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Cost of Studying in UK for Indian Students


Because of its academic brilliance and student life, the United Kingdom is the perfect study destination for many overseas students. While there is no debate about the quality of education, the expense of studying in the UK for Indian students is the most concerning.

Studying in the UK may be an expensive experience, which is why it is frequently listed as one of the top five most expensive study-abroad countries. However, on the good side, the bulk of courses in the UK are fairly short in duration, which cuts total costs.

This blog will thoroughly look at the total cost of studying in the UK for Indian students and international students, which will help you plan and manage your spending.

Cost of Study in the UK for Indian Students (Highlights)

When you receive an offer, there are several important factors to consider and plan for. Tuition, lodging, and travel expenses are among these components. Let's take a closer look at these costs:

Types of Expense

Cost in INR & GBP

Tuition Fees

Undergraduate: £8000 – £30000 (₹7,10,000-₹27,00,000)

Postgraduate: £12000 -£35000 (₹10,70,000-₹31,00,000

Tier 4 Visa

£1015 (₹90,000) per month as proof of sufficient funds


£350 to £550 (₹31000 – ₹49000) per month


£40 (INR 3,970) monthly


£500 (50,740 INR) monthly

Study in UK Cost for (Bachelors)

The majority of students in the UK pay roughly £9,250 per year for tuition (more on this shortly). Furthermore, most courses endure three years. The table below shows the average fees for various UG programs in the United Kingdom.


Average Annual Fees (in GBP)

Average Annual Fees (in INR)


17308.70 - 23799.47

16 lakhs-22 lakhs  


10817.94 - 16226.91

10-15 lakhs

Medicine Courses 

32453.82 - 43271.76

30-40 Lakhs

Nursing Courses 

16226.91 - 19472.29

15-18 lakhs


32453.82 - 37862.79

30-35 lakhs


16226.91 - 19472.29

15-18 lakhs

Diploma Courses

10817.94 - 16226.91

10-15 lakhs 

Study in UK Cost for (Masters)

The average cost of a Master's degree for a domestic student on a full-time, taught programme in the United Kingdom is now around £8,407 per year. If you apply to some of the most prestigious universities in the UK, the average cost may even rise. There are other possibilities for part-time master courses, which are less expensive but give the same value and legitimacy. The table below shows the average fees for various PG courses in the United Kingdom.


Average Annual Fees (in GBP)

Average Annual Fees (in INR)


15145.12 - 21635.88

14-20 Lakhs


10817.94 - 16226.91

10-15 Lakhs

Doctoral Degree

15145.12 - 19472.29

14-18 Lakhs


10817.94 - 43271.76

10-40 Lakhs

Management Courses 

9736.15 - 37862.79

9-35 Lakhs

Medicine Courses 

27044.85 - 37862.79

25-35 Lakhs


21635.88 - 32453.82

20-30 Lakhs


14063.32 - 37862.79

13-35 Lakhs

Cost Of Studying PhD in UK

In the United Kingdom, a PhD, sometimes known as a doctorate, is a three to four-year full-time or six-year part-time degree. The cost of a PhD in the United Kingdom is between 18,000 and 35,000 GBP per year at elite universities. This cost is similar to 18-36.2 Lakh INR per year for an Indian student. The PhD program in the United Kingdom is built on a large research project chosen by the candidate in their field of study.

The table below includes some of the most common PhD degrees in the United Kingdom:


Fees per Annum (GBP)

PhD in Computer Science


PhD in Medical Science

24,000- 32,352

PhD in Engineering

22,704- 32,352

PhD in Sociology


PhD in Law


Cost Of Studying Engineering in UK

Engineers are in high demand, particularly in the financial, mechanical, information technology, and electronics industries. Professional engineers have the lowest unemployment rate of any other occupation. The engineering-led industry produces around 40% of the UK's GDP and hence plays an important role in the national economy. Prospective international students seeking a bright future with a diverse range of work opportunities might consider pursuing a career in engineering.

