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Study Masters (MS) in Data Science in Canada | AECC Global

Study Masters (MS) in Data Science in Canada

The combination of knowledge in mathematics, science, technology, business tactics, machine learning, and artificial intelligence is the greater need for modern businesses. Managing the raw data from these elements to find a pattern which helps to make the bigger decision for any business. A program in data science is the best choice if you are looking to be a master in all the above topics. This is a reason behind the great hype and trend in popular business roles in data scientists, business intelligence analysts, data engineers, etc., Different leading destinations are offering quality data science programs for international students. 

Why study Masters’ in Data Science in Canada?

  • Canada, one of the few destinations which is highly recognized for the data science program. Pursuing Masters in Data Science adds additional credibility to your profile which is quite important to shape your career as an analyst, data scientist, data engineer, and much more. 
  • At present, there is a wide range of growing and anticipated opportunities for top-tier data scientists. Around 3,00,000 opportunities are available for data scientists in Canada. 
  • You’ll get to experience practical experience and theoretical courses through undertaking Masters in Data Science. The curriculum is designed to cover the present world problems in handling data and helps you to find the solution through comprehensive courses. 
  • The average annual salary of data science graduates is around 78,235 CAD. MS Data Science graduates can get amazing opportunities as Data scientists, data engineers, data analysts, and Business Intelligence analysts, etc. with the highest salary packages

Reasons to study Masters in Data Science in the leading universities of Canada

  1. Academic excellence - QS world ranking and Financial Times ranking helps international students to pick the right universities in the World. Canada has one of the most recognized for its quality of education through these ranking systems. If you want to pursue a Masters in Data Science, picking the top universities in Canada will be a wise choice. 
  2. You can afford quality education: Other major study destinations in the world also offer quality education for international students. Pursuing Canada adds the advantage of undertaking data science in a more affordable way. Yes, investment at its best!
  3. Friendly environment: Universities in Canada are designed in such a way to give a home-like feel to the international students. Yes, with a friendly environment you can get merged with their cultural diversity in on and off-campus colleges. 
  4.  Make friends: The best opportunity to meet newbies in universities from different nations. You can make friends, have fun and get a new learning experience in Canada’s universities.

Best Colleges for Masters in Data Science in Canada

The last decade is the best example of the prominence of Canada for education. The consistent development of world-class universities and strong knowledgeable curriculum shows significant improvements in every aspect. Many universities are well recognized for their various specializations. Friendly government policies, high-quality education, and top-class infrastructure are some of the most sought-out elements of Canada’s universities. You’ll get to work with premium paid education to affordable paid education in Canada. With the affordable living expenses and the best study excellence, Canada will be the right choice to do Masters in data science.


Popular universities that offer MS in Data Science in Canada


Ryerson University


Thompson Rivers University


Brock University


Ryerson University


Georgian college


Algonquin College


Conestoga College

MS in Data Science in Canada: Fees

Generally, Studying Masters in Canada adds value to your profile. Generally, this is considered as an investment for your entire life. When it comes to the Cost of studying in Canada, international students must think about different aspects. For MS in Data Science in Canada, it takes around 10 to 16 months of course duration with the average tuition fees falling around 44,133 CAD. Generally, these costs may vary through different factors like the universities you select, the specialization you pick, and the demand for the courses. However, pursuing data science in Canada is always worth the costs that are spent. 

Popular Universities 

Average Annual Fees (CAD)

Ryerson University


Thompson Rivers University


Brock University


Ryerson University


Algonquin College


Conestoga College


HEC Montreal


University of Waterloo


University of Toronto


Pre-arrival costs

Generally, up-front costs which are associated with the actual budget of pursuing Masters in Canada adds prior. So it is better to be prepared by all means to avoid last stage confusion. In case, if you get financial aid through any sources the aid may come in time of paying tuition fees. That means you need to spend an amount on pre-departure costs.


Cost (CAD)

Application Fees






Student visa*




Cost of Living in Canada

The ultimate aim of any international student is to learn happily and explore the beauty of Canada. Canada, with its friendly and vibrant culture, offers the best study experience for students in every essential aspect. One of the critical deciding factors to study Masters in Canada is associated with the costs of living. Understanding the different cities in Canada and the cost of living in Canada each place helps to stay away from the overhead expenses. No worries! Our team sorted out the potential costs to lead a comfortable life in Canada. 

