Study BBA in USA for Indian Students
Study BBA in USA for Indian Students

Study BBA in USA for International Students

In addition to the rich heritage and diverse culture, the USA is well known for its educational excellence. Students from different countries with great aspirations are visiting the United States of America to carve their careers in the desired domains. Universities and colleges in the USA are actively welcoming international students for different degree programs. Among them, BBA, Bachelors of Business Administration is one of the most preferred degree programs in the USA. Are you interested in pursuing a BBA in the USA? This is the right guide for you.

Why Study BBA in the USA?

BBA in the USA is a full-time four-year program that is designed to offer coursework in the business and commerce-related streams. The classes are structured as theories and practicals that cover business management, marketing, e-commerce, statistics, ethics, and legality.

  • Business and management studies are one among the best! Yes, more than 20% of international students are actively pursuing BBA in the USA. 
  • Globally accepted management degree, BBA certification from any US university is highly recognized all over the world. 
  • Top recruiters of the world hire BBA graduates from the USA with skyrocketing salaries. 
  • Aspirants who want to continue their studies in business and management can do MBA after pursuing a Bachelor of Business Administration. 
  • Exceptional financial aid for your higher education. Around 348 universities are offering a wide range of scholarships to international students. 
  • As per QS ranking, close to 50 US business schools are ranked globally. You’ll get to study in one of the top institutions for management studies.

Best BBA Colleges in the USA

Quality BBA program everywhere in the USA! Yes, around 100 leading business schools and colleges in the USA are offering a wide range of BBA programs for international students. To add more value, you’ll be able to choose the suitable institution based on your favorite specialization, scholarships, the cost to study, the city where the institution is located, the duration of the course, and other essential factors. Educational experts are advising the students to act early in order to pick the right one. Here’s a list of top institutions in the USA offering BBA programs.


Popular University in the USA that offers BBA


Duke University 


University of Maryland, Baltimore County 


Northeastern University 


Colorado State University


University of Massachusetts


Montana State University


Arizona State University


Concord University


Long Island University


Queen’s College

BBA Courses in the USA

1. BBA in General management in the USA - It is a 3 to 4 year program for the management aspirants who want to understand the different concepts that include principles of management, effective communication, financial accounting, etc., The curriculum of courses is designed in such a way to gain knowledge on fundamentals of business management. 

2. BBA in Economics in the USA - Top business schools in the USA accept BBA applicants to pursue BBA in economics. It is a 4-year degree course that focuses more on business and commerce. International students get exposure to economics and administration as microeconomics which is trained both in micro and macroeconomics. 

3. BBA in Accounting in the USA, which is a three to the four-year full-time program which completely focuses on finance and accounting. In addition to that, aspirants will get exposure to the additional topics that include strategic management, tax management, risk management, and decision-making, etc.

4. BBA in Entrepreneurship in the USA - The curriculum is designed for the duration of 3 to 4 years. This program is well suitable for international students who want to start and run their own business effectively without any complications. 

Admission Requirements for BBA in the USA

You are having a wide range of choices when it comes to pursuing a BBA in the USA. However, universities in the USA have some important requirements to secure admissions. Here are the requirements which contain eligibility factors, exams requirements, and document requirements.

Eligibility Criteria for BBA in the USA

  • International students must have graduated from a recognized high school with good scores. For diploma students, GPA must be a minimum of 2.0. (It may vary with universities)
  • English proficiency test is an important eligibility criterion where TOEFL and IELTS are taken into considerations
  • TOEFL - 80
  • IELTS - 6.5
  • SAT & ACT score is considered for most of the universities. 
  • SAT score must be between 1060 - 1240
  • The average ACT score is 20.6

Document requirement to study BBA in the USA

  • Official transcripts 
  • Letter of recommendation, LOR
  • English proficiency tests Certificates
  • Proof of standardized test scores 
  • Health insurance proof submission 

BBA in USA Cost

When it comes to the cost of studying in the USA, various factors are taken into account that includes the type of course, university, city of living, financial aid, and other factors. Majorly, the city that you live in also is considered initially when you plan for the budget. With a prior and proper plan, you’ll be able to handle the potential expenses in the USA. In addition to this, tuition fees can be minimized by making use of financial aid in the form of scholarships, bursaries, special aids, waivers, etc.

