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Courses After 12th Commerce


Firstly, a hearty congratulations to you for choosing Commerce as your field of study! Commerce is often seen as the backbone of every business and economy. It's a vibrant field because it deals with subjects like Economics, Business Studies, Accountancy and Business Mathematics that are dynamic and constantly evolving. These subjects not only provide students with a solid understanding of how businesses operate but also keep them updated with the latest trends in the business world.

As you step into college, you'll be introduced to a variety of commerce-related courses that will equip you with the knowledge and skills needed in the global business landscape. Pursuing these courses after 12th Commerce will provide a deep understanding of various commercial and economic activities that a business organisation undertakes.

However, studying commerce abroad can offer a unique and enriching experience. It provides exposure to different cultures, and teaching methodologies and broadens your perspective. Each country has its unique advantages when it comes to studying commerce.

For instance, studying in the United States gives you an opportunity to learn from some of the world's top professors and researchers in the field of commerce. The US education system is known for its practical approach and offers a wide range of specialisations. Studying in the United Kingdom allows you to gain a globally recognised degree in less time than other countries.

So let's find out more about studying commerce abroad in this blog.

How Studying Commerce Abroad Boosts Your Career Prospects?

Embarking on the journey to study commerce abroad is a transformative decision that can significantly enhance students' career prospects. This journey begins right after 12th grade when start exploring various courses after 12th Commerce. The commerce career opportunities abroad are vast and varied. From financial analysts and business consultants to marketing managers and human resource specialists - the options are endless.

Here are certain reasons why studying commerce abroad can be a life-changing decision for Indian students.

Unique Education Systems Abroad

The education systems in foreign countries are distinct and often more application-oriented compared to India. This distinctive approach endows students with practical skills and a wider perspective, giving them a competitive edge in the job market. An international degree serves not only as a testament to your scholastic capabilities but also as an indicator of your adaptability and receptiveness to diverse cultures and environments.

Communication Skills and Networking Opportunities

Pursuing education abroad offers abundant opportunities for interaction with individuals from varied backgrounds. This not only enhances your communication abilities but also aids in establishing a strong network. These interpersonal engagements can foster lifelong friendships, and potential collaborations and may even open doors to job opportunities. The ability to communicate effectively in a multicultural environment is a highly valued skill in today's globalised world.

Exposure to Globalised Education

A globalised education exposes students to international standards and practices. It broadens their understanding of global commerce trends and equips them with skills that are highly sought after by multinational corporations. This exposure is instrumental in preparing students for successful careers in the global market.

Enriching Student Life and Academic Opportunities

The journey of an international student is both academically enriching and personally rewarding. Overseas universities present a plethora of academic prospects, including industry-specific internships, cooperative education programs, research opportunities, and more. These experiences play a pivotal role in fostering personal growth, enhancing cultural comprehension, and facilitating professional development.

Placement Training Programs

Many universities abroad conduct placement training programs that focus on honing students' interpersonal skills. These programs prepare students for job interviews, group discussions, and other aspects of job placements. They play a crucial role in shaping the students' career trajectory and increasing their employability.

Overall, studying commerce abroad can significantly boost Indian students' career prospects by preparing them for jobs through a unique educational experience with a globalised education and infinite networking and career opportunities. It's an investment that promises great returns in the form of personal growth and a rewarding career.

List of Courses after 12th Commerce

The world of commerce is a vast ocean of opportunities, especially for Indian students choosing to study commerce abroad. There are many courses after 12th Commerce available. Each course with its unique specialisations, and students are spoilt for choice. The courses are meticulously designed to cater to the diverse educational needs of commerce students, equipping them with the necessary skills and knowledge to excel in their chosen fields.

Moreover, the top commerce universities abroad offer distinct courses within commerce. These universities are renowned for their rigorous academic standards, cutting-edge facilities, seasoned faculty and robust industry connections.


Popular Courses



Approximate Fee (INR)


Business and Management, Computer Science, Finance and Accounting, Economics, Communications/Media

Harvard University, Stanford University, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

4 years

30-40 Lakhs per year


Business and Management, Engineering, Mathematics, Computer Science and Social Sciences

University of Oxford, University of Cambridge

3 years

10-30 Lakhs per year


Business and Management, Computer Science, Finance, Marketing, Human Resource Management

University of Melbourne, Australian National University

3-4 years

20-30 Lakhs per year


Business and Management, Computer Science, Finance, Marketing, Human Resource Management

University of Toronto, McGill University

4 years

20-30 Lakhs per year


Business and Management, Computer Science, Finance, Marketing, Human Resource Management

Trinity College Dublin, University College Dublin

3-4 years

10-20 Lakhs per year

New Zealand

Business and Management, Computer Science, Finance, Marketing, Human Resource Management

University of Auckland, Victoria University of Wellington

3 years

10-20 Lakhs per year


Economics and Finance, Accounting, Management, Business Analytics, Applied Economics

Technical University of Munich, Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich

3 years

5-10 Lakhs per year


Business & Management

American University in Dubai, University of Dubai

3 years

10-15 Lakhs per year

The breadth and depth of these courses not only lay a solid foundation in commerce but also pave the way for a multitude of career opportunities. This makes commerce a popular choice among Indian students planning to pursue their studies abroad.

