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Universities in USA without Application Fees


Numerous students apply to Universities in the USA without Application Fees each year. It would be best if you were among them. There are a few things you should be aware of before applying. For example, you must have a US passport and be willing to study for at least three years. However, this is not an option for all students. If you have a poor credit history, you should check into a school that does not charge application fees.

Many students worry that universities with no application fee policies are not serious about their education. They fear that the program will lack diversity or challenge them. In reality, some great universities have no application fee policies. Contacting them can help you learn more about when they start classes, how to transfer credits, and how to obtain financial aid. However, the applicants should be aware of the risks involved in this approach.

Colleges in USA without Application Fees

While many schools charge an application fee, there are also colleges in the USA with no application fee. As per the Integrated Postsecondary Education Data System (IPEDS), these institutions have 500 full-time undergraduates. The information comes from the Common Application, which most colleges use to conduct online applications. Some colleges with no application fee include the New Mexico Military Institute, ranked fifteenth by US News and World Reports. The University of Dayton has an online application system that doesn't charge an application fee, and the United States Merchant Marine Academy does not require one. The only difference between these two is the cost. The cost of admission can add up fast, and you may want to consider applying early if the fee is too high. By examining the fees for US colleges, students can determine which schools are offering no-fee applications. Following are some collages with no application fee:

  1. Arizona State University
  2. University of Dayton
  3. Northeastern University
  4. DePaul University
  5. Michigan Technological University
  6. Saint Louis University
  7. Tulane University
  8. University of New Haven
  9. Drake University
  10. University of South Carolina

Why Should you Look for Colleges in the United States that do Not Charge Application fees?

Despite the growing popularity of free admissions, students who don't have the financial means to afford to apply should consider applying to a free college. Colleges that offer no application fee programs are more likely to be sought after by students than those that have to pay fees. By reducing the costs of applying to a free school, you'll be able to apply to more top colleges with the same money.

  • The average cost of an application fee for US colleges is $44, but 62 schools on this list charge more.
  • The most expensive schools on the list charge at least $78.
  • In addition, many of the best-ranked schools charge higher application fees, including Stanford University, Columbia University, Dartmouth College, and the University of California, San Diego.
  • But there is a bright side: free tuition. The money you earn now can be put to better use, such as repaying your college loans.
  • While there are several reasons you should consider applying for free to colleges in the USA, a lack of financial aid availability can prevent many people from pursuing their goals.
  • Most top colleges charge an average of $75 or more for an application.
  • In addition to this, students are likely to apply to multiple schools with the same average fee. This could be considered a small price to pay. Many people see it as a barrier to higher education.

Why are Application Fees Charged by Universities?

A University may charge application fees to avoid receiving stacks of applications. The application fee is charged to ensure that only interested students may apply for admission, saving their time.

There is another reason for charging an application fee is to cover the costs incurred by the Universities. However, there is always liberty to choose a university with no application fee for international students in the United States.

List of Universities in the USA without Application Fees for International Students

A point of concern while looking for a university in the United States without an application fee for international students is the University's reputation and quality of education. The University of Dayton is a private, Roman Catholic research university located in Dayton, Ohio.

This non-profit University offers more than 80 undergraduate and 50 graduate degree programs. The school has numerous certificate and licensure programs for students of all levels.

In addition to academic programs, it also offers programs geared toward non-U.S. citizens and Asian students. The University also accepts international students, so they are an excellent choice for people with limited funds.

The following table will help you finalise your University, and tuition fees can be confirmed from the University's official website.


THE Rankings 2022

Courses Offered

Arizona State University


Business, Engineering, Computer Science, Sustainability

University of Dayton


Engineering, Business, Education, Arts & Sciences

Northeastern University


Business, Engineering, Health Sciences, Computer Science

DePaul University


Computer Science, Business, Digital Media, and Education

Michigan Technological University


Engineering, Technology, Environmental Sciences, Business

Saint Louis University


Health Law, Medicine, Business, Aerospace Engineering

Tulane University


Business, Law, Medicine, Biomedical Engineering

University of New Haven


Criminal Justice, Forensic Science, Psychology, Computer Engineering

Drake University


Pharmacy, Law, Business, Journalism

University of South Carolina


Business, Engineering, Public Health, Hospitality Management

Application Process for a University in the United States without the Application Fee 

The application for admission to free application fee universities in the USA is accepted through the University's application portal or the common application. The application process for US universities with a free application fee is quite similar to those that charge Application fees.

  • There is no difference in all the intakes for universities in the US without the application fees. Summer, Fall, and Spring are the typical intakes for all universities, including US universities, without application fees for an international student. Following are the steps of the application process for universities in the United States without application fees:
  • Select the University that offers your desired course. You should be sure about some of your options, including United States universities with no application fees for international students.
  • Examine your qualifying criteria on the official websites of the colleges you want to apply to, including free application cost universities in the United States.
  • Go through the intakes and the deadline to apply for your desired course.
  • After completing the online application and submitting the application fee wherever applicable, request an application fee waiver if required at universities in America without an application fee.
  • Submit all required documentation with your application.
  • Financial aid applies for scholarships available for international students if you wish to avail.
  • Application status should be tracked, and wait for the decision.
  • You will receive an offer for admission if your application is successful.
  • Make sure you confirm your acceptance within the deadline specified on the offer and submit the tuition deposit.

What are the Other Expenses Associated with the Application Process?

While calculating the cost of studying in the United States, you cannot ignore the pre-arrival expenditures. These are out of pocket, and no financial assistance can help you cover these expenditures. These costs can be related to visa processing, entry tests, health insurance, travels, etc., and are incurred even before you get admission to any university in the United States.

The following table to learn about other costs applied in the application process for admission to universities in the United States without an application fee:


Average Cost for Indian Students

TOEFL fees

14,197 INR (180 USD)

IELTS fees

16,250-18,895 INR (215-250 USD)

GRE fees

16,098 INR (213 USD)

GMAT fees

18,895 INR (250 USD)

SAT fees

7,860 INR (104 USD)

ACT fees

11,714 INR (155 USD)

Visa processing fees

12,092 INR (160 USD)

SEVIS fees

26,459 INR (350 USD)

Health insurance

52,905-83,135 INR (700-1100 USD)


51,016 INR (675 USD)

The United States is the most preferred higher education destination. With a rich academic background, international exposure, flexible program, up-to-date infrastructure, and over 4,500 colleges, it has every reason to be the most sought-after destination. While selecting a specific country to seek higher education is easy, choosing a university needs careful consideration. Trans-national students are so fascinated by the prospect of studying in a particular country that they tend to ignore many important factors and land themselves in a tight spot. The decision to seek further education in a specific university requires careful review.

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