Study BBA in UK for International Students
Study BBA in UK for International Students

Study BBA in UK for International Students

Do you aspire to study BBA in the UK? You’re into the most popular and sought-after undergraduate program. The love for management and leadership skills is the main reason for the demand of BBA. Modern business administration courses focus on preparing students to acquire the skills of managerial roles and entrepreneurship. Also, leading companies look to hire BBA graduates from the recognized universities.

Why Study BBA in the UK?

Premium lifestyle, historic universities, beautiful sceneries, globally recognized degree, educational excellence, and there is much more to wonder about in the UK. After completing 12th, there is a wide range of choices to study abroad. BBA in the UK is one of the most preferred options for international students who want to build their career in business administration. In fact, every year the intake of UK Universities is increasing gradually and international students are more welcome. 

  • The demand for business studies is increasing every year! Yes, there is an increase of 4.4% in international student applications for business degrees. 
  • You’ll have a wide range of choices to pick from! Yes, nearly 130 business schools in the UK offer quality education. 
  • Students from around 109 countries are preferring the UK to study management courses. 
  • Around 4 lakh students arrive in the UK every year to pursue their higher education 
  • International students can avail governmental, non-governmental, and university-specific scholarships.

Top Universities to Study BBA in the UK

Every individual has their own way of weighing the standards of universities. This may include rankings, recognition, popularity, and specialization. In addition to this, business schools are recognized based on the student’s favorite. With the welcoming atmosphere, many top institutions are home to international students and offer world-class business studies. Thus, students may get confused to select the best among the bests. No worries, we make this process as easy as possible. Our team research and accumulated the data on the list of top universities to study BBA in the UK. 



QS Global ranking 2021


London Business School 



University of Cambridge 



University of Oxford



The university of Warwick



The University of Manchester



Lancaster University



University of Bath



University of Leeds



Aston university



King’s college London


Major Course Concepts of BBA in the UK

Business-related courses never cease to amaze us! Hunger for knowledge in leadership and management is an essential thing to pursue quality BBA education. However, there are many additional courses and different streams available in the present situation that help to have a wise perception towards business management. 

By pursuing BBA in the UK, you’ll get to familiarize yourself with a wide range of topics that includes business mathematics, statistics, operation research, business data processing, management accounting, production & material management, business economics, personal management, marketing management, and business laws.

Admission Requirements for BBA in the UK

Understanding the requirements of the UK Universities definitely helps us to make the right decision. Generally, leading business schools expect applicants to be eligible in every aspect to pursue BBA.

Document Requirements for BBA in the UK

  • Applicants need to submit academic proofs from recognized institutions that include official school transcripts. 
  • Academic references are quite important for students who want to pursue BBA in the UK. Such academic references must focus directly on academic ability and suitability of study.
  • A personal statement must be worked on and submitted as an essay that must be between  400-500 words
  • Funding resources proof is most important to submit. That should include tuition fees and the cost of living for first-year students.

Eligibility for BBA in the UK

Frequently asked questions from the students about eligibility for BBA in the UK



What is the average academic score to apply for BBA in the UK?

Good academic performance with decent scores in schooling. The study institution expects 60% marks. Some universities expect more than 70% based on the courses and business schools they select.

Is the English proficiency exam mandatory to enroll in BBA in the UK?

Yes, it is mandatory.

What is the average English proficiency test score to enroll in BBA in the UK?

Business schools of the UK accept both IELTS and TOEFL

Accepted IELTS: 6 to 6.5

Average TOEFL: 80

BBA Colleges in the UK with Fees

In the UK, you’ll have a wide range of options to choose from in accordance with the tuition fees, cost of living, and other expenses. Generally, the cost of studying in the UK may vary from university to university based on the popularity and courses they offer. Our team sorted out the popular business schools and their fee details. Below are some of the leading universities that offer BBA degree with wide range of fee structure:


Average Annual Fees (GBP)

Kingston University London


Brunel University London 


University of Warwick 


University of West London


University of Glasgow


Birmingham City University


Middlesex University


University of Bristol


De Montfort University 


Cost of Living in the UK

While preparing to study in the UK, the applicant needs to consider the other costs that are associated with the tuition fees. We have listed the potential expenses that’ll help you prepare to live happily in the UK.


Average monthly costs (GBP)





Mobile Phone




Stationery Items








Affordable Student Cities in the UK

In common, no matter what your budget is, you can survive in the UK. There are various places where students will be able to live comfortably to pursue their studies. Below are some of the least expensive places to live and pursue BBA:

  • Lincoln
  • Glasgow
  • Cardiff
  • Belfast
  • Newcastle
  • Stirling
  • Warwick
  • Coventry 
  • Aberdeen
  • Manchester

Scholarship for BBA in UK

Pursuing BBA in the UK is a worthy investment for international students. The expenditure that you are going to make on your bachelors is going to be worth it. However, tuition fees and the cost of living in the UK may seem to be a little higher than we think. The UK government and business schools are offering a wide range of scholarships to international students to pursue undergraduates. Students can enjoy the benefits in the form of scholarships, fellowships, bursaries, awards, loans, etc.,

Benefits (INR)
QS Scholarship
BrokerFish International Student Scholarship
Surfshark’s Privacy and Security Scholarship
Global study awards
Aston University scholarship
University of Leeds Chevening Scholarships
Not disclosed

BBA Jobs in the UK

UK creates quality BBA graduates every year through its leading business schools and colleges. Top recruiting firms are actively competing to hire graduates for different positions. When it comes to job actions, aspirants will be able to pick their favorite one in which they are passionate. If you have any complications in choosing the right one, we help you get to know about popular job roles from the leading companies in the UK. 

  • Business development executive is one of the most preferred jobs of BBA graduates. Aspirants who enter as BD executives will gain exposure on managing the entire activities of the business for short and long-term improvements. 
  • Marketing executive, which curates aspirants in brand marketing, strategy preparation to promote the business. Graduates can either pick field marketing or digital marketing based on their interest levels. 
  • Project executive is one of the sought-after jobs in the UK. Generally, handling short & long-term projects is an art! You’ll get exposure to various managing strategies, a team-leading ability that helps to develop particular projects.
  • Account executive, which involves a complete understanding of the client’s objective in various prospects that includes finance, marketing, advertising, and sales.

BBA Graduate Salary in the UK

After completing their undergraduation, international students have different choices in their streams. It includes pursuing a Masters in management, or finding the best jobs with a good salary, or getting part-time jobs with education. The UK being the large business market, BBA graduates can get high-paid jobs in different business sectors. Top recruiters are welcoming fresh as well as experienced BBA graduates in sectors like finance, communications, technology, business management, consulting, etc. 

Popular Job designation

Average Annual Salary (GBP)

Business Development Executive


Marketing Executive


Project Executive


Marketing Manager


Finance Manager


Office administrator


The UK is renowned for management studies. Pursuing BBA in the UK adds additional credibility to your profile and the graduates are welcomed all over the world with skyrocketing offers. 

If you are planning to pursue BBA in the UK, you’re on the right track! 

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