Study Masters (MS) in Data Science in Australia
Study Masters (MS) in Data Science in Australia

Study Masters (MS) in Data Science in Australia

Making decisions based on the number and personal observation of past endeavors helps businesses to reach their heights. “Data Science” is the powerful terminology that is helping lots of organizations, firms, businesses all over the world. The scope of data science programs is unimaginable which is the main reason for these abrupt development and preferences. Many countries are actively offering the best Data Science courses for students from all over the world. Australia is one of the popular destinations that offer a brilliant curriculum that provides awesome educational experiences. If you are interested to pick Australia to undertake Masters of Data Science in Australia, this is the golden key for your dream education.

Why Study MS in Data Science in Australia?

Advanced growth in science and technology leads to both opportunities and challenges for any business. It requires advanced processes and skillful individuals to understand these processes that help in offering suitable solutions to transfer the way of working. In fact, there is a wide range of data that is being generated every minute for different processes that help to solve a wide range of businesses problems. Universities of Australias are offering such knowledge and experience from a brilliant curriculum of data science programs.

This is not it, there are still some strong reasons to prefer Australia to pursue Masters of data science in Australia. Here is those glimpse:
Why Study MS in Data Science in Australia?
  1. Academic excellence: Generally, Master of Data Science is the 1 to a 2-year course which is mainly based on factor like prior education and study experience of the student. Pursuing Data Science in Australia is worthy mainly for its academic excellence in every essential area. You’ll get familiar with the complete concept of mathematics and computing in relation to data handling. 
  2.  Worthy Master degree: Australia is one of the most popular study destinations which is a pioneer in different renowned programs. In recent decades, enrollment in Master in Data Science is high and the degree is recognized all over the world at a high effective rate.
  3. Tons of job opportunities: Post-completion of data science programmes help students to build careers in different fields. Yes, Australia is ready to offer jobs to international students with skyrocketing salaries.
  4. Extensive financial aid: Do you know? There are around 1000 scholarships are available for students who want to do Masters in Australia. Do not worry about the fees to pursue Master in Data Science. Australian government and universities are ready to help you complete your studies.

Universities in Australia for MS in Data Science

S. No 

Popular Universities that offer Master of Data Science


Monash University 


Queensland University of Technology (QUT)


RMIT University


The University of Adelaide


The University of Queensland


Australian National University


Western Sydney University


University of New South Wales


The University of Western Australia

When it comes to world top rankings for universities, Australia is one of the toppers in the table. Yes, this is mainly because universities pioneering research in many fields also discoveries and academics are in greater demand by businesses. Several popular universities are actively offering the best undergraduate and postgraduate programs to students from all over the world. Master of Data Science is an internationally prestigious course in which every year, international students are getting the best educational experience.

Are you confused about selecting the best university for your Data Science program? No worries! We sorted out the universities based on the QS world ranking that helps you to make the right choice.

Master of Data Science in Australia Fees

Are you aware of how much does it cost to study MS in Australia? Especially, when it comes to one of the most specialized programmes like Data Science, applicants need to know about the overall expenses for their studies. Some may have rough numbers based on some websites, or some may have ideas from their educational experts or consultancies or some may have no ideas.

No worries! We are here to help you! Our team has been researching the potential costs to study MS in Australia and listed them here! 

Universities that offers Master of Data Science

Average Annual Fees (AUD)

Monash University


Queensland University of Technology (QUT)


RMIT University


The University of Adelaide


The University of Queensland


Australian National University


Western Sydney University


University of New South Wales


The University of Western Australia


Pre-arrival Costs for Master of Data Science in Australia

One of the critical information for international students who want to Study in Australia is Pre-arrival costs. It may look simple, but without proper planning, there may be an inconvenience at the last minute. Thus, it is important to look over this critical objective.

What are pre-arrival costs and how a student must be prepared?

Generally, it is some of the potential expenses to travel and enroll in the universities of Australia. In common, before making the tuition fee, international students must be prepared to afford these elements to make safe and effective transitions. 

Cost (AUD)
220 AUD
Application Fee
Student Visa
500 - 1500

Cost of Living in Australia

Life in Australia is something more special to explain. This is more certain to the international students who are going to experience their first week in Australia once after landed. Yes, it is home to around 57,289 international students in 2021 who got amazing experiences and feedback of making their living in Australia. However, with one of the top study destinations, international students need to spend certain money to lead a comfortable life.

