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Best Commerce Colleges in the World

Are you searching for the Best Commerce Colleges in the World? We understand you are a student who has completed high school recently. To connect you with your dream, we have compiled this blog to give you more simplified and precise information.

Do you aspire to study Commerce in a college abroad or India? For all you aspirers, through this blog, we will inform you of the Best Commerce Colleges in the World.

Commerce is a typical favourite course of Indian students. We understand that you love to have deep and sound knowledge and understanding of the course. Since previous times, Indian people have been fond of the Commerce course and dreamt of becoming CA, Bankers, Financiers, Economists, etc. The new generation equally desires to study the course, wishing to land modern-day job roles like Investment Banker, Investment Analyst, Budget Analyst, Sales Manager, Marketing Manager, etc.

The course offers various options for students to base their careers on. It is because the course has interesting and engaging subjects like Accountancy, Business Studies, Economics, English, Entrepreneurship, Mathematics, Computer Science, Fine Arts, etc. This benefit gives students a basic knowledge of many streams and the flexibility to pursue their desired specialisation in the PG program that fulfils their dream. Moreover, more than a handful of lucrative jobs pay commerce students well.

Why Study Commerce?

  • Diversity in Subjects - As mentioned earlier, the Commerce course has many subjects to study. After gaining sound knowledge in the commerce course, students can aim to become either a CA, an Entrepreneur, or any other high-calibre job.
  • A Multitude of Career Options - Studying the Commerce course doesn't limit a student to several career options. On the contrary, it permits students to pursue various jobs related to Commerce.
  • High Remuneration Jobs - Jobs like CA offer the highest salary to students. Finance Analyst, Venture Capitalist, Stock Analyst and Investment Analyst are the other high-paying jobs for Commerce students.
  • A Variety of Specialisations - Students completing Commerce in their UG program can choose a specialisation from a wide range. Entrepreneurship, Financial Accounting, Investment Banking, and Business Administration are some of the top specialisations available for commerce students to pursue.

Top 10 Universities for Studying Commerce Abroad

Numerous Best Commerce Colleges in the World fulfil the education requirements of Commerce aspirants. These colleges specialise in having the best curriculum for the commerce course and providing different types of latest and necessary subjects. Studying in these colleges or universities benefits students by making them gain a thorough knowledge of the course and job readiness. The colleges also have an excellent placement rate and tie-ups with leading companies worldwide.

Let's discuss these colleges without further ado.
  • University of Western Australia
  • University of Sydney
  • University of Canterbury
  • University of Auckland
  • Arizona State University
  • University College London
  • Griffith University
  • York University
  • University of Edinburgh
  • Queensland University of Technology

1. Columbia University

Columbia University ranks top for providing international students with the best commerce course. The university offers more than 100 bachelor's and master's courses in many disciplines of study. Being a proud member of the Ivy League, the university specialises in offering both UG and PG courses for commerce students.

The fee ranges from 20 to 40 lakhs to pursue the commerce course at Columbia University.

2. California Institute of Technology (Caltech)

As one of the leading US universities, Caltech is famous for its education quality, world-class faculty members and organised curriculum. Hosting 2400 students currently, the university is popular for attracting commerce aspirants worldwide. It offers more than a dozen commerce courses for UG and PG students. Moreover, the university has tie-ups with leading recruiters like McKinsey, Google, Amazon, Facebook, EY, etc.

The tuition fee ranges from INR 25 to 35 lakhs for studying a commerce course at Caltech.

3. University of Oxford

The University of Oxford is one of the leading universities in the UK. Business and Economics, Commerce and Social Sciences are popular courses offered by the university. The university stands top for providing the best quality education through excellent academic faculties and comprehensive degree courses. By studying at Oxford University, students can get great exposure and hands-on experience under the guidance of the faculties.

The tuition fee for the commerce course at the university ranges from INR 22 to 40 lakhs.

4. Harvard University

Harvard University is the most coveted university in the US. The university has 15 museums, 28 libraries, a UG school and 12 PG and professional schools. Harvard University has the best professors for the commerce course and provides an unmatched learning experience to students.

The tuition fee starts at INR 30 lakhs for international students to study Commerce at the university.

