Your dream of studying BTech in
UK is closer than you think!

Learn everything you need to know about studying BTech
in the UK and get end-to-end expert guidance from us.

Your dream of studying BTech in UK is closer than you think!

Learn everything you need to know about studying BTech in the UK and get end-to-end expert guidance from us.

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BTech, often known as Bachelor of Engineering, is a highly sought-after education in the United Kingdom, given by some of the greatest universities. It is a broad degree with several branches from which to pick what best suits you. Engineers are among the highest-paid professions in the UK, with numerous job options in every industry.

Did You Know?

Engineering is one of the most in-demand professions in the UK, accounting for roughly 18% of total employment.

But what are the various conditions for Indian students to study BTech in the UK?

Continue reading to learn more about pursuing BTech in the UK in order to build a promising career with good financial prospects. Here you will find information about BTech courses in the UK, eligibility, requirements, tuition costs, future prospects, and much more.

Let’s begin!

Why Study Bachelor of Engineering (BTech) in the UK?

  • The United Kingdom is home to some of the best BTech universities in the world, including the University of Cambridge, the University of Oxford, and Imperial College London, all of which are ranked among the top ten in the world according to the QS World Rankings 2023.
  • The average salary after BTech in the UK can reach 72,000 GBP (73.28 lakhs INR).
  • Google, Facebook, Dyson, Amazon, Deloitte, IBM, SkyScanner, Intel, J.P. Morgan, and Samsung are among the top companies hiring BTech graduates in the UK.
  • The engineering sector employs 18% of the total workforce in the UK, and it is estimated that 200,000 skilled engineers will be needed by 2024.
  • The UK unemployment rate is 3.6% as of September 2022, indicating plenty of job opportunities for graduates.

Best Engineering Colleges in UK

Some of the most prestigious engineering colleges in the United Kingdom have received special recognition for their contributions to the fields of steam power, electronic design, artificial intelligence, and aeronautics. Indian and other international students who want to study at these universities should keep reading because this blog will provide clear information on course eligibility and other details for BTech in the UK.

The top universities in the UK that offer BTech, as well as application deadlines and tuition fees, are listed below:



Tuition Fee (GBP)

University of Cambridge

Master of Engineering


University of Oxford

Master of Engineering


Imperial College London

Master of Engineering


University College London (UCL)

Bachelor of Engineering


University of Edinburgh

Bachelor of Engineering (honours)


University of Manchester

Bachelor of Engineering


King’s College London

Bachelor of Engineering


University of Bristol

Bachelor of Engineering


University of Warwick

Bachelor of Engineering


University of Southampton

Bachelor of Engineering


Engineering Courses in UK Universities

Students can pursue B.Tech in the UK in a variety of specialisations based on their interests. Check out some of the most popular Engineering specialisations in the UK listed below:

  1. Aerospace and Aerothermal Engineering
  2. Bioengineering
  3. Civil, Structural and Environmental Engineering
  4. Electrical and Electronic Engineering
  5. Energy, Sustainability and the Environment
  6. Information and Computer Engineering
  7. Instrumentation and Control
  8. Mechanical Engineering
  9. Engineering Science
  10. Chemical Engineering

Cost of Engineering Degree in the UK

Tuition, living expenses, visa fees, and other miscellaneous expenses will be your major expenditures for studying B tech fees in the UK. The following is a general breakdown of the same:

  • Tuition fees for BTech in the UK range from £25,000 to 40,000/ INR 19,00,000 to 32,00,000 on average. The cost of living in the UK is influenced by a number of factors, including your location, lifestyle, and preferences.
  • If you study in London, your monthly expenses will be higher than in other cities in the UK. While studying in the UK, you may expect to spend roughly £1500-1800/ INR 1,19,000-1,42,000 each month on average.
  • To stay anywhere in the UK except London, you must have a minimum of £1015/ INR 80,625 per month in your bank account, according to UK student visa regulations. To live in London, you will need £1265/INR 10,02,850 per month.

Tuition fees for some of the top universities in the UK for BTech are as follows:


Tuition Fee (GBP)

Tuition Fee (INR)

University of Leeds


34.33 lakhs

University of Birmingham


25.66 lakhs

University of Sheffield


25.47 lakhs

University of Nottingham


28.23 lakhs

Newcastle University


26.2 lakhs

Lancaster University


28.97 lakhs

University of Exeter


26.79 lakhs

University of Sussex


22.33 lakhs

University of Aberdeen


25.03 lakhs

Durham University


28.28 lakhs

University of York


22.97 lakhs

Application Process for BTech in the UK

The application process for B.Eng, like all other undergraduate programmes in the United Kingdom, is done through the UCAS website. The following is the application procedure for BTech in the United Kingdom:

  • To enrol, you must fill out an application form online at the Universities and Colleges Admissions Service (UCAS).
  • Add Details - You will be asked to fill out all of your information, as well as the content of the states in which you must express your enthusiasm for the course, demonstrate motivation, and the skills and experiences that you will use to succeed at the university course.
  • Register - After filling out the form, submit your application, and you will be assigned a username, a password, and security questions.
  • Sign in - Enter your username and password and complete the rest of the form.
  • Payment of Application Fee - Pay the application fee. The application fee is determined by the number of programme choices/options provided.

