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Nidhi Mehrotra

Study Abroad Expert for Aus, NZ

Nidhi Mehrotra, with her extensive experience in overseas education, particularly in the Australia and New Zealand sectors, is a guiding force for students aspiring to study abroad. Her journey in the study abroad industry, enriched with a deep understanding of global education processes, reflects a commitment to fostering academic and career success for students.

Her expertise spans a wide range of critical areas in international education, including student counselling, visa processes, and operational management. Nidhi's approach is centred around effective planning and strong multitasking abilities, ensuring students receive comprehensive and personalised guidance. Her dedication to the field is evident in her ability to translate complex overseas education procedures into actionable strategies for students.

Nidhi's influence extends beyond conventional counselling; she mentors students to navigate the intricate landscape of global education, empowering them to make informed decisions that align with their long-term academic and career aspirations.


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