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Acting Schools in USA


Have you always wanted to become an actor, singer, dancer, or drama artist? The United States of America gives you plenty of opportunities to explore your creative potential in this sector and make an excellent career in Acting. So if you are also interested, this article is for you as it tells you all you need to know about getting started in this creative industry.

Here is what you will read in this post.

  • Best Acting Schools in the U.S.A. for International Students.
  • Acting Courses in the U.S.A.

Best Acting Schools in USA for International Students

  1. Boston University School of Theatre.
  2. California Institute of the Arts.
  3. Carnegie Mellon University School of Drama.
  4. The Juilliard School, Drama Division.
  5. New York University, Tisch School of the Arts.
  6. SUNY Purchase Conservatory of Theatre Arts.
  7. Syracuse University School of Drama.
  8. The University of Minnesota, Department of Theatre, Arts & Dance.
  9. The University of North Carolina School of Arts.
  10. American Academy of Dramatic Arts.

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1. Boston University School of Theatre 

You must have heard that Boston University is on the top 10 list for many degrees and qualifications. However, it is also a great option if you wish to learn acting at the School of Theatre of Boston University, as it is a great place to learn acting at your own pace in a creative and safe environment. Here, the faculty uses a passionate yet straightforward method of working. You will learn a wide range of acting techniques that you can apply to bring out the best actor in you. The studio uses New York University's studio system, so you already know; it will be good.

Approx. Yearly Tuition Fees: 53000 USD.

2. California Institute of the Arts

Do you wish to make a successful career in television, film, and voiceover? If so, your dreams will come true with the California Institute of the Arts. However, why only this institute?

Let us take a look inside.

  • Experimental, offbeat, and edgy way of teaching.
  • Critical studies strengthen your international perspective.
  • You also get a chance to go to Scotland for an overseas semester.
  • They focus more on movement, which is a key skill in Acting because it adds appeal to your dialogue delivery.

However, the only drawback is that its standards are very high, so you will have to work very hard to get selected for B.F.A. or M.F.A.

Approx. Yearly tuition fees: 48680 USD. 

3. Carnegie Mellon University School of Drama

This School of Drama in the United States of America is the first to be developed within a university and is still one of the best. The school offers a four-year course like a regular academic degree. You will learn acting step by step, from basic skills to becoming a professional actor after your last year. The chance of getting selected is higher since 80% of enrollment is based on your audition and 20% on your acting skills, but keep in mind that you need to do your best as approx 1,200 applicants try every year, but only around 28 are selected.

Approx. Yearly tuition fees: 53660 USD.

4. The Juilliard School, Drama Division

The drama division of The Juilliard School comes with its setbacks. We would recommend you to join this rigorous practice acting school if you are confident that you can train from 9:00 AM to 10:30 PM most of the days. However, if the work is hard, the reward is also great. 

Let us look at some critical points as to why you should join it.

  • It is a world-class top-notch acting school.
  • It does not drool one technique over the others. Instead, you will get inspiration to make your learning method.

Although it receives around 1,000 applications annually, only 20 are accepted, so you know about its high standards. However, if you are dedicated enough, we recommend it as the best acting school in America.

Approx. Yearly tuition fees: 46410 USD.

5. New York University, Tisch School of the Arts

The New York University has one of the unique acting schools on our list, the Tisch School of Arts. Why unique? Because after giving the audition, if it selects you, you will be placed in a studio.  The school has many different studios, such as Strasberg, Adler, Meisner, Experimental, Atlantic, and CAP21 (the musical theatre studio). The main thing is that you have been in one studio for two years. You can audition for another, meaning that you will learn many acting techniques, perfect for making you a versatile actor.

Approx. Yearly tuition fees: 58226 USD.

6. SUNY Purchase Conservatory of Theatre Arts

Before auditioning for the SUNY Purchase Conservatory of Theatre Arts, you should know that it is a very demanding and discipline-driven school.  The most challenging part is that your first two years are a trial period, where they can rusticate you for any reason and at any time. These usually include a lack of focus & discipline, lack of fitness for professional work, and lack of artistic potential. However, in rare cases, you may also get dismissed in the third or fourth year.  However, let us look at the bright side if you pass this academy; imagine how excellent an actor you will become.

Approx. yearly tuition fees: 13380 USD (out of state) and 4970 USD. (In-state)

7. Syracuse University School of Drama

This school of drama on our list is best for you from the perspective that you get a chance to work with professional actors and casting directors in your 4th year. You also get an opportunity to study at the Shakespeare's Globe theatre for one semester in your 3rd year. Furthermore, throughout the course, you can interact with actors from regional Equity House since it shares a building with the same. Overall, it is a school that gives you real acting experience from day 1.

Approx. Yearly tuition fees: 50100 USD.

8. The University of Minnesota, Department of Theatre, Arts & Dance

For a balance of academics and training, we recommend you to join The University of Minnesota's Department of Theatre, arts, and dance. They work on a simple theory. Educated actors are the best, so you will receive equal training and education in Acting.

Let us see why it is on the best acting schools list.

  • 3rd-year students visit London in the fall semester.
  • The university partners with the Guthrie Theatre, which teaches you classical acting skills.
  • 4th-year students can audition for 1 of the five contracts for the current season.
  • Students do workshops with professionals.

Overall, it is a great university if you are serious about becoming an actor.

Approx. yearly tuition fees: 25144 USD (out of state) and 21144 USD. (In-state)

9. The University of North Carolina School of Arts

With a rich blend of Acting, voice, and movement techniques, you will learn many great things here.

Let us see what is in store for you here first.

  • You will learn to control your performance.
  • You will develop creativity and imagination.
  • You will master a sound acting technique.
  • You will learn to balance between your instinct and art.

Furthermore, academics are not important here, but if they choose between equal students, they will choose the one with a 3.6 GPA instead of a student with a 3.0 GPA. So overall, it is an excellent place to learn Acting.

Approx. yearly tuition fees: 28826 USD (out of state) and 16085 USD. (In-state)

10. American Academy of Dramatic Arts (AADA)

It is the oldest acting school in the U.S.A. and thus the most experienced. So there is no question that you will learn the best skills here. In addition, you will learn drama and related skills in Theatre, film, and television. So join the American Academy of Dramatic Arts (AADA) today and start your acting journey.

Approx. Yearly tuition fees: 37230 USD.

Acting Courses in USA

  • Bachelor of Fine Arts in Acting.
  • Bachelor in Theatre – General Studies Track.
  • Bachelor of Fine Arts in Theatre Arts (Acting) – L.I.U. Post.
  • Bachelor of Fine Arts (B.F.A.) in Acting, Concentration in Musical Theater.
  • Theatre Major Bachelor's Degree.
  • Theatre.
  • B.F.A. in Theatre with an emphasis in Acting.
  • Bachelor in Acting/Music Theater.
  • B.A. in Acting for Singers.
  • Bachelor of Arts in Drama & Theatre.
  • Acting.
  • B.A. in Theatre.
  • B.A. in Theatre and Dance.
  • Bachelor of Arts in Theatre.
  • Bachelor of Arts – Theatre.
  • Bachelor's Degree in Theatre.
  • Musical Theatre.
  • Bachelor of Arts – Performance. (Acting) 


Acting has the best field for setting up a career in the creative industry. You should join one of America's best acting schools and courses if you have creative potential. However, if you do not know where to begin, AECC can help you select the best acting course and college as per your needs with our expert guidance and assistance.

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