Average Annual Fees (USD)
Duke University
University of Maryland, Baltimore County
Northeastern University
Colorado State University 
University of Massachusetts 
Montana State University 
Arizona State University 
Concord University 
Long Island University 
Queen’s College 

Pre-Departure Costs

Most of the international students may visit the USA for the very first time. After completing their schooling, they find difficulties in flying to the USA. In such conditions, knowing about the pre-departure and getting ready for the costs are certainly significant. These are the initial investment that helps you make a smooth transition upon landing in the USA and continue your studies. The below table will help you know about the potential costs associated with the pre-departure.


Cost (USD)

Application cost









180 - 200

Cost of Living in the USA

Living peacefully and getting the right education is not so simple. However, lakhs and lakhs of students are happily pursuing graduate programs in the USA. This is mainly based on the complete self-assessment on budget and choosing the right places to study. The USA is home to international students where every product is available to make their lives easier. 

Major elements 
Average Expenses per Month (USD)
150 - 200
150 - 300
Personal expenses 
300 - 600
Health insurance 
500 - 750

Scholarship for BBA in the USA

An impregnable reason why international students want to pursue graduate programs in the USA is mainly because of financial assistance. Government and universities of the US offer friendly policies on financial aid through which lakhs of international students are getting benefited over decades. International students are entitled to avail scholarships on merit as well as need-based funds. In addition to this, leading universities, accredited business schools, and colleges offer special scholarship schemes by considering some important factors based on the country of the student. 

Student Visa to the USA from India

The US government is welcoming international students for various courses. However, for undergraduate students, getting a visa is one of the most important and critical processes. Generally, the student visa will be based on the age and type of course you select. Initially, the applicant must apply and be approved by the university which is accredited by the Student and Exchange Visitor Program(SEVP).

Document Requirement to apply for Student Visa

  • Non-immigrant visa application and the completed form DS-160 confirmation page. 
  • Valid passport 
  • Photograph in the required format 
  • Proof of SEVIS fee payment
  • Bank statement 
  • Proof of financial resources for tuition fees & living expenses.

Jobs for BBA Graduates in the USA

Fresh minds are the basic essentiality of business and companies. This is more certain for aspirants who are completing BBA in the USA. The United States of America with a very big market is looking for fresh as well as experienced management aspirants for different designations. Generally, international students can get job offers while studying BBA in reputed universities. 

1. Accountant - Students who are good with numbers are the most suitable candidates for Accountant positions. Governmental as well as non-governmental organizations are looking for BBA graduates for Accountant designation. The average annual salary of an accountant in the USA is around 51,900 USD.

2. Financial analyst - Financial performance of any business is certainly important where they need specialists to handle it effectively. This is a reason why there is a greater demand for financial analysts for forecasting and making tactical decisions. Top sectors are offering jobs with good pay that comes around 62,000 USD.

3. Digital marketing analysts - Digital marketing is the major game player of this decade. Even small businesses find big changes and progress in competition through digital marketers. The average annual salary for a digital marketing analyst in the USA will come to around 50,485 USD.
4. Human resource specialist - HR specialists are trained in different specialized areas like risk management, training, working with labor relations, workforce planning, and workforce analysis. The average annual salary of HR specialists will come near to 58,626 USD.

BBA Salary in the USA

Some individuals may have different ideas after completing an undergraduate program. Individuals who pursued BBA in any specialization can get skyrocketing salaries. The average earnings of BBA graduates in the USA are 65,000 USD per year. Top recruiters are offering a wide range of opportunities for fresh as well as experienced BBA graduates. It is better to make sure that you choose the right career that satisfies you at the end of the day. 

S. No
Average Annual Salary (USD)
Financial analysts
Digital marketing analysts
Human resource specialists
Sales consultant 
Executive Assistant
Operation research analysts
Personal financial advisor

The United States of America is magnificent. Each state has its own history in culture and educational excellence. If you want to pursue undergraduate studies in the USA, you’re at the right phase. There are many advantages to preferring the management programs in the USA. Renowned degree, beautiful destination, amazing infrastructure, exceptional funding, and much more. You just need three things to get through - prior preparation, strong desire, and proper guidance. AECC has partnered with the top universities in the USA, where you’ll get complete knowledge from our experts to study in the USA.