Scholarship in Australia for Indian Students

Looking out for a Scholarship in Australia for Indian students?

There are multiple scholarships for Indian students to study in Australia. Being one of the most popular study destinations in the world, Australia has a lot to offer on a holistic level to international students. Their education system is globally renowned and is highly regarded as one of the best in the world. To further extend their support to international students, the Government of Australia has in fact invested over AUD$ 300 million for scholarships for international students in Australia. 

International students may apply for different types of scholarships in Australia. Scholarships are awarded primarily on the basis of merit, and applicants must show their qualifications for the scholarship they are applying for. In Australia, there are no eligibility requirements for scholarships. The IELTS is the only exam that students will be required to take to show their English language abilities.

There are plenty of scholarships in Australia for Indian students seeking financial support to pursue their study abroad goals. It only takes the right set of information to get closer to earning one. Read on to learn more about the various scholarships in Australia for Indian Students.

Scholarship Programs in Australia

Australia government scholarship
  • The Australian government funds it, as it pays a student's tuition fee as well as health care for up to three years.
  • Supports students pursuing a Research Doctorate or Research Master's degree (both locally and internationally).
  • The annual value is $ 28,587, and payments are made every two weeks.
  • Round 1: 31st August 2021
  • Round 2: 15th April 2022
Australia awards scholarship
  • This scholarship is given to exceptional graduate Indian students who have enrolled for programs in engineering, construction, energy and resources, security, and strategic studies at leading Australian Universities. The scholarship covers the full tuition fee, a part of living expenses, etc.
  • Applications for this scholarship open in the month of February and continue till April every year.
  • An important thing to remember here is that students who get this scholarship must return to India after completing their program.
Destination australia scholarship
  • This scholarship aims to encourage international students to study in regional Australia to regionally develop tertiary education providers in Australia and provide a learning experience to its students
  • The value of the funding is up to $15,000 for each scholarship, yearly to study at the campus from 2021
  • Funding is available for each year depending on your qualification as you remain eligible, for up to the duration of four years
  • It’s funded by the Australian Government Department of Education and is in line with the National Strategy for International Education 2025
  • The deadline for 2021 was 20th January ,2021
Australia university scholarships
  • University of Sydney International Research Scholarships
  • Macquarie University International Scholarships
  • Griffith Remarkable Scholarships
  • University of Melbourne Graduate Research Scholarships
  • Adelaide Global Excellence Scholarships for International Students
  • Flinders International Postgraduate Scholarships
  • Charles Darwin University Vice-Chancellor’s International High Achievers Scholarships
  • UNSW International Scholarships

Government-funded scholarship programs in Australia for International Students

Australian government scholarships are available for full-time undergraduate, master's, and professional studies in Australia.

The below are the topics covered by the scholarships:

  • Establishment allowance

  • The cost of the student's return flight to Australia.

  • Living allowance

  • Fees for academics and other obligations

  • Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC) is a form of basic health care.

Famous full Scholarships for International students in Australia are listed below:

  • Australia Awards Scholarships (AAS) for bachelors, masters and doctoral courses
  • Endeavour PG Scholarship Award
  • International PG Research Scholarship Award
  • Indo-Australia S&T Visiting Fellowship Programe
  • Australia-India Strategic Research Fund]
  • Australia International Postgraduate Research Scholarships (IPRS)

After accepting an offer from an Australian university, students can apply for Australian Government scholarships a year in advance.

Other Scholarships to Study in Australia are:

  • Adelaide Scholarships International
  • Melbourne Research Scholarships
  • University of Sydney International Research Scholarships
  • International Water Centre Scholarships – for students pursuing the Masters in Integrated Water Management course at the University of Queensland in Brisbane.

Students can still consult with the institution to which they are applying since most institutions allow students to use scholarship funds.

How can I get a scholarship to study in Australia?

Many foreign students wish to receive a scholarship to assist them with paying for their studies in Australia. Contact AECC Global, as we offer scholarship tips and advice to help you with your scholarship applications and improve your odds of obtaining funding.
1. Take part in cultural activities

Although several foreign student scholarships are awarded based on academic achievement or financial necessity, keep in mind that certain scholarships are awarded for community service. This can mean volunteering or joining neighborhood organisations, clubs, or sports teams. 

Students who are involved with their communities and demonstrate leadership qualities are always sought after by Australian organisations, so make sure to include any related events in your scholarship cover letter. And if you're eligible for college or financial need grants, being involved in the group will help you stand out.

2. Fill out as many scholarship applications as you can

In Australia, there are many scholarship offers, so we suggest that you apply for as many as possible. Scholarships may be provided by residential schools, the Australian Government, foreign organisations, and government agencies in your home country, but don't restrict your quest to educational institutions.

3. Inquire for assistance with applications

Your scholarship submissions are crucial because they are often the only way of granting scholarships, so make sure they are straightforward and error-free. Unfortunately, a simple error may cause your application to be rejected. Spelling and grammar errors, a lack of description, and a bad presentation are all common blunders.

4. Carefully read the scholarship guidelines

Check that you have submitted all of the necessary materials before qualifying for a scholarship. Make sure the submission meets the deadline, responds to all queries in adequate detail, adheres to the word cap, and has the necessary supporting documents.

A personal statement, a letter of offer, your job experience, credentials, or evidence of English language proficiency are all examples of supporting documentation. Keep in mind that certain records may need certification or translation. If you have any concerns about your application, you can contact the scholarship provider before submitting it to ensure that you have filled out all of the necessary fields.

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