Document Requirements to Study in the UK


  • Academic Transcripts as proof of your academic achievements.
  • English Proficiency scores proof
  • Proof of Funds
  • Resume/CV


  • Two academic reference letters
  • SAT scores 
  • ACT scores 
  • Statement of Purpose (SOP) 

Eligibility Criteria

  • 35 points is the typical International Baccalaureate requirement.
  • AAB, or 80% in XII in four top subjects, eliminating language and any additional courses that will not be included, should contain mathematics and physics.
  • Typical IELTS requirements: 7.0 overall, with no component lower than 6.5.

Student Visa to Study in the UK

To study in the UK, you should apply for a Tier 4 Student VISA at least three months before the commencement of your programme, which costs 348 pounds ($35,264).

The UK government has announced the reinstatement of a two-year post-study employment visa for international students (Graduate Route visa). International students who have acquired a degree from a recognised university in the UK can stay and seek for work in the UK for at least two years owing to the graduate route.

Undergraduate Engineering Scholarships for International Students in the UK

Aside from the tuition charge, international students must also fund the cost of living in the UK, which is an expensive endeavour. The following are some of the international scholarships available in the UK to help students cover the costs of studying in the UK:



Award Details (GBP)

Cambridge Trust Scholarship

Enrolled in University of Cambridge undergraduate courses

Variable contribution on tuition fees

Simon and June Li Undergraduate Scholarship

Academic merit, financial need, and enrollment in undergraduate programmes at Oxford University

Course fees and a stipend for living expenses

UCL Global Undergraduate Scholarship

Enrolled in University College London undergraduate courses, financial need

Coverage of Full tuition fees 

Edinburgh Global Undergraduate Mathematics Scholarships

Undergraduate studies at the University of Edinburgh

5,000 per year

Global Futures Scholarship

Enrolled in University of Manchester

5,000 per year

Think Big undergraduate award

Undergraduate courses at the University of Bristol

6,500 per year | 3,000 on living cost

Warwick Undergraduate Global Excellence Scholarship 2022

Enrolled in undergraduate courses at University of Warwick

Variable amount on tuition fees

Merit scholarships for international undergraduates

Enrolled in University of Southampton

3,000 off on tuition fees for first year

Engineer Salary in the UK

After finishing a BTech in the UK, the next step is to enrol in a master's degree programme. After earning your master's degree in engineering, you may expect a salary increase of over 29%. It is the key to unlocking new doors for you through a combination of technological and business skills. Aside from that, there are several career options in the UK for BTech graduates.

Engineers in the United Kingdom make an annual income of £64,700/INR 51,39,360. During the beginning years, you can expect to get paid roughly £29,700 / INR 27,99,644, with the greatest income in this area reaching £103,000 / INR 81,82,000 over time. The table below shows the different job titles and average wages available to engineers in the United Kingdom:

Job Title

Average Annual Salary

Civil Engineer

£67,100/ INR 53,30,000

Electrical Engineer

£70,300/ INR 55,84,188

Mechanical Engineer

£66,500/ INR 52,82,340

Biochemical Engineer

£60,500/ INR 48,05,738

Industrial Engineer

£62,200/ INR 49,40,775

Manufacturing Engineer

£61,200/ INR 48,61,342


You should have a good understanding of UK BTech courses after reading the preceding guide. The United Kingdom is an excellent place for studying BTech courses with professional supervision and hands-on instruction that will equip you for employment prospects in the United Kingdom.

Your high school academic background and grades, as well as entrance exam results, all play a vital part in determining your academic performance and helping you get admission to one of the best universities in the UK. Maintain strong roots in science, particularly physics, and maths, from the start of your quest to secure a place in your ideal university. If you require end-to-end advice at any point during this difficult process, please contact AECC.

If you are planning to pursue BBA in the UK, you’re on the right track! 

However, if you need clarification at any point or desire to seek expert end-to-end help, contact our counsellors by selecting AECC. We will undoubtedly assist you at every stage, from university selection to visa application procedures. 

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