Top Courses after 12th Commerce without Mathematics

For commerce students who prefer not to study Mathematics in their Bachelor's degree, the academic world still offers a plethora of opportunities. Numerous universities abroad offer a wide range of commerce courses without maths. These courses are designed to equip students with the necessary skills and knowledge to establish rewarding careers in the field of commerce. Just like courses that include Mathematics, these programs offer comprehensive education, practical experience and global exposure that are key to a successful career in commerce.

Let's explore some of these courses that allow you to study commerce abroad without the need for Mathematics.

Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA): This undergraduate course provides a fundamental education in business and management principles. It allows students to specialise in multiple concentrations.

Bachelor of Commerce (B.Com): This undergraduate program is designed to equip students with managerial skills while simultaneously fostering expertise in a specific business area.

Bachelor of Business (B.BS): This undergraduate program offers students a broad knowledge base in business, often serving as a precursor to a Master's degree or an MBA.

Bachelor of Commerce (B.Com): This undergraduate degree cultivates a comprehensive understanding of all facets of commerce in students.

Bachelor in Business Informatics: This program is an interdisciplinary academic field that serves as a bridge between business management and information technology.

Diploma Courses after 12th Commerce

Courses after 12th Commerce for Indian students have emerged as a popular choice, especially for those aspiring to study commerce abroad. These courses are industry-oriented and focus on developing practical skills, making them an ideal choice for students seeking specialized knowledge and expertise. Studying these courses abroad not only provides exposure to global systems of learning but also helps in building valuable professional and personal networks. An international diploma can significantly boost a student's resume and open up new opportunities in terms of internships and knowledge about the global job market.

Here are some popular diploma courses in commerce that Indian students can pursue abroad:

Diploma in Banking & Finance: This program offers an in-depth understanding of the banking sector and financial services, preparing students with the necessary skills for banking and finance roles. The course typically lasts one year.

Diploma in Business Analytics: This program is tailored to provide students with the ability to make data-driven business decisions. It encompasses areas such as data analysis, data visualisation, and predictive modelling. The course duration varies from six months to one year.

Diploma in Business Management/Business Administration: This program imparts a profound understanding of business operations. It covers essential areas like management principles, business operations, and organizational behaviour. The course duration ranges from six months to two years.

Diploma in Human Resources: This one-year certificate-level course in the domain of human resources focuses on administrative services, staff administration, performance management, and most importantly, the hiring process.

Diploma in Business Law: This one-year postgraduate course provides a comprehensive understanding of business laws, focusing on topics related to company law, competition law, securities laws, foreign investment laws, and property law.

Diploma in Mathematical Research: This diploma is pursued part-time concurrently with a bachelor's degree. Students will complete the requirements of the Mathematics and Statistics major from the Bachelor of Science within this Diploma.

Diploma in Marketing: This one-year diploma-level course primarily focuses on marketing as a core business function. It also covers various other aspects of marketing management such as consumer behaviour and market research.

Diploma in Finance: This one-year diploma-level course covers all the basic aspects of banking and finance. It trains students in fields such as banking, finance, insurance, investment, risk management, computer application, IT and more.

Diploma in Accounting: This one-year diploma course deals with aspects of business management and related topics. The training includes administration, coordination, management, consultation, future risk and profit conditions.

Diploma in International Business: This is a 1 to 2-year long full-time autonomous industry-based postgraduate program that involves substantial project work in the curriculum

Students can pursue these courses at some of the top commerce universities abroad such as those in the USA and UK. To secure admission to these universities, students may need to appear for certain entrance exams for commerce courses.

Moreover, there are several commerce scholarships for international students available that can help ease the financial burden of studying abroad.

Upon completion of these courses, students can explore various commerce career opportunities abroad. These may include roles in Banking and Finance, Business Analytics, Business Management and more. Each of these career paths offers a unique set of challenges and rewards, making commerce a versatile and exciting field of study.

Top International Universities to Study Commerce Courses

The top commerce universities abroad are not just educational institutions, but globally recognised landmarks of excellence, innovation and discovery. These universities have consistently ranked among the top in the world, setting high standards in the field of commerce education.

Studying at these universities opens up a world of commerce career opportunities abroad. Graduates often find themselves in high demand, securing competitive positions in top-tier companies around the globe. The comprehensive curriculum, coupled with practical exposure, equips students with a robust understanding of the commerce industry, thereby leading to lucrative salary packages.

Here are the top 10 international universities that offer an unparalleled education and an extraordinary experience for Commerce students.

  • Yale University, United States
  • Carnegie Mellon University, United States
  • Princeton University, United States
  • London School of Economics, United Kingdom
  • University of Melbourne, Australia
  • Monash University, Australia
  • University of Toronto, Canada
  • University of British Columbia, Canada
  • University of Alberta, Canada
  • University of Calgary, Canada

Choosing to study commerce abroad is more than about academics and getting an international degree. It is about the unique experience that adds value to your degree, broadens your knowledge and hones your skills, contributing to your personal and professional growth especially, when the commerce career opportunities abroad are vast and varied.

Step into the world of Commerce after 12th and let AECC illuminate your path to a promising future! Let's embark on this exciting journey together.


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