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Career Options in Commerce


The World of Business and Finance is dynamic. It opens the door for varied career paths. The challenges and opportunities are far and wide. The economy has evolved on a global scale. New industries sprung up regularly. There is a huge demand for skilled professionals with a commerce background. Diverse and exciting opportunities are available to people who have taken commerce as their career. Career options in commerce come with the traditional roles of chartered accountants and banking to emerging fields in digital marketing and data analysis.

If you are a student who is scrutinising your future career, a recent graduate who has started your career, or even a professional trying to change their direction of career. You need to understand the scope and potential of commerce-related careers. This article aims to provide insights into the various career opportunities in the commerce sector. Let us dive inside the article to navigate the opportunities that are available in the commerce sector that will help you to make decisions about your future.

This introduction sets the stage for an informative and engaging article that will explore the various career options in commerce, catering to a wide audience from students to professionals.

Courses After 12th Commerce For Students

  • Bachelor of Commerce (B.Com)
  • Bachelor of Laws(LLB)
  • Cost and Management Accountancy Course (CMA)
  • Chartered Accountancy (CA)
  • Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA)
  • Company Secretaryship (CS)
  • Journalism and Mass Communication

Best Career Options for Commerce

Choosing a career path after completing your 12th grade in commerce can be both exciting and challenging. There are several options available, each leading to unique opportunities. Here are some of the best career options after 12th for students who have completed their 12th grade in commerce:

  1. Chartered Accountancy (CA): This is one of the most popular career choices for commerce students. It involves accounting, auditing, and taxation. It's a prestigious and financially rewarding career, but it requires dedication and hard work. 
  2. Bachelor of Commerce (B.Com): A B.Com degree is a foundational course for commerce students, offering knowledge in accounting, finance, and business management. It can be a stepping stone to many careers or higher studies like MBA.
  3. Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA): This course focuses on various aspects of business administration and management. It's a good option for students interested in pursuing a career in management.
  4. Company Secretary (CS): A career as a Company Secretary involves corporate law, governance, and compliance. It's ideal for those interested in legal frameworks in the corporate sector.
  5. Cost and Management Accountants (CMA): CMA professionals specialise in cost accounting, financial planning, and management decision-making. It's a great option for those interested in the analytical side of finance.
  6. Bachelor of Economics: If you have an interest in economics, this degree can lead to various roles in economic analysis, policy formulation, and research.
  7. Digital Marketing: With the growing digital economy, a career in digital marketing can be very promising. It involves marketing products and services over digital platforms.
  8. Banking and Finance: Courses in banking and finance can lead to careers in banks, financial institutions, and fintech companies. Roles can range from financial analyst to branch manager.
  9. Law (LLB): Commerce students can pursue law education. Specialising in corporate law can be particularly beneficial.
  10. Stock Broking: If you are interested in the stock market, a career in stock broking or investment analysis can be exciting and lucrative.
  11. Actuarial Science: This involves applying mathematical and statistical methods to assess risk in the finance and insurance sectors. It's a challenging field but highly rewarding.
  12. Entrepreneurship: If you have a business idea, pursuing entrepreneurship can be a fulfilling path. This can involve starting your own business or e-commerce venture.
  13. Data Analysis and Business Intelligence: With businesses increasingly relying on data, a career in data analysis or business intelligence is both in demand and lucrative.
  14. Human Resources (HR): HR is a vital part of any organisation, dealing with recruitment, training, and employee management.
  15. Certified Financial Planner (CFP): If you're interested in personal finance and wealth management, becoming a CFP can be a great career choice.

Jobs for Commerce Students

Below is a table outlining various job profiles suitable for commerce students, along with their estimated average annual salaries. Please note that these salaries can vary based on location, experience, company size, and individual qualifications.

Job Profiles

Average Annual Salary

Chartered Accountant

58,29,0000 to 84,00,000

Financial Analyst

45,80,000 to 66,60,000

Business Analyst

50,00,000 to 71,00,000

Company Secretaryship

42,00,000 to 59,00,000

Bank Manager

50,00,000 to 75,00,000

Marketing Manager

46,00,000 to 71,00,000

Human Resources Manager

42,00,000 to 72,00,000

Operations Manager

50,00,000 to 75,00,000

Tax Consultant

39,00,000 to 59,00,000

Stock Broker

42,00,000 to 84,00,000

Investment Banker

67,00,000 to 84,00,000

Certified Financial Planner

50,00,000 to 75,00,000

Top Universities to Study Commerce in Abroad

There are many top universities abroad where students can study Commerce and then make a career.

Some of these universities are:

  1. University of Cambridge
  2. University of Oxford
  3. Monash University
  4. Harvard University
  5. London School of Economics
  6. University of Alberta
  7. Northwestern University
  8. McGill University

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Students are in a great dilemma as to what to choose as their career option after 12th standard in commerce. We have listed out the various career options in commerce. Check out these options and choose the best one based on your needs. 

Please get in touch with our AECC Counsellors for clarifications.


What are the most popular careers in commerce?

The most popular careers in commerce include the fields of accounting, finance, marketing, sales, business analytics, insurance, risk management and management roles.

What are the challenges and opportunities of a career in commerce?

Challenges in the field of commerce include intense competition, economic uncertainties, fast technological changes, and high-pressure environments. Some of the opportunities include immense career opportunities, diversified roles, global work opportunities, and high-earning potential

What are the different specialisations in commerce?

Key specialisations include Accounting and Finance, Marketing, Management, Human Resources, Economics, International Business, Entrepreneurship, Supply Chain Management, Business Analytics, E-commerce and Digital Marketing, Banking and Financial Services, Risk Management and Insurance, Real Estate Management, Tourism and Hospitality Management, and Retail Management.

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