Scholarship for Indian Students in Canada

Scholarships to study in Canada

Canada is a growing hub for international students, with an educational system based on cross-disciplinary studies and great facilities. Canadian universities are ranked quite high for their distinctive courses and affordable tuition fees. They provide a wide range of scholarships for international students in Canada to help them fund their studies.  Students are provided with various types of scholarship awards, grants, or bursaries to finance their education by the Government of Canada and many post-secondary institutions.  This attracts a large number of Indian students who are choosing to Study abroad in Canada for higher education and a better quality of life.  Keep reading to learn more about the popular Scholarship in Canada for Indian Students.

Scholarships for international students in Canada

Canada is one of the most popular study abroad destinations, with over 642,000 foreign students enrolling in the diverse variety of programmes available. Regardless of its success, studying in Canada is not inexpensive. Students who want to Study in Canada but don't have the financial means to do so can apply for one of Canada's many scholarships. As international students pursuing higher education in Canada, you can apply for various types of funds available by the government, universities, or non-governmental organizations. But MBA being a professional course there is a limited scope of getting financial aid for international students for pursuing an MBA program in Canada. However, some students can get an MBA scholarship in Canada based on their excellent academic and other achievements relevant to the program. 

Types of scholarships to study in Canada for Indian students

Listed below are the types of Scholarships in Canada for International students.

  • Canadian Government Scholarships: These are government-sponsored awards that inspire students to study in Canada.
  • Non-Government Scholarships: Various trusts, charities, and associations offer scholarships to students following a particular course stream.
  • Institutional Scholarships: Universities and colleges in Canada offer scholarships to students who are enrolled in their education.

Government scholarship to study in Canada

Below are some of the most well-known government scholarships for studying in Canada, along with award and eligibility details:

S. No
Scholarship Name
Banting Postdoctoral Fellowship
Must be enrolled in a postgraduate degree in environmental and social science or health studies.
IDRC Research Awards
Travel and research support of up to ₹9,09,805.05
Applicants participating in master's or doctoral programs in developed countries (masters scholarships in Canada)
Vanier Graduate Scholarships
Applicants must be deserving, with testing ability and leadership abilities.
Partnership Grants by Social Science and Humanities Research Council in Canada
pursuing a PhD in a particular subject at one of Canada's qualifying universities
Canadian Studies Post-Doctoral Fellowship
₹1,51,598.15/month & airfare up to ₹6,06,392.60
Completed thesis in last 5 years, is not employed, length of stay 1-3 months
Ontario Trillium Scholarship
PhD scholarships in canada for students in Ontario
₹6,06,392.60 for cost of program ₹3,03,327.80 for flight, visa, health insurance ₹97,064.90 weekly allowance
Mid-career professional from ASEAN countries
Ontario Graduate Scholarships
OGS are made possible through a partnership between the Canadian government and participating organisations.
Quebec Provincial Government Scholarship
Doctoral students are offered ₹15,16,269.93/year and postdoctoral students are offered ₹21,22,993.95/year.
Master's students studying in Quebec Canadian universities are eligible for financial assistance. Merit-based awards are given out..

Non-Governmental scholarships to study in Canada for Indian students

S. No
Scholarship Name
Anne Vallee Ecological Fund
Students doing animal science at the doctoral level at universities in British Columbia or Quebec are eligible to apply.
Trudeau Scholarships and Fellowships
15 scholarship awards of ₹36,39,418.20
International students seeking doctoral degrees in Canada are eligible for this award.
Canada Memorial Scholarship
Offered to UK students seeking postgraduate studies in Canada. The scholarship includes tuition, airfare, and lodging costs.

What are the criteria for applying for scholarships for international students in Canada?

As a foreign student, you must meet such requirements in order to receive a scholarship in Canada. Though the total eligibility for each scholarship you choose to apply for can vary, there are certain general criteria that foreign students should be aware of:

  • Academic excellence: Students applying for scholarships to study in Canada must have strong academic credentials. The majority of the grants are merit-based, which ensures the financial aid can be provided to deserving candidates.
  • Language Proficiency: Since English is not most foreign students' first language, gaining stronger language skills or proficiency scores on exams like the IELTS/TOEFL increases the odds of receiving a scholarship to study in Canada.
  • Extracurricular Indulgence: Any scholarships for foreign students in Canada take into account their volunteer work and extracurricular activities. This is also the case for stream-specific scholarships, such as those for social work and other related services. Job experience in the industry is a plus and hence becomes one of the most important qualifying requirements.

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