Basic expenses 

Cost (CAD)


19 - 82

Market groceries 

4 - 15


3.25 - 90


79.19 - 165.14

Sports & Leisure 




Masters in Data Science in Canada Admission Requirements

Document submission is an important part of the admission process, where international students’ eligibility and suitability are checked in all aspects. Every university in Canada has some documents that need to be submitted.
  1. LOR, Letter of reference: is one of the important documents which is expected by the universities in Canada. For Masters in Data Science, applicants need to submit around 2 to 3 LOR based on the requirement of the university.
  2. Academic transcripts: Proof of previous education must be submitted. It must be submitted in the form of official transcripts. In addition to this, International students are asked to provide English or French language translation for transcripts that are not in English. 

  3. Language proficiency tests: Certificates of Language proficiency tests are certainly important for international students. This includes IELTS, TOEFL, or other standardized test scores. 

  4. SOP, Statement of Purpose: is not a mandatory one. However, some universities expect international students to submit a proper SOP document prior.

Eligibility for Masters in Data Science in Canada

  • Previous Academics play a very important role in applying for Masters in Data Science. Applicants must have completed the program which is purely based on engineering, computer science, economics, statistics, or other related domains. 
  • GPA is also a mandatory factor for admission which must be an average of 3.0 on a scale of 4.33. It will be equivalent to 75% on the grade scale of international students. 
  • Some universities may consider GRE or GMAT scores.

Masters in Data Science in Canada with Scholarships

One of the big achievements of international students is to avail themselves of scholarships for their studies. In fact, international students need not worry about getting a scholarship. The Canadian government and universities make friendly policies on scholarship offerings which are helping lakhs of international students every year. In fact, major scholarships in Canada are mainly based on Master's and doctorate programs. 

Benefits (CAD)
JN Tata Endowment Scholarship
Indian students who want to do Masters in Canada
1600 - 18,135
Ontario Graduate Scholarship
Students who pursue Masters universities in Ontario
20,000 - 32,000
Aga Khan Foundation Scholarship
Benefits to the students from developing countries 
Ryerson Graduate Scholarship
International students who undertake Master programs 


Data Science Jobs in Canada

Firms today are getting benefited from strategies to sense inordinate amounts of large data. This is highly possible based on the far development in data science. Every year, a large number of talented data scientists and analysts are helping companies to improve their productivity in all prospects. 
  1. Data Scientists: Generally, the skill set and capability to transform a large number of data into actionable insights can help in acquiring profound advantages. This is the reason behind hiring data scientists in all members. In fact, by using and extrapolating such insights, data scientists aid firms to find solutions to the hardest problems. Thus, it creates a greater demand for companies to hire the best data scientists to improve their productivity. 
  2. Business Intelligence Analyst: One of the great options to select once after completing the data science program in Canada. Generally, a business Intelligence Analyst helps to capitalize the data and transform it into essential insights for the company. One of the main job roles is to identify the opportunities for improvements and help to suit demand in a more desirable way. 
  3. Data Analyst: The need for data analysts is high in different sectors like banks, software specialists, consultancies, telecommunications, pharmaceutical companies, manufacturing companies, etc. By pursuing a Master of Data Science, you’ll get an amazing opportunity to get placed as a data analyst in leading companies. 

Apart from this, there are other job prospects available after graduation. 

  • Data engineer 
  • Machine learning engineer
  • Data journalists 
  • Database admin 
  • Financial analyst

Salary after Masters in Data Science in Canada

With the coaching excellence of the leading universities in Canada, you’ll have a great chance of getting placed in the top companies all around the world. However, many people want to extend their work period and also want to get PR. Many companies around Canada are actively hiring for different position that includes data scientists, Business intelligence analyst, data analysts, and much more.

If you want to know about the average annual salary for the graduates, here is the list:

Designation after Studying Masters in Canada

Annual Average Salary (CAD)

Data Scientist


Business Intelligence Analyst


Data Analyst


Data engineer


Machine learning engineer


Data journalists 


Financial analyst


You can find many advantages in studying Masters in Data Science in Canada. It includes quality education, immigration friendly country, a wide range of prestigious universities to choose from, flexible tuition fees, a wide range of job opportunities, power-packed salary, and much more to expect from Canada. If you are interested more affordable to pursue Masters in Canada, you’re in the right phase. You just need some guidance and prior information to make the process go easy. AECC is partnered with a wide range of universities that offers Masters in Data Science with a brilliant curriculum. Get joy in learning and have fun!

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