Study BBA in Canada for Indian Students
Study BBA in Canada for Indian Students

Study BBA in Canada for Indian Students

Flexible study environment, high standard of living, vibrant community, strongest economy, welcoming government and much more make Canada a most sought after study destination. After completing their schooling, students all over the world have lots of ideas and dreams running in their mind. By taking the right decision of choosing the best bachelor’s degree, one will be able to design their career, as colorful as possible. 

BBA - Bachelor of Business Administration is a 4-year undergraduate program in Canada that is designed to offer strong basics on accounting, organizational behavior, finance, marketing, and strategy. If you wish to pursue a BBA in Canada, this article is specially carved for you!

Why BBA in Canada?

Canada is home to few of the best business schools in the world. This is one of the undeniable facts why international students love to pursue BBA in Canada. With the globally accepted BBA degree, amazing study experience, and vast job opportunities, Canada is offering tough competition to other leading study destinations. 

  • Do you know? The inflow of overseas students to Canada to study management courses is high in comparison with other top destinations of the world. 
  • BBA graduates can get an average annual salary that ranges from around 46,621 CAD to 85,026 CAD
  • Around 90% of BBA Graduates are getting jobs after graduation, which is higher than the other top occupations in Canada. 
  • Around 5000 Scholarships are available to Study in Canada.

Best BBA Colleges in Canada

Learning to manage global businesses is an art! Canadian universities are offering such study experience for international students who wish to pursue a Bachelor of Business Administration. Leading Universities compete with each other to offer the best management programs for the aspirants in various domains like accounting, marketing, finance, economy, and administration. Since every business school is best in its own way, you may be perplexed in picking the right institution. This can be effectively sorted out by having a glance at the National ranking.

National Ranking
University of Toronto
Memorial University of Newfoundland
York University
Simon Fraser University
Carleton University
Dalhousie University
Thompson Rivers University
University of Regina
Langara College
Sheridan College

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BBA Course in Canada

Generally, based on the convenience of international students, BBA courses in Canada are available in different versions. Leading universities are giving options where aspirants can study through BBA part-time, BBA full-time, BBA cooperative. 

  • BBA Full-time: A four-year program that is conducted on a regular period of time with intervals. 
  • BBA part-time: Working individuals will be able to make use of their time to pursue part-time BBA in Canada. Many leading universities are offering a wide range of part-time BBA courses in Canada. 
  • BBA Co-operative: This is a special version of the BBA course, where a student gets a chance to combine their working experience with the academic studies.

Admission Requirements for BBA in Canada

The general intake of BBA aspirants is mainly based on the academic performance of their high school. In addition to the academic requirements, English proficiency tests are also taken into consideration which includes IELTS or TOEFL. Overseas students who are
having the dream of pursuing a BBA in Canada, should prepare themselves prior in order to meet the demands of the Canadian universities. However, you can expect some changes in the requirements based on the universities. No worries! Our team has collated the list of admission requirements for BBA aspirants. 

  • Understanding the Eligibility requirements 
  • Document requirements

Eligibility for BBA in Canada

BBA applicants must have sound scores in their 12th grade education in the relevant areas. This includes calculus or vectors, data management, advanced functions. In addition to this, general focus lies on the subjects like English, mathematics, social studies, laboratory science, etc.,

Document requirements for BBA in Canada

Universities of Canada expect international students to submit some essential documents to apply for BBA. Now, with the increased convenience you can submit it online for approval. The list of expected documents is given below for your reference. 

  • Academic records that state scores and grades
  • Certified scripts of secondary education 
  • Confirmation IDs must be included, a birth certificate or passport is essential 
  • English language test certificate is needed
  • Financial Affidavit 

BBA Fees in Canada

Budget allocation is one of the important criteria that must be done before applying for a BBA in Canada. To be prepared, you need to know about the overall program fees in addition to the Cost of living. Generally, program fees may vary from one university to another based on the popularity and quality of education they offer and the cities in which they are located. However, by understanding the average annual costs, you can make yourself comfortable by preparing a prior budget to avoid the last-minute hassle. However, you'll be able to choose widely from expensive to affordable BBA courses in Canada.

Average Annual Fees (CAD)
University of Toronto
Memorial University of Newfoundland
York University
Simon Fraser University
Carleton University
Dalhousie University
Thompson Rivers University
University of Regina

Cost of living in Canada

Indian students can make themselves comfortable in Canada, with a wide range of availability of all commodities. The Canadian government with a friendly atmosphere keeps you sophisticated at an economical rate.

