All international students who wish to study abroad will be required to take the International English Language Testing System (IELTS) test. A good IELTS score has the capacity to help you get admission to a top-ranked university. 
After you complete your test, you will receive a Test Report Form (TRF). It acts as a mark sheet which contains a copy of your IELTS test score. The TRF contains detailed information on the IELTS bands that you scored in the Writing, Reading, Listening and Speaking sections of the test. The IELTS test can be taken both online and offline. If you take the computer-based test, you will receive the score within 5-7 days. However, if you take the paper-based test, you will receive the TRF on the 13th day. Every candidate will receive only a single copy of the TRF, which will be valid for a period of two years. This TRF can be sent to educational institutions and employers in an English-speaking country. However, if you are applying to the United Kingdom Border Agency (UKBA) or Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC), you will receive two copies of the TRF. 
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What Is TRF?

A TRF, as mentioned previously, is a copy of the IELTS test score of the candidate. The TRF can be obtained from the Test Taker Portal. If you take the paper-based test, you can obtain the form on the 13th day. Similarly, you can obtain your TRF after 3-5 days of taking the test if you take the computer-based test. There are two types of IELTS scorecards: Personal TRF and Institutional TRF. 
The Personal TRF contains your individual band scores in the Reading, Speaking, Listening and Writing sections and the overall score. You should keep the copy safe, as you will get only one TRF. Apart from the online report, you will get the TRF via speed post or courier. You will receive the tracking number through SMS once it is sent. 

When you apply for the IELTS test, you will be able to send your scorecard to five educational institutions for free. If you wish to send to more than five institutions, you will have to pay extra fees. You can learn more about the Additional Test Report Form (ATRF) as you read further.
You can send the TRF to your preferred educational institutions via overseas postage, courier, regular postage, or email. You will have to bear the overseas courier and postage charges. An IELTS TRF contains the following information.

  • Personal details of the candidate (name, date of birth, gender).
  • IELTS test centre numbers.
  • Test results in the Speaking, Reading, Writing and Listening sections, and the overall score.
  • IELTS TRF number.

Additional Test Report Form (ATRF)

As mentioned previously, you will be able to send your TRF to five universities for free. If you wish to send your scorecard to more than five educational institutions, you should apply for the Additional Test Report Form (TRF). However, you must pay an administration fee to send the scorecard, which comes to around INR 250. If you have to send the TRF to an international university through post or courier, you will have to pay another INR 1250. It may take around four days to deliver the scorecard, and you will also receive a tracking ID. 

You can apply for the ATRF online, and the in-person application acceptance stopped on February 1, 2020. You can apply for the ATRF within two years of taking the test, and the TRF will be sent to the university directly. 

You can apply for an ATRF if you lost your original TRF. The administration fee is applicable in this case as well. If you need more information about ATRF or TRF, you can contact AECC for in-person assistance. Our counsellors can help you get detailed information on everything for free!


You will get your IELTS TRF online and through post/courier after 5-7 days of taking the test if you took the computer-based test and on the 13th day if you took the paper-based test.