Study BBA in Australia for Indian Students
Study BBA in Australia for Indian Students

Study BBA in Australia for Indian Students

Business management is an art! The outcome of any business can be defined through its returns, popularity, reputation, and cash flow. Recent developments in the corporate world are mainly based on educational excellence in business administration. This is a reason why there is a great demand to pursue management-related courses. Also, learning these programs from the top destinations of the world is something more considerable these days. There are top destinations in the world that offer top-notch Bachelor courses in management. Among them, BBA in Australia is something more special where graduates are placed with top recruiters of the world in different sectors.

Why Bachelor of Business Administration in Australia?

  • As per the Times Higher education world ranking, leading universities in Australia offer BBA which are ranked in the top 100. 
  • As per QS Global ranking, 3 business schools in Australia are ranked in the top 100’s of the world. 
  • As per QS best student cities, Melbourne, Brisbane, Sydney, Perth, Canberra, Adelaide, and the Gold Coast are the most preferred cities for students. They are also ranked in the top 100 cities of the world. 
  • Australia is famous for its exceptional financial funding. Yes, the Australian government has allocated around 300 million AUD on scholarships for overseas applicants. 
  • Pursuing higher education in Australia improves your career credibility. Yes, with the globally accepted undergraduate degree, you can get amazing job opportunities with skyrocketing salaries as well as good chances for post-graduation.

Best BBA Colleges in Australia

A very important phase during the study abroad journey is the university selection process. When it comes to undergraduate, there are lots of choices available in Australia based on different factors. It can be classified on the basis of the standard of education, availability of management specialization, the popularity of cities, program fee, cost of living, etc. When it comes to BBA, the first thing that comes to mind is the standard of the curriculum offered by the particular institution. Many universities in Australia have a wide range of BBA programs for international students. Generally, there are some determinants through which the standards of universities are determined. This includes US News Best Global Universities, QS World University Rankings, and The Times Higher Education World University Rankings.



QS World Ranking


University of New South Wales



Monash University



The University of Queensland



Australian National university



The University of Western Australia



Deakin University



Griffith University



Macquarie University



RMIT University


BBA Course in Australia

Australian universities are welcoming students to pursue various degree programs in management. Undergraduate courses like BBA have different domains like accounting, finance & economics, organizational behavior, human resource management, etc. Every specialization has its own way of importance and value that emphasizes aspirants to be future leaders of any business. If you want to know about the various programs that are popular in Australia, here is the list. 

  • BBA in general management 
  • BBA in business 
  • BBA in Economics 
  • BBA in International business 
  • BBA in Finance 
  • BBA in Marketing 
  • BBA in Entrepreneurship

BBA in Australia: Admission Requirements

Generally, the Australian Government and most of the Universities in Australia expect basic requirements and essential documents to secure admissions.

Here is the requirements checklist for international students. 

  • Completed secondary education and its official transcripts.
  • Filled application form 
  • Academic certificates with decent scores 
  • English proficiency test certification
  • Birth certificate 
  • Photocopies of Passport
  • Proof of finance (Financial affidavit)
  • Job experience certificate, if available

BBA in Australia: Eligibility Criteria

Any international student can apply to any university that offers BBA in Australia. However, they need to have some eligibility factors that make the process easy and effective. Having a prior awareness of what are the essential requirements that students possess can save time at the very last minute. Are you confused with the eligibility criteria or need to have a little bit of clarity? No worries, most of the Universities in Australia have common eligibility criteria to accept students. 

  • To join BBA in Australia, students are expected to have above 65% score from their previous study institution. 
  • Also, students with an age above 17 can apply to any University in Australia
  • Board of schooling is an important element that needs to be considered where proof of CBSE/ICSE/GCE/Senior Secondary Education certificates need to be submitted. 
  • Proficiency in the English language is mandatory. Standard tests like IELTS, TOEFL must be undertaken with good scores. (Find the IELTS, TOEFL scores for each university below). 

BBA in Australia: English Proficiency Score Requirements

Minimal qualifying score in standardized english proficiency tests is certainly important. Leading universities in Australia have common entry requirements in these tests. Below are the entry-level requirements of some popular universities. 

