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Nidhi Mehrotra

Study Abroad Expert for Aus, NZ

Meet Nidhi Mehrotra, the expert you can trust for guidance on Australian education. With extensive experience in the study abroad sector, Nidhi has a deep understanding of the Australian education system and has helped countless students realise their dreams of studying down under.

Her role involves maintaining strong relationships with universities, training counsellors, and ensuring high success rates in visa applications.

Nidhi’s knack for identifying in-demand courses and future-ready programs has been a game-changer for students like Sonali, who says, "Nidhi’s guidance was invaluable. She helped me choose the perfect course and navigate the visa process smoothly. Now, I’m thriving at the University of Melbourne."

Beyond her professional achievements, Nidhi enjoys reading and experimenting with new recipes, bringing a relatable and refreshing perspective to her mentoring style. Her combination of expertise and personal interests makes her the ideal guide for anyone looking to study in Australia, ensuring a seamless and successful educational journey.


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