sciences, social sciences, and humanities, making it a financially advantageous choice for a student to study in Ireland from India. Higher education in Irish universities and institutions now leads the world in several fields like natural sciences, social sciences, and the humanities which makes it a lucrative decision for a student to study in Ireland education system and Land of opportunities is the perfect reason to study in Ireland for Indian students.

Universities, schools, and institutes of technology, the majority of which are financed by the Irish government, make up higher education. There are seven universities, seven colleges of education, fifteen private higher education establishments, and fourteen institutes of technology in Ireland (IoT). In Ireland, there are a few more private third-level universities that provide specialised education in fields such as business studies, art and architecture, law, medicine, and so on.

Here are the lists of degree programs,

  • Bachelor’s degree - Duration: 3 years (medicine, dentistry, veterinary science, and architecture programs maybe for 5-6 years)
  • Honors bachelor’s degree - Duration: 3-4 years
  • Master’s degree - Duration: Mostly 1 years with exception to certain courses that may extend to 16-24 months
  • Doctoral degree - Duration: 3 years of research followed by dissertation

The Cost to Study in Ireland from India

Studying abroad can be costly, but luckily, Ireland is one place where you can get a good education at a cheaper cost than in many other nations. Since graduate courses in the United States are often 12 months long, as opposed to 16-24 months in other countries. As a result, as an Indian undergraduate, it is a very appealing place to learn, with many prospects for advancement.

When estimating the estimated cost of studying in Ireland, make sure to living expenses in Ireland such as housing, food, health insurance, and transport, in addition to your tuition fee.

Study in Ireland cost

Study program
Average fees
Undergraduate program
₹8,79,120.52 to ₹22,75,518.00 annually
Postgraduate master's degree
₹8,48,060.87 to ₹30,79,800.02 annually
Doctoral degree
₹8,48,060.87 to ₹30,78,814.50 annually


Employment opportunities in Ireland

Ireland is home to some of the top multinational corporations and organizations giving you an incredible opportunity to work on international projects after the completion of your studies. Many universities also provide internship opportunities to help students acquire practical experience in their field of study.

The Irish Government allows students to apply for a Green Card also known as a Work Permit so that they can make money while pursuing their education. There are also a variety of financial aids like study abroad loans and scholarships to help international students supplement their education. 

Many courses, IT, Biotechnology, Pharmaceuticals, MS in Computer Science, Management and Business Analytics rank among the top 10 worldwide which is why students opt to study in Ireland from India. The majority of Indian students in Ireland opt for master's programs. These MS degrees offer jobs in Ireland for Indians. Land of opportunities is the perfect reason to study in Ireland for Indian students. There are multiple Indians in Ireland that are living and pursuing their dreams.

Popular courses to study in Ireland

Do you want to study at a top university in Ireland from India? Visit AECC Global or speak with one of our specialist advisors who can assist you in selecting the right courses in Ireland and obtaining admission to Ireland's top universities for Masters programmes.

There are several top universities in Ireland for International students that deliver top courses. Many foreign students choose to pursue higher education, skill learning, or career-changing courses in Ireland. Aside from the high standard of education, Ireland is a fantastic place for students to gain both academic and cultural experience. Whatever you're looking for, you'll find the best courses in Ireland to suit your needs.

The following courses are the top 10 courses in Ireland for Indian students.

  • Data analytics in Ireland
  • Business analytics in Ireland
  • Data science in Ireland
  • Big Data in Ireland
  • Computer Science in Ireland
  • Cyber Security in Ireland
  • Cloud Computing in Ireland
  • Digital Marketing in Ireland
  • Software Engineering in Ireland
  • Artificial Intelligence in Ireland

Ireland Study Visa Process

  1. Register with AECC Global and talk with an Education Counsellor
  2. Choose a course according to your areas of interest
  3. Shortlist a university that suits your preferences, entry requirements, and budget
  4. Apply for the Ireland university with our assistance
  5. Get counseling on Ireland student visa from our experts
  6. Pay financial deposits
  7. Receive confirmation from the university
  8. Apply for your visa with our help
  9. Attend our pre-departure session and get ready to depart for Ireland

The Ireland student visa requirements are a Letter of Acceptance from the college/university, English language proficiency certificate, Medical Insurance, sufficient funds to support your stay in Ireland, and Commitment to leave Ireland on the expiry of your visa. Ireland visa for Indians sums around Rs. 4800 excluding service fees for a single entry.

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