Cost of Living in UK for Indian Students

Cost of Living in UK for Indian Students

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Bravo! You've decided to study in the United Kingdom, which is one of the most popular destinations for international students. With the attractive and innovative curriculum, students from all over the world are preferring the UK. However, we are aware of one critical concern that has been bothering you throughout the application process: how much money do you require to live in the UK?

We don't want our foreign students to begin their studies in the UK with ambiguity about living expenses. As a result, we've put together this guide to give you a clear picture of the cost of living in the UK. Let's sketch out your monthly budget while you're there. And we've organized our guide into six sections:

  • Accommodation
  • Transport
  • Food
  • Entertainment
  • Connectivity
  • Miscellaneous

TypesThis blog will aim to shed light on international students' living expenditures in the UK, the recommended budget, and the different living expenses such as accommodation, food, transportation, mobile phone charges, and other spendings. Continue reading to learn more about the living expenditures of foreign students in the United Kingdom.

Tuition fees are the first item students must consider when calculating the cost of studying in the UK. Tuition expenses for overseas students often range between GBP 10,000 and GBP 30,000, depending on the degree and university chosen. When it comes to tuition prices in the UK, medical degrees are often in the upper category.

You can also learn a lot more about the cost of studying in the United Kingdom here. The cost of tuition for the various programs in the UK are as follows:

Recommended Budget

For overseas students, the average annual living expenses in the UK is about £12,000. Undergraduate tuition prices for international students range from £10,000 and £30,000 per year for full-time degrees. Tuition fees for full-time programs for international students range from £ 10,000 to £ 13,000 per year for postgraduate degrees. The average yearly payment for laboratory and research-based services remains at £ 14,000 per year. UK Visa and Immigration mandates that you have a monthly budget of £1,265 to study in London.

This sum is in addition to tuition fees. This is the bare minimum required to obtain a visa to study in London. The figure would be lower than in other parts of the UK. If you study at a college outside of London, you must pay a minimum of £ 1,015 each month, as asked by UK Visa and Immigration. Your weekly budget will vary depending on your lifestyle and how often you socialize, and this will therefore determine a portion of your cost of living in the UK.


Types Of Expenses

Costs in (GBP)

Costs in (INR)


Accommodation in UK for Indian Students


55304.98 ₹


Cost of Food Items in UK


20221.20 ₹


The Electricity Bill and Gas Bill in UK


6066.36 ₹


Average Internet Bill UK


4044.24 ₹


Mobile phone accessories uk


3033.18 ₹


Laundry Prices uk


2527.65 ₹


Stationery and textbooks


4044.24 ₹




7582.95 ₹


UK Transport

£90/month (one bus ride: £1.50)

9099.54 ₹


Movie Ticket Price in UK


909.95 ₹


UK Restaurant


1516.59 ₹

Accommodation in UK for Indian Students

As an international student in the United Kingdom, you can Students have the option of living in dorms or university residences, as well as individual apartments or communal accommodation. Most colleges in the United Kingdom allow you to reside on campus. These residential halls are close to school and might help you save money on transportation. You have the option of living with a roommate or in a private room with an en-suite bathroom. Other advantages of living on campus include the fact that the fee frequently covers food and utilities expenditures. This means you no longer have to deal with the hassles of grocery shopping, cooking, and paying your power, gas, and water bills.

 Living private is the ideal alternative for you if you want to experience full independence. If you choose private rentals, the cost of living in the UK will vary. Renting an apartment or home typically entails a contract that lasts longer than the academic year. A good method to deal with this is to share housing with other students. You can divide the rent, food, and utility bills while also making new acquaintances. Another issue that requires your attention is the council tax. Council tax is the expense of garbage management and upkeep in the United Kingdom. Fortunately, students only have to pay a little amount of council tax.

Transportation Cost in UK

You'll be spending the second-most money on transportation. The cost is determined by the city and the method of transportation used. Aside from walking and cycling, you may also need to take buses and trains. Students typically receive discounts on public transportation, and you should consider purchasing a railcard to decrease your overall cost of transportation in the UK. Taxis are expensive, so hiring one might blow your budget. When traveling between cities, we recommend that foreign students use travel cards.

Cost of Food Items in UK

Food costs can be reduced to save money. You can spend around £80 to £100 (£7100 – 8900) each month if you cook at home, or around £250 (20,000) if you order meals or go out.

Mobile and Internet Charges

Living without the internet is an almost ludicrous notion these days since it has become an integral aspect of student life. Furthermore, students require a method of communication in order to communicate with their peers, friends, and family back home. As a result, students must account for cell phone and internet expenses.

When it comes to the cheapest mobile data in the globe, the United Kingdom is rated #78 in the world. In the United Kingdom, 1 GB of mobile data costs GBP 1.42. Internet fees range from GBP 0.62 and GBP 0.78 per MBPS (megabytes per second). 

Miscellaneous Expenses

Even if you rigorously adhere to a budget, you will be amazed at how much money you will spend on "extras." During your time in the UK, you will almost certainly purchase new clothes and home items. As a result, these incidentals are essential and should be factored into the student cost of living in the UK. Keep the costs mentioned below in your mind when making your budget.

Miscellaneous Items

Cost in Rupees 

Cost in GBP 


 ₹ 3067.79

 £ 30.34

Household Items

 ₹ 3067.79

 £ 30.34


 ₹ 2045.53

 £ 20.23


 ₹ 2045.53

 £ 20.23


 ₹ 5113.32

 £ 50.57

Cost of Entertainment in UK

University life isn't just about books, tests, and examinations. You'll be forming a social circle and will require money to enjoy your free time. As a result, we've included entertainment in our guide to the student cost of living in the United Kingdom. Depending on where and how you want to party, we've included some typical ideas and costs in the list below:

Entertainment Item

Price in GBP

Price in Rupees 

Movie Ticket

 £ 10.12

 ₹ 1023.27

Concert or Theatre Ticket

 £ 50.57

 ₹ 5113.32

Restaurant Table for Two

 £ 40.46

 ₹ 4091.06

Part-Time Jobs in UK for International Students

International students seeking part-time work in the UK while studying is a fairly regular occurrence. Part-time jobs are chosen by foreign students for a variety of reasons, including the use of free time to make extra money, the repayment of school loans, and the acquisition of specific skills and work experience in addition to their studies.

Full-time overseas students in the UK have the option of working part-time while attending a UK university or college. They have the option of working 20 hours a week in their leisure time. They can also work up to 40 hours per week during the school year breaks.

Pick up a pen, a piece of paper, and a calculator to create your monthly budget. Having an estimate of the cost of living in the UK on hand that would enhance your educational experience in a foreign country!

We have helped thousands of students achieve their objectives and pursue higher education in the UK, and we will help you too!

Contact AECC Global for any queries/assistance regarding your Study in the United Kingdom.


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