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National Scholars Program (NSP)


The National Scholars Program (NSP) is a scholarship program hosted by Eastern Michigan University. This financial aid is offered to Master's students who have specified financial needs. This one-time scholarship is applicable for several courses like MBA, MS etc. The scholarship amount varies for each semester, and you should review the scholarshi...

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How to Convert SGPA to CGPA?


One of the very first requirements of every student who aspires to study abroad is a good academic record. Admission to most universities abroad majorly depends on academic merit, though there are other factors as well. You will also find scholarships and other financial aid awarded to students on the basis of merit. All these point to the importan...

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GRE Analytical Writing


Are you preparing for the GRE and feeling intimidated by the GRE Analytical Writing section? You're not alone! Many test-takers find the prospect of writing two essays under timed conditions daunting. But fear not - you can ace the Analytical Writing Measure of the GRE with the right preparation, strategies, and practice. This blog provides a compr...

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GRE vs GMAT Exams: Which Test is Right for you?


Are you struggling to decide which exam to take for your graduate school application: the GRE or the GMAT? Many prospective students who want to enrol in an MBA or master's programme struggle with this issue frequently. Both exams are widely accepted by graduate programs across the world. Still, they have distinct differences in format, content, an...

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Countries to Study MSc in Geology


You've always been mesmerised by the earth under your feet. The way mountains reach for the sky, rivers carve their way through the earth, and minerals glitter and shine in the sun fills you with amazement and admiration. And now, you're set to take your passion to a new level. You want to pursue MSc in Geology abroad and are exploring this more.It...

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Highest Paying Jobs in the World


 Are you dreaming of a lavish lifestyle, exotic vacations, and the ability to make loads of money by making a significant impact? If so, you've come to the right place. In a world where ambition knows no bounds and possibilities are limitless, there is an exclusive abundance of extraordinary opportunities. So, prepare to delve into a captivati...

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MBA in Healthcare Management Colleges


Many foreign universities, both public and private, now offer MBA programs with a healthcare emphasis, reflecting the growing importance of the sector. A Master of Business Administration in hospital administration abroad is a two-year postgraduate degree designed to provide students from other countries with an in-depth understanding of the health...

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Countries to Study Master’s in Industrial Engineering


Industrial Engineering is one of the branches of Engineering that has gained popularity in recent years. However, the course is more popular abroad than in India, and that is why we witness an increasing number of students pursuing an MS in Industrial Engineering or any other degree in the course abroad. Do you know which are the top universities t...

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Salary after MBA Abroad


In a world where career paths can be confusing and intricate, an MBA has emerged as a guiding compass that opens up numerous lucrative opportunities.But amidst the flurry of expectations and dreams lies a big question: What lies after completing this highly demanding course - the topic of post-MBA salaries abroad? So, buckle up as we navigate an ex...

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Countries to Study Master's in Interior Design Courses


 An interior designer applies a style or theme to a place, providing consistency through coordinating colours, textures, or complementary furniture items. Those interested in international interior design degrees should be creative problem solvers with strong communication skills. Studying Master of Interior Design Abroad will teach students h...

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Best Countries to Study Psychology


Are you ready to go on an enthralling journey through the best institute for Psychology in the world? Imagine exploring the complexities of the human psyche while immersed in the colourful tapestry of many civilisations. Imagine yourself meandering through cobblestone alleys, your head humming with newfound information, as you investigate the fines...

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MBA After CA


You've already accomplished an incredible achievement by earning your Chartered Accountancy (CA) credential. But if you're still wondering what's next, consider pursuing an MBA. An MBA after CA can open up a new opportunity and propel your career forward. You'll develop business and leadership abilities and financial knowledge with an MBA. You can ...

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Animation Courses Abroad After 12th


As a child, you must have watched 'Finding Nemo.' It would have captured your attention. Weren't you excited to watch your favourite characters moving and talking? If yes, taking up animation as a career will be a great decision. With animations, you can communicate your ideas to people quickly. You can also portray different emotions, tell a story...

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Master's in Animation


If you are someone who likes storytelling and who also loves to breathe life into characters, then Animation is the right field for you!Being one of the few fields with the perfect combination of technology and entertainment, Animation as a career in today's date is one of the most preferred and highly sought-after courses and professions, with hig...

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Public vs Private Universities in Germany


 When it comes to higher education for international students, Germany takes one of the top spots. Several factors contribute to it becoming the preferred choice. Public and private universities in Germany are widely known for the high academic standards and excellence of their programmes. They have an extensive track record of academic excell...

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Studying Abroad Vs Studying In Your Country


Deciding where to pursue higher education is a critical decision that can significantly impact personal and professional growth. Studying abroad versus studying in your own country is a topic that students and their families have widely debated, as each option presents unique advantages and challenges. While studying in your home country can be fam...

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IVY League Universities USA


Have you heard of IVY League Universities in the USA? If not, this blog is especially for you. Maybe most of you don't know what the Ivy phrase means. The Ivy League was established as an athletic conference encompassing eight top-ranked private educational institutes. Today, the term is broader than just college athletics. That being said, the Ivy...

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Doctor of Physiotherapy Abroad


You've always been intrigued by the human body and its unique talents. You were drawn to sports and other activities that mentally and physically pushed you from an early age. Your love of movement and desire to help others encouraged you to pursue a profession in physiotherapy when you got older. But why should you limit yourself to studying in yo...

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Masters in HR in Canada for Indian Students

Masters in HR in Canada

Canada is a popular country known for providing the highest income, ample job opportunities, and quality education to students in various provinces and territories. Masters in HR in Canada for Indian Students came into the limelight over the years. And did you know that Canada is one of the top 10 countries with the highest-paying jobs in the world...

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Masters in Optometry in the UK


"Eyes are the windows to an individual soul".  With the increasing use of digital technologies, the necessity for eye care rises daily. Dealing with visual health becomes possible when one can rely on optometrists. Optometry- a healthcare profession that includes an examination of eyes for detecting defects of vision, diagnosis and treatment. ...

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