5. London School of Economics

The London School of Economics is a public research university in London offering courses purely related to Business and Commerce. LSE is popular for preparing students for real-world challenges through research and training courses. The school has over 40 Bachelor's courses, 140 master's, diploma and PhD courses. Especially for Commerce, the school is considered among the best in the UK.

The tuition fee starts at INR 25 lakhs for international students to pursue the commerce course at LSE.

6. University of Western Australia

The University of Western Australia is a Go8 (Group of 8) university in Australia. The university is popular for offering accredited business degrees and innovative courses. The university's placement rate and tie-ups with leading companies make it one of the best universities for pursuing Commerce. Some popular subjects included in the course are Accounting, Economics, Human Resource Management, Enterprise & Innovation and Business Law.

The commerce tuition fee starts at INR 7 lakhs for international students at the University of Western Australia.

7. University of Sydney

The University of Sydney is one of the top 50 universities in the world. The university offers a top-quality commerce course to international students. It is popular for its graduate employability rate, research facilities, and exchange courses for BCom students. Major subjects offered under BCom are Finance, Marketing, Banking, Business Analytics and Business Information Systems.

The tuition fee for international students starts at INR 27 lakhs to pursue a commerce course at the university.

8. University of Canterbury

The University of Canterbury is the second most popular university in New Zealand. The university has a great research and teaching facility for Social Sciences, Humanities, Commerce, Law, Music, Fine Arts and Antarctic Science. AACS International accredits the Commerce course of the university. The University of Canterbury is deemed one of the best universities in New Zealand for degree courses. The university has 14 specialisations for the Commerce course alone for the PG program.

The University of Canterbury's tuition fees for the Commerce course starts at 16 lakhs for international students.

9. University of British Columbia

The University of British Columbia is one of the oldest universities in Canada. The university is popular for its quality of education and for providing the best degree courses in Science, Arts and Engineering. The university ranks in the 3rd position nationally and is popular for its research and teaching quality and facilities. The university is recognised as one of the best universities for pursuing courses like BCom, BCA, etc.

The tuition fee starts at INR 35 lakhs for international students to pursue the Commerce course at UBC.

10. University of Auckland

The University of Auckland is the highest-ranked university in New Zealand, consistently ranked in the top 100 by QS. The university is known for delivering world-class academic education to international students. Arts are one of the most popular streams at the university, followed by Business, Creative Arts, Education and Social Work, Engineering and Law. The university is famous for providing single and double degrees in courses like Marketing, Taxation, Commercial Law, International Law, Business and Commerce, etc.

The tuition fee starts at INR 22 lakhs for international students to pursue the Commerce course at the University of Auckland.

University Name List

Listed below are the Best Commerce Colleges in the World. These Colleges specialise in offering the best education to students. These colleges are chosen after considering their level of competence in making students eligible for high-end job roles. 


QS ranking


Popular courses

University of Western Australia 




Business Analytics

Business Law

Business Economics


Human Resource Management



University of Sydney





Business Analytics.

Business Information Systems.

Business Law.


Industrial Relations and Human Resource Management.

University of Canterbury


New Zealand




Human Resource Management.

Information Systems.

International Business.

University of Auckland 


New Zealand

Business Analytics

Commercial law


Information Systems






Arizona State University




Business Analytics




Information security

Supply chain management

Computer Information Systems

Global Leadership

University College London


United Kingdom


Management Science, 


Griffith University



Accounting , business analytics , economics,sport management

York University 



Supply chain management, 

business analytics 


actuarial science

University of Edinburgh  


United Kingdom



Human Resources





Queensland University of Technology




Business Analytics

Business Information Systems


Some of the other equally top-performing Commerce colleges are

  • University of Pennsylvania, United States.
  • National University of Singapore, Singapore.
  • University of California, Berkeley.
  • HEC Paris School of Management.
  • University of Cambridge, United Kingdom.
  • The University of Melbourne.
  • University of Chicago, United States.
  • INSEAD, France.
  • Bocconi University, Milan.
  • Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University, Netherlands.
  • Copenhagen Business School, Denmark.
  • University of California, Los Angeles. 

Don't let your search for the best commerce colleges in the world ends here. Talk to our counsellors to get more depth and detailed knowledge of the same. Reaching our AECC counsellors is made easier. Connect with us virtually to have an extensive one-on-one chat with them. If you need a direct interaction, you can also visit one of our offices nearest to you. Start your study-abroad journey with AECC now!


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