BBA in Australia Fees

International students who want to pursue undergraduates in any overseas location may be keen enough to make decisions based on the costs associated with the program. Many popular universities in Australia provide affordable tuition fees to pursue bachelor’s programs. Investing in these courses is always valuable that gives amazing returns after completion of the course. If you want to pursue a bachelor’s in management in Australia, you must think about major prospects like tuition fees and cost of living. 


Average Annual Tuition Fee (AUD)

University of New South Wales

38,882 - 50,231

Monash University

45,774 - 47,263

The University of Queensland

34,051 - 46,705

Australian National university

47,449 - 51,170

The University of Western Australia

41,494 - 45,030

Deakin University

33,865 - 40,006

Griffith University

32,005 - 33,679

Macquarie University

35,726 - 41,681

Cost of living in Australia

Living expenses are one of the important determinants for international students. You can make your living as sophisticated as possible with proper planning. Also, it is possible to have things with a range from least expensive to high costs. Understanding the different prospects of living costs helps to make the right decisions in all aspects. 

Cost of Living in Popular Cities of Australia


Scholarship for BBA in Australia

One of the main reasons for the popularity of Australia is its extensive financial aid to international students. The Australian government offers more than 300 popular scholarship schemes to aspirants. Apart from this, popular universities of Australia offer a wide range of scholarship policies. These scholarships are mainly based on the courses they going to pursue, past academic records, university selection, etc., 

Monash University
MRS Queer Leadership Scholarship
Up to 3500 AUD per year
Monash International Merit Scholarship
10,000 AUD per year
Australian National University
Business and Economics of India Excellence Scholarship
10,000 AUD per year
Business and Economics International Undergraduate Scholarship
Tuition fee waiver for international students
The University of Queensland
India Global Leaders Scholarship
5000 AUD - 20,000 AUD
UQ Economics India Scholarship
50% of tuition fees
Griffith University
Deans Sir Samuel Griffith Scholarship
24,000 AUD - 60,000 AUD
Chancellor's Scholarships
Upto 22,000 AUD

Student Visa for Australia from India

Any international student who wants to pursue BBA in Australia can apply for a student visa. The only essentiality is to be prepared early by all means. With the friendly policies of Australia, getting a
student visa is very easy when compared with other popular destinations. Generally, Indian students who want to pursue an undergraduate degree need a student (subclass visa) regardless of the program they undertake. 

Document required to apply for student visa

  • Passport 
  • Proof of enrollment 
  • Application fee for Visa
  • Statement of GTE (Genuine Temporary Entrant) 
  • Academic documents 
  • Experience documents, if available 
  • Proof of English proficiency tests
  • Details of health insurance policies 
  • SOP (Statement of Purpose)
  • Photographs (passport sized)

Jobs after BBA in Australia

Based on the interests of students, many job opportunities are available in Australia currently. With the increased SMEs and startups, international students are getting placed with good salary packages. After completing your BBA in Australia, either you have a choice of joining masters in corresponding domain or you will get the chance of picking your favorite jobs. However, it is important to know about the popular jobs with tons of scopes. 

You have a broad spectrum of opportunities in various sectors like Accounting, communications technology, business analysis, commercial law, entrepreneurship, event management, financial planning & assisting, human resources, international business, management, direct and digital marketing. 

If you want to know about the popular designation, here are the choices for you:

BBA Salary in Australia

Top recruiters in Australia hire BBA graduates for different designation with skyrocketing salaries. Generally, it may vary from one company to another based on the skills and academic background of students who are from recognized universities in Australia

Average Annual Salary (AUD)
Market research analyst
Human resource specialist
Advertising agents
Digital marketing
Financial advisor
Among a few top study destinations, Australia has its own reputation and recognition all over the world. With the educational excellence and great history, it is irreplaceable in terms of graduation and job opportunities. Management students are accepted by the top organizations of the world at amazing payscales. If you wish to pursue a BBA in Australia, you’ve made the best decision. Top universities are enrolling international students for 2022 intakes. AECC Global has partnered with these top-notch universities and assists Indian students to secure admissions with the right scholarships.

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