The table below includes some of the most popular Engineering degrees in the United Kingdom: The following are a handful of the numerous engineering institutions in the UK that provide undergraduate degrees:



Annual Fees (in GBP)


4 years


B.Eng. Electrical and Electronic Engineering

3 years


B.Eng. Chemical

3 years


B.Eng. Mechatronics Engineering

3 years


B.Eng. Civil Engineering

4 years


M.Phil. in Advanced Chemical Engineering

11 months


MSc Advanced Aeronautical Engineering

1 year


MEng Civil Engineering

1 year


MSc Advanced Control and Systems Engineering

1 year


MSc Advanced Chemical Engineering

1 year


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Cost Of Studying Diploma/ Certificate Courses in UK

The United Kingdom is a popular study location for international students from all over the world. The United Kingdom, home to the oldest universities in the English-speaking world, provides globally recognised courses in every field of study and education level, whether diploma, bachelors, or masters. Are you thinking about doing a diploma course in the UK? Continue reading to learn more about diploma courses in the UK, top schools and universities, eligibility, costs, and more!



PG Diploma in Law

9,850 EUR

PG Diploma in Human Resource Management

13,450 EUR

PG Diploma in Banking & Finance

16,450 EUR

PG Diploma in Tourism & Hospitality Management

13,450 EUR

PG Diploma in Nursing

17,450 EUR

PG Diploma in Computer Science

27,482 EUR

PG Diploma in Pharmacy

22,450 EUR

PG Diploma in Sales

13,450 EUR

PG Diploma in Data Science

10,165 EUR

PG Diploma in Supply Chain & Logistics Management

9,450 EUR

PG Diploma in Business Analytics

9,450 EUR

PG Diploma in Fashion Design Technology

28,212 EUR

Diploma in Art & Design

17,560 EUR

Diploma in Psychology

18,560 EUR

Diploma in Forensics

17,560 EUR

Diploma in Business Administration & Management

16,450 EUR

Diploma in Accounting

14,346 EUR

Diploma in Film Making

23,000 EUR

Diploma in Journalism

7,800 EUR

Diploma in Marketing

7,800 EUR

UK study cost: Taxes and Insurance

Part-time employment are the greatest option for overseas students to handle their daily living expenses in the UK. All Indian students studying in the United Kingdom are offered the chance to work 20 hours per week. This is happening while their academic sessions are taking place. During vacations, it becomes full-time.

However, if you find a job in the UK while still studying, you will be required to pay national insurance and tax.

  • National Insurance: If you make more than 166 pounds per week, you must pay National Insurance. (INR 16,458)
  • Income Tax: If you make more than £1,042 per week, you must pay income tax. (INR 1,03,300)

You must be insured as a student and pay a monthly cost of roughly £15 to £25 (1,400 - 2,300). Other personal expenditures include study materials, books, clothing, cleanliness, and so forth, which will cost around £100 (£8,900) every month.

Application Fee for UK Universities

Students must pay registration fees for the university they are applying to during the application process. Undergraduate students must apply using the UCAS application website, whilst master's and PhD students must apply directly through the university's website. Applying to numerous institutions in the UK can cost you between £20 and £90. Students may be eligible for application cost exemptions as well. For further information, please visit the webpage of your particular university.

UK Visa Application Fees

UK study visa total cost varies based on the type of visa you apply for. Examine the many types of visas accessible to overseas students, as well as the application expenses.

Type of Visa

Application Fee

Short-term study student visa

£97 for 6 months;  £186 for 11 months

Tier 4 student visa (General)


Tier 4 student visa (Child)


Budgeting Tips to Manage Cost of Studying in the UK

Here are some recommendations for overseas students on how to handle living expenses in the UK. First, make a budget for all of your spending. When your loan, grant, or scholarship money is credited, do not spend it all at once. Here are some helpful budgeting strategies for saving money when studying in the United Kingdom:

  • In your leisure time, work part-time jobs.
  • When travelling, take public transportation. They are inexpensive and will also link you to distant locations.
  • Renting vehicles such as two-wheelers or bicycles is always preferable to purchase them.

Living abroad may be difficult since you must constantly consider expenditures. The expense of studying in the United Kingdom for Indian students is a major worry that necessitates thorough research and comparison, particularly in terms of housing and rent. Living costs in the UK can be prohibitively expensive for overseas students

If you are unsure how to manage your spending in the UK, the specialists at AECC can help you discover affordable housing, build a budget, and look into scholarship options.

FAQs About Cost of Studying in UK

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