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Scholarship for Indian Students in Canada

Canada is one of the most economical countries in the world. The tuition fees are comparatively less, and the nation provides several scholarships and other financial aids for students to help study their preferred course at a lower cost. Both the Canadian government and many private organisations have come together to help you study within your budget. You can read further if you wish to know more about the scholarship amount based on courses and programs.

Canada University Scholarships for International Students

S. No

Name of University

Name of Scholarship



Amount in CAD


Dalhousie University

Dalhousie University Scholarship

This is open to all UG, PG, & PhD students of the university

The Dalhousie Scholarship is purely merit-based 

CAD 38,405


Carleton University

Carleton University Scholarship

All UG, PG, & PhD students have this scholarship

You will need a good academic record to qualify it

CAD 6400


University of Winnepeg

University of Winnepeg Scholarships

All students applying for Undergraduate & Graduate programs can apply 

Students with an excellent academic record & leadership qualities are eligible

CAD 6400


University of Victoria 

University of Victoria Scholarship

The scholarship is offered to UG, PG, & PhD programs

You may require at least 7.5 on 9.0 to be eligible for the scholarship

USD 6400


University of Manitoba

University of Manitoba Scholarships

The university spends around 2 million a year on PG & PhD scholarships

It is a completely merit-based scholarship

CAD 20,000


Brock University

Brock University Scholarships

It is a public research university that provides scholarships for all programs

Students with a good academic record are eligible for it

CAD 20,485


University of Saskatchewan

University of Saskatchewan Scholarships

The availability is for all UG, PG & Diploma Programs

When you apply to the university, you will automatically be eligible for the scholarship

CAD 51,215


University of British Columbia

UBC Scholarship

It is a prestigious scholarship for UG & PG students

Academic excellence & strong extracurricular involvement will make you eligible for it

CAD 1,02,457


University of Waterloo

University of Waterloo Scholarships

There are scholarships for UG, PG, & PhD Programs

It is a purely merit-based scholarship

USD 12,803


McGill University

McGill University Scholarships

It is a fully-funded Master’s & Doctoral scholarship

You will be eligible if you have a good academic record

CAD 15,364

Undergraduate Scholarships for Indian Students in Canada

S. No.

Name of Scholarship



Amount in CAD


Lester B. Pearson International Scholarship Program

The University of Toronto offers this scholarship to 37 students

To be eligible for it, you must have good leadership skills and an excellent academic record

Variable amount


University of British Columbia International Student Scholarship

The university spends around 30 million a year on scholarships

Students with a remarkable academic record & interest in extracurricular activities will be eligible

Variable amount


Education Future International Scholarship

It is open to all Indian students of all universities

Academic excellence is the basis of this scholarship

CAD 3299 - CAD 16,517


Ambedkar Overseas Vidyanidhi Scholarship

It is a fully-funded one provided by the Social Welfare Department

All SC students are eligible for it

CAD 16,517


BeArt Presets Academic Scholarship

It provides partial funding to students of all Canadian universities

All Undergraduate students of all disciplines are eligible

CAD 2559


Undergraduate In-Course Bursary Program

The Concordia University offers partial funding to students

All UG students in all Canadian universities are eligible

Variable amount


ASM Materials Education Foundation Undergraduate Scholarship

ASM Internationals funds this scholarship for UG students

All Bachelor’s students of Metallurgy or Materials Science Engineering are eligible

CAD 12,797 towards tuition fees


Scotiabank International Partner Entrance Scholarships

This scholarship funded by Scotiabank provide partial funding to students

It is open to all of George Brown College of Applied Arts & Technology

CAD 6398


Global Citizen Scholarship

MPOWER Financing hosts this fully-funded scholarship

Students of all Bachelor’s disciplines are eligible

CAD 12,797


Golf Ontario Scholarship Program

The Golf Ontario provides partial funding to all students

Students of all Bachelor’s subjects can get it

Variable amount


Masters Scholarships in Canada

S. No.

Name of Scholarship



Amount in CAD


Sanders Prize in The History of Early Modern Philosophy

The Marc Sanders Foundation offers this scholarship

It provides partial funding to all students of History of Early Modern Philosophy

CAD 6393


University of Buckingham Ondatje Postgraduate Scholarship

It gives partial financing for all Master’s students

All Master’s students at the University of Buckingham are eligible

CAD 6396


Richard A. Freund International Scholarship

The American Society for Quality hosts this partially-funded scholarship

It is open to all students pursuing particular courses in all Canadian universities

CAD 6393


Narotam Sekhsaria Scholarship

This scholarship funded by the Narotam Sekhsaria Foundation is available for all Master’s students