Monthly Cost (CAD)
Food & drinks
200 - 600
Local Transportation 
80 - 120
Books and Study Material
200 - 350
Movie ticket
12 - 14
Health Insurance cost
500 - 1000

BBA in Canada with Scholarships

Scholarships, bursaries & grants, amaze the students every time! One will be able to pursue quality education in Canada by using the right type of scholarships. Thanks to the Canadian government, around 3000 scholarships are available for international students who want to pursue higher education. Generally, scholarships vary from one institution to another based on the course you select, and the criteria you get through. 

Offered by
Benefits (CAD)
Lester B. Pearson International Scholarship Program
University of Toronto
Seymour Schulich BBA/iBBA Entrance Scholarship
York University
Tanna H. Schulich BBA/iBBA Entrance Scholarship
York University
Lloyd-Carr Harris Foundation Entrance Scholarship in Business Administration
Simon Fraser University
Bachelor Degree Entrance Scholarship
Sheridan College
Hani Zeini Scholarship
All Universities
QS Undergraduate Scholarship
All Universities
Go Clean Scholarship
All Universities
Innovation in Education Scholarship
All Universities

Canada Student Visa

Thanks to the Canadian government who have friendly regulations and offer opportunities to Indian students to pursue BBA. It can be available as a study permit and TRV, Temporary Resident Visa. By holding these permits, international students can pursue BBA in Canada peacefully without any chaos. In this new normal, after this pandemic, the Canadian government is active in welcoming international students for a safe education. Experts advise international students to get prepared prior in order to eliminate discrepancies. 

Eligibility criteria for Canada student visa

  • International students must be accepted and welcomed by designated study centers. 
  • Applicants need to showcase the proof of funds to afford BBA programs in Canada 
  • Applicants need to showcase the proof of a clean background record with no criminal accusation. 
  • A comprehensive health checkup is mandatory and he/she must be vaccinated against COVID-19.

Documents Requirements for Canada Student Visa

Jobs after BBA in Canada

A wide range of multinational companies, individual businesses and SMEs are recruiting BBA graduates in different roles like marketing analysts, financial analysts, administrative assistants, senior accountants & financial controllers. Few of the top companies in Canada that hire BBA graduates are:

  • Deloitte
  • TD Canada
  • Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce
  • BDO Dunwoody, LLP

1. Marketing analysts: This is a popular job role where BBA graduates are responsible for studying the present and future market conditions and assist to increase the potential sales of products & services. By studying in the Top Universities in Canada, you’ll develop the skill sets to meet the demands of Marketing analyst positions. It includes statistics, predictive modeling, analytics, critical thinking, and excellent communication.

The average annual salary of a Marketing analyst is 70,228 CAD

2. Financial analysts: Many businesses are in the process of consistently reviewing their financial performance for their growth. Thus, there is a great demand for financial analysts from the Best Institutions in Canada. BBA graduates are expected to work on business forecasting and making tactical & strategic decisions.

The average annual salary of Financial analysts is around 62,363 CAD

3. Accountants: There is a great need for business accountants to maintain the cost/revenue accuracy of companies and statutory compliance for better ROI. Accountants help in analyzing, organizing and maintaining the financial records of companies and individuals as per the statutory standards and procedures.

The average annual salary of an Accountant is 56,392 CAD. 

4. Administrative assistant: BBA graduates are well positioned on the behalf of business leaders in order to perform clerical tasks. Aspirants with a love for task coordination can prefer Administrative assistants. Leading companies in Canada are welcoming administrative assistants.

The average annual salary of an Administrative Assistant is from 61,104 CAD to 69,386 CAD.

BBA Salary in Canada

On the whole, the average annual salary of BBA graduates in Canada ranges from 40,329 CAD to 65,141 CAD. This fluctuation is mainly based on the different factors that include recognition from renowned universities, the specialization you choose, and the organization that hires the graduate. 

Leading recruiters
Average Salary (CAD)
Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce
36,762 - 108,451
35198 - 112259
42,813 - 122,733
TD Canada
39,959 - 96,093
BDO Dunwoody, LLP
35,202 - 82,773
There is a lot to explore in Canada, not only places but also its educational excellence. No matter which course you pursue, Canada’s education system ensures that they are globally accepted and appreciated.

Knowing about the best universities to pursue BBA in Canada will be the best choice in your lifetime. Are you looking to study BBA in the leading universities? AECC Global has partnered with the Best Business Institutions in Canada to assist you throughout your dream education. 
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