PTE Test Booking

PTE Test Booking

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If you are planning to study abroad, you would most probably know that you are expected to get a good English proficiency test score, and PTE is a popular test chosen by international students, especially Indians. The PTE, or Pearson Test of English booking process, is not difficult, and you can get your PTE exam registration done easily from your home. 

If you need detailed information on the PTE test booking process, including the PTE test booking deadlines, PTE exam booking policies, PTE Academic test scheduling, PTE test booking guidelines, etc., you can read the blog completely.

PTE Test Booking – Application

Booking a PTE Academic test is not difficult, and you just need to know the process in detail so that you do not make any mistakes while booking PTE test online. You are given the option for PTE exam scheduling so that you can choose your preferred test date and centre.

Documents Required for PTE Exam Booking

During your PTE exam registration process, you are required to submit a few documents. You should submit your passport as ID proof while booking PTE test online and should bring the hard copy of the same to the test centre. If your passport has been given for renewal at the time of test taking, you can give a receipt of renewal, along with the original passport with a cancelled stamp. 

Steps for PTE Test Booking

It will be helpful for you to get the entire steps for PTE exam registration. As such, we have provided a detailed explanation of the steps involved in PTE exam scheduling.

  1. Visit the official website of Pearson PTE and register yourself with your credentials.
  2. You will receive a confirmation email and can click on the link.
  3. Search the slot availability tab on the right side of the screen.
  4. Click on the “Check test availability and book”.
  5. Choose your preferred test centre, date and time.
  6. Review the details and click on “Submit”.

When Should I Book a PTE Test Slot?

Though PTE exams are conducted throughout the year, it is advisable to check the
PTE exam booking deadlines and apply as early as you can. This will help you avoid any last-minute rush. Additionally, though PTE allows you to register for the test 24 hours before the test date, it is always better to apply sooner rather than push it to a later date. You will also have to pay a 5% additional fee for late registration. As such, it is better to register well before 48 hours.

PTE Test Booking – Test Day Rules

You will be expected to follow certain rules at the test centre on your PTE exam date. We have listed them below. You can go through them to ensure that you do not make any mistakes on the exam day and have a smooth test-taking experience.

  1. Arrive at the exam centre early.
  2. Have effective time management.
  3. Carry your passport with you as the ID proof.

Tips for a Successful Test Booking Experience

In order to ensure that you have an easy and hassle-free
PTE test booking experience, we have given a few tips below that you can follow.

  1. Before you proceed to booking a PTE Academic test, read the manual carefully so that you will not be stuck anywhere during the registration process.
  2. Ensure that you have the necessary documents in hand before you start your PTE exam registration process.
  3. Make sure that you have a stable internet connection.
  4. You should check which ID proofs are accepted by PTE.

We hope that you have gathered all the relevant information related to the PTE test booking. If you have any further questions or doubts, you can contact AECC. We have expert counsellors to guide you through the processes you need to follow if you wish to study abroad. You can also contact AECC if you are looking for PTE coaching at nominal rates. Do not hesitate to contact us for FREE study abroad assistance!

Frequently Asked Questions

You can visit the official website of PTE, log in to your account, and choose your preferred PTE test date. A detailed explanation of the steps involved is given in the page.

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