Students need to have an excellent academic record to be eligible for it

Students can take interest-free loans for up to CAD 32,974


Ontario Graduate Scholarship

The Province of Ontario offers this scholarship to all Master’s students

It is based on excellent academic record

CAD 19,181


Khyentse Foundation Individual Practice Grants

The Khyentse Foundation provides partial funding

Students pursuing their Master’s in Buddhist Study and Practice are eligible

CAD 6393


International Peace Scholarship for Women

The P.E.O Sisterhood offers this to all female students

Female students in all universities in Canada are eligible

CAD 15,985


Finduddannelse.Dk Sustainability Scholarship

The University of Gloucestershire funds this scholarship

It is open to all Master’s students of Sustainable Studies

CAD 6847


Conestoga College International Degree Entrance Scholarship

It is offered by the Conestoga College Institute of Technology and Advanced Learning

All Master’s students in the institute are eligible

CAD 1918


University of Manitoba Graduate Fellowship

The University of Manitoba funds this scholarship

Students pursuing Master’s in all disciplines in the university are eligible

CAD 23,013

MBA Scholarship in Canada

S. No

Name of Scholarship



Amount in CAD


Robert Krembil Scholarship of Merit

The Schulich School of Business offers this scholarship

Students in the institution are automatically considered eligible based on merit

CAD 42,279


Ivey MBA Scholarships

This scholarship by the Ivey Business School is the largest-funded one in Canada

It is based purely on GMAT scores & academic excellence

CAD 12,813 to half tuition fees


Michael Lang MBA Award

The Alberta School of Business funds this scholarship

All full-time students are eligible

CAD 12,813


Sony of Canada MBA Scholarship

MBA students of the University of Schulich can get this

The scholarship is based on academic merit & other specific skills

CAD 3844


Haskayne School of Business MBA Entrance Scholarships

It supports needy students by sponsoring their studies

It is based on merit & on GMAT & GPA scores

CAD 14,735


Claude Winspear MBA Award

It is open to students at the Alberta School of Business

Students with a good GMAT score & academic excellence are eligible

CAD 12,813


Accelerated Career Scholarship

The Sauder School of Business hosts this scholarship

Students are selected on the basis of GMAT, GPA scores, interview performance, & essays

CAD 12,813


Rotman Entrance Awards and Fellowships

It provides 2 popular entrance awards to students enrolled in Morning & Evening MBA Programs at the Rotman School of Management

All students admitted in the university are eligible based on their IELTS, GMAT score & interview

CAD 25,629


FortA Foundation Scholarship

This is open to students in the Rotman School of Management

Students with good leadership ability & commitment to women & girls by personal mentorship

CAD 51,262


Ontario Graduate Scholarship Program

4 universities participate in this scholarship program

Students from the participating universities are eligible

CAD 19,225

PhD scholarships in canada

S. No.

Name of Scholarship



Amount in CAD


Boehringer Ingelheim Fonds PhD Fellowships

BIF provides partial funding to PhD fellows

Students pursuing their Doctoral program in Biomedical Research are eligible

Partial funding and a monthly stipend


Google PhD Fellowship Program

Google hosts this scholarship for PhD students

Students from selected countries pursuing their PhD in Computer Science

100% off on tuition fees


Dalhousie University - OZ Optics Limited Graduate Scholarships

The Dalhousie University offers this scholarship

Physics, Computer Science, & Electrical Engineering students are eligible

CAD 10,000


University of British Columbia - Affiliated Fellowships

The University of British Columbia sponsors this scholarship

Students pursuing their PhD in selected disciplines are eligible

CAD 30,000


University of Lethbridge SGS Dean’s Scholarship

The University of Lethbridge hosts this scholarship

Students pursuing all subjects offered by the university are eligible

CAD 12,828


Ontario Trillium Scholarships

The Canadian Government provides this scholarship to all universities in Ontario

It is a merit-based scholarship

CAD 51,301


UBC General Awards

The University of British Columbia offers partial funding

Students of all disciplines in the university are eligible

Variable amount


University of Ottawa PhD Studentship in Gut Microbiology

It provides partial funding to students of the University of Ottawa 

This is open to all students of Gut Microbiology

CAD 32,081


University of Alberta Scholarships

The University of Alberta provides partial funding to students

All students studying PhD in the university are eligible for it

CAD 21,815


Horowitz Foundation Grants

The Horowitz Foundation for Social Policy funds this scholarship

It is open to all students of Social Policy

CAD 9623

How to Apply for Scholarship in Canada?

Canada provides a wide array of scholarships for international students in general and Indian students in particular. They are categorised based on courses, universities etc. If you feel confused, don’t worry, you will get all the advice and help you need for the same from AECC Global. You will need some documents to apply for scholarships, including the following:

  • The university's application form you are applying to.
  • Letter of acceptance from the university.
  • Proof of income if it is an income-based scholarship.
  • Essays or other writings as asked by the university.
  • Proof of all extracurricular activities, leadership positions, academic achievements etc.
The process of applying for scholarships starts after you apply to a university. You can know all the scholarships and their basic details and eligibility criteria from AECC Global and can shortlist whichever suits you the best. After the successful application, you can follow up by either checking the university websites or contacting the trust or body that gives the scholarship.

FAQs About Scholarships in Canada

How Much Percentage is Required for Scholarship in Canada?
Students may require a minimum of 80% to apply for scholarships in Canada.
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