Want to know about the lists of potential costs for living in Australia? Here it is:
Cost of Living in Australia

Master of Data Science in Australia Requirements

Undergraduate qualification: This is an important consideration to pursue any Masters in Australia. Students must study their UG courses from recognized institutions from any country. Especially for MS in Data Science courses, topics or curriculum related to Computer Science, Data Science, Engineering, Physics, Economics, Finance are taken into considerations. Universities in Australia expect their students to have a 65% or considerable GPA score of 5.0 to 7.0.

English proficiency test: English language requirements are the mandatory one that needs to be done by international students. Applicants need to pass standardized exams like IELTS and TOEFL with a decent score. IELTS - 6.5 / TOEFL - 80

Additional requirements: In addition to the above compulsory requirements, there are other important requirements that are expected by some universities. Relevant work experience is one of the eligibility criteria where it adds value to your profile. Apart from this, computer programming language, certifications on software could help. 

Master of Data Science in Australia: Document Requirements

Knowing about the essentiality to Study in Australia is certainly important. With the friendly policies and regulations, Australian universities expect minimum document submission while you apply for Master programmes.

By understanding these requirements, you can able to stay ahead of confusion in submission.

Master of Data Science in Australia with Scholarships

Australia is one of the big offerers of scholarships for international students. Moreover, the Australian government has announced over 5000 scholarships for students who want to pursue any programme. To study Masters in Data Science, there are around a thousand scholarships are available from more than 100 universities in Australia. Thus, there is no need to worry about the financial burden. It is possible to make the transition in a more effective manner.

Are you curious to know about various scholarships from different universities? Here is the list for you:

Universities that offer Master of Data Science
Scholarship name
Monash University
Monash University International Merit Scholarship
$10,000 per annum
Queensland University of Technology (QUT)
Queen's Wharf Brisbane scholarships
$28,597 per annum for three years
RMIT University
RMIT funded scholarship
$10,000 per annum
Australian National University
International Postgraduate Merit Scholarship
25% rebate on tuition fee
Western Sydney University
Western Sydney University
$6,000 per annum

Data Science Jobs in Australia

The much interesting part of studying Master of Data Science in Australia is the job opportunities. There are many organizations, companies, and firms that are ready to offer the most prestigious offers to international students. If you are headed for a career in Data Science, there are lots of options available for the graduates. Among all, several jobs have high demand than others that includes data scientists, data analysts, Machine learning engineers, are highly paid by the top organizations in Australia.

Every stream has its own specialty which is explained here:
Data Science Jobs in Australia
  1. Data analysts: The courses are designed in such a way to deliver the capable professionals once after completing the Data Science program. They seek innovative ways to obtain data by computer software, predictive analysis, machine learning, and statistics. Data analysts are an essential need of all companies where they act as a complete support system to deliver the best impact. By pursuing in Australia, you’ll get an amazing chance of getting placed as a Data analyst. 
  2. Data Scientist: One of the hot jobs all over the world is Data Scientists. With the major responsibility, you can able to be an integral part of a company to enhance its performance to the very next level. Generally, you need to uncover the pattern of raw data and help businesses to build new solutions. This is one of the highly paid jobs with interesting work experience in all aspects. 
  3. BI analyst: The BI analyst role is increasingly significant as organizations change to capitalize on data volumes in which they collect. It typically finds areas of both profit improvement as well as cash flow. With the increase in small and large businesses, getting hired as a BI analyst is a big thing to shape your career with good pay. 
  4. Machine Learning Engineer: As large firms and organizations started to invest in artificial intelligence and machine learning, companies are looking for experts in this field. In order to handle the vast amount of data, it necessitates exceptional data management skills and the capability to perform complex modeling on dynamic data sets. You’ll get an amazing experience in learning as well as earning through getting selected as a Machine learning engineer.

Average Salary of Data Science graduates in Australia

Almost all companies are seeking to look at how to utilize the data to power their growth. Thus, there is a great demand for data science graduates for different positions. Moreover, businesses are ready to offer the best salaries for fresher as well as experienced data science graduates.

Want to know more about the packages? Here they are:

Popular Jobs

Annual Average Salary (AUD)

Data Scientist


Data Analyst


Machine Learning Engineer 


BI analyst


Machine Learning analyst




Big Data Visualizer


Data is a powerful tool of this era. With the effective use of data, you can transform businesses, increase decision making, accelerate innovation and enhance customer experience. This in turn accelerates operational efficiency. Australia is a pioneer in teaching Data Science and helping students to build careers in relevant fields. If you are looking to pursue a Master in Data Science, you’re on the right path. Yes, you are going to get a world-class education and opportunities in Australia. AECC is assisting lakhs of students every year to enroll in top study destinations. Get the best from the top universities of Australia and enjoy learning!
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