Letter Of Recommendation (LOR) - A Complete Guide

A Letter of Recommendation is a record given by your Professor, Project Guide, or a Reporting Manager with whom you have worked before. A Letter of Recommendation is fundamentally drafted by somebody trustworthy affirming for your experience, abilities, mastery, and accomplishments. A very much drafted LOR from a decent recommender can help your ap...

Statement of Purpose (SOP) - A Complete Guide

Statement of Purpose (SOP) - A Complete Guide

Table of Content What is SOP? Importance of SOP SOP Guidelines Statement of Purpose (SOP) Format How to Write Statement of Purpose (SOP) Statement of Purpose Sample Common Mistakes to Avoid in Statement of Purpose Statement of Purpose vs Personal Statement Done Statement of Purpose for MBA SOP for MS FAQ What is SOP (Statement of Purpose)? "The man...


Why International students prefer studying in Australia, despite the pandemic

The world is full of wonderful things you haven't seen yet. Don't ever give up on the chance of seeing them.                                      -J.K. Rowling When one thinks about Australia, what are the first things that come to mind? Though Koala...

91% of Indian students prefer to study abroad in 2021, regardless of Covid-19

91% of Indian students prefer to study abroad in 2021, regardless of Covid-19

Key Points: Because of the availability of prior healthcare facilities, students prefer to study abroad.60% of the students favoured education loans.The vaccination service provided by the UK government to international students has resulted in a significant increase in the number of applications. The advent of the Covid -19 pandemic put many stude...


Study in UK for Indian Students after 12th

"Nobody can discover the world for somebody else. Only when we discover it for ourselves does it become common ground and a common bond and we cease to be alone"                                       – Wendell Berry. Studying in the UK has always bee...


The United Kingdom UK Universities to Cover Quarantine Costs for Indian Students

Our students' health and safety remain a priority, and few of our partner universities look forward to welcoming our international community to their campuses. The university has adopted its preparedness plan COVID-19, which is ready to welcome foreign students and to help them. Over the previous year, Coronavirus has been challenging for everybody...


Economic Overview of Canada

Canada Economy Knowing and understanding a country's economy will assist you in putting new concepts into context. You'll discover how to analyse your personal spending habits, the Nuances of the profession, how to Leverage Economic Tools, and how to better your job prospects by putting this knowledge into practise. So, If you choose Canada, you mu...


Economic Overview of USA

US Economy  In North America, the United States is a union of 50 states. It is one of the greatest economies in the world and is regarded as a mixed economy. This implies that consumer products and commercial services it works as a free market economy. However, the Government establishes rules even in these sectors to defend the good of everyo...


New Beneficial Scholarships for International Students - USQ

The University of Southern Queensland has introduced valuable scholarships for international students to help them achieve their study goals.

Best Time to Apply in UK: 2 Year Post Study Work Rights Re-introduced !!

Best Time to Apply in UK: 2 Year Post Study Work Rights Re-introduced !!

Are you aware of the latest policy changes which have happened in the UK Higher Education Sector?

AECC Global’s Virtual Education Fair is here! Study online now & offshore soon

Waking up to gadgets has slowly become a part of our life, hasn't it? While the world has turned upside down due to the pandemic, the new vaccines bring hope to look beyond and move forward with our lives There may be instances where you might have opted to shelve your dreams of studying abroad in 2020. But guess what? Going abroad is right around ...

7 Places You Shouldn't Miss To Visit While Studying In UK

7 Places You Shouldn't Miss To Visit While Studying In UK

Road map? Check. Food & Snacks? Check. Travel accessories? Check.   But what about the list of places you could visit while studying in the UK? The United Kingdom is full of breathtaking places. While studying in the UK, exploring places can be exciting and act as a source of knowledge about their history, culture, businesses, and tra...

Guide for California Social Work Degrees and Schools

Guide for California Social Work Degrees and Schools

The sunshine and balmy weather, The glamour of Hollywood, The rolling waves crashing on shores, Which place is gifted like this, you might wonder. Well, California it is! From diverse landscapes and woody forests to sun-kissed coastlines and the best beaches, the Golden State of California is a wonderland by itself. You can discover hundreds of sce...


Stress Management Tips for Students

Are you a student who has problems with time management? Well, the majority of students nowadays fail to manage their time properly, which leads to decreases in productivity and stress. Time management is an art that not only brings about discipline but also improves the entire growth of a pupil. Every student must thus know how to manage time effe...


Australia has proven its uniqueness and has driven us into all the interesting bits of it; Adelaide has been named Australia’s most liveable city.

Highlights Researchers evaluated and rated stability in 140 cities worldwide.Four Australian cities were in the top ten worldwide, Sydney is also highly successfulThe performance is due to the coronavirus reaction in AustraliaDespite a smaller score for health care, Melbourne was among the largest risers. Adelaide, Australia (94.0) - Ranked 3rd Per...

How to prepare for studying abroad?

How to prepare for studying abroad?

Have you just been accepted into a university abroad? 

If so, Congratulations! Well Done. You're in for the best trip of your lifetime.


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Top 6 Reasons to Study in USA

Top 6 Reasons to Study in USA

Are you planning to study abroad? But confused if you should choose USA as your study abroad destination? Explore Top 6 reasons why you should study in the United States.


Why attend the Global Virtual Education Fair 2020?

The curtains are rising to the most-awaited opportunities for international students.


Tips to students for online learning during this coronavirus outbreak

We lived in a world with busy people around us, leading a rushed life every day. And now we are in that phase where the entire world is confused. 


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