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Bachelor of Computer Application (BCA) Course


BCA full-form is Bachelor of Computer Applications. This is a three-year undergraduate program that provides students with a fundamental and advanced understanding of information technology and computer applications. Programming concepts are taught in detail during the course. Students are also well-equipped with the various computer programs and deal with the various perplexities that might arise while using a computer. They are taught about the intricacies of hardware and software. Studying a BCA course abroad adds a value addition to your career.

Most of the universities design their course curriculum keeping in mind the scope of BCA in the IT industry. Most of the course subjects cover the basics of programming languages, statistics, computer fundamentals, data structure, database management systems, computer architecture, multimedia applications, graphics, animations, etc. It is the most popular course in countries like the USA, UK, and Australia. Students are provided with enough scope to study in depth of the subject. Learning and acquiring a degree in computer science will help you to have a great career in your life.

What is BCA Course?

The BCA course is a three-year (six-semester) full-time Bachelor's Degree in Computer Application. The primary goal of the BCA course is to empower young men and women with the essential knowledge and abilities to pursue satisfying jobs in the ever-changing world of Information Technology. BCA admission is provided based on both merit and an entrance exam. All Top BCA colleges and universities have a minimum qualifying requirement of 50 per cent in 10+2 or an equivalent examination with Computer Application/Computer Science as an extra or core subject.

Why Study a BCA Course Abroad?

There are several reasons to study a BCA course, and it is not limited to one or two. And if you are a person settling in a foreign country, there are potential career opportunities after BCA in the foreign land. You can get skilled in a few aspects, which can help you get an in-demand job.

A few reasons why you should take a BCA course are as follows

  • You will get several benefits that a BTech graduate gets, though the course duration is just three years compared to the BTech program, which is four years long. Moreover, you will get all the curriculum covered that are essential for evolving into a thorough IT professional.
  • You can be skilled in programming languages like C++, Java, CSS, Linux, Python etc. Once you get well acquainted with these programming languages, learning new concepts will be easier for you.
  • BCA specialisation areas are quite vast as you will get to learn the various nuances of computer applications by exploring data structures, databases, algorithms, operating systems, etc.
  • The career opportunities after BCA are excellent as the IT industry is one of the biggest industries in the world. You can work in a sector that offers the largest job opportunities.
  • The minimum annual salary ranges from INR 3-6 lakhs per annum.
  • The need for skilful experts is increasing in the IT sector, resulting in the increased demand for these professionals.
  • You can also collaborate with IT professionals through internship programs and experts in the IT field. This will help you to gain on-field experience while pursuing the degree. 

BCA Course Abroad Highlights

BCA is one of the many courses with broader career prospects abroad. The job market is pretty big, and the syllabus is all-inclusive. You will find opportunities in several fields like web development, programming, database management etc. Most of the BCA course details in foreign countries follow the pattern as follows.

Name of the Course

BCA - Bachelor of Computer Applications


3-4 years depending upon the university


10+2 preferably in the Commerce stream with English, SAT/ACT, TOEFL / IELTS

Subjects Covered

Operating Systems, Database Management, User Interface Design, Data Structures etc.

Average Salary

INR 3-6 lakhs per annum


Software Developer, Technical Analyst, Tech Support, System Administrator, Programmer etc.

Top Countries for BCA

USA, UK, Canada, Australia, and Germany

Popular BCA Majors

Information Systems, Programming, Computational AI

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BCA Course Specialisations

BCA specialisation areas are quite vast. You have the option of choosing from a variety of specialisations. Again it also depends on the university chosen by you. Most foreign as well as Indian universities offer various BCA specialisation areas. Let us know some of them.

A few top BCA specialisation areas are given below.


Subject Type

Programming Language Through C


English Language and Communication Skills


Introduction to Information Technology


Mathematical Fundamentals and Statistics


Digital Computers Fundamentals


PC Applications and Internet Technology


Programming in C


BCA Subjects

BCA subjects list gives a wide range of coverage. This subject list will vary among all universities. But you need to keep in mind the fundamental concepts will be covered in any of the stipulated semesters.

Given below is a year-wise division of the BCA course structure. They are brief pointers explaining what you can expect from the three-year-long course.

Year 1

  • C Language: The basis of any programming language would be the C language. The computer basically follows the instructions given by the user. 
  • Operating Systems: Working with computers requires knowledge of file management, memory management, process management, secondary device control, input and output handling etc.. This can be effectively handled with the knowledge of OS.
  • Digital Computer Fundamentals: The basic concepts about functioning of the computers are discussed here. It helps the students to learn the basics of boolean algebra for calculation in various number systems.
  • Advanced Mathematics: It is one of the core subjects of BCA and includes topics such as Probability, Differentiation, Statistics, Limits and Continuity etc. This prepares the students for future courses that involve quantitative components
  • English Communication: One of the BCA subjects list includes English Communication. The basics of English communication are handled here. As you climb up the ladder, you need to communicate with a lot of people. 

Year 2

  • Open Source Technology: Imparting the knowledge of Open Source Technology. The software development process of the same is done in this subject. The impact such technology has on legal, economic, and social issues. 
  • Software Engineering: The basics of software engineering include system analysis, planning, design, documentation, coding, programming, and software testing is discussed. Knowledge on the same is imparted. 
  • Database Management Systems: Managing and structuring the collection of data that are in the computers is handled by DBMS. Knowledge of the same is imparted. BCA syllabus cannot miss this subject matter.
  • Web Designing: It helps students learn tools, techniques and programming languages to create web pages.

Year 3

  • Java Programming: The basics of Java programming are imparted to you in this subject. Java programming constructs applications in game consoles, laptops, scientific supercomputers etc.
  • Python Language: This language conducts data analysis, builds websites and software etc.
  • Artificial Intelligence: In simple words, AI is the simulation of human intelligence approaches through machines, particularly personal computers.
  • eCommerce and Marketing: It is the process of buying and selling goods and services online. This can be Business to Business, Business to Consumer etc.
  • Information Security: This application prevents unauthorised access, alteration, interruption or destruction of information.

BCA Course Syllabus

As mentioned above, BCA is a three-year Undergraduate program that is more popular abroad. The syllabus can vary depending on the university.

However, the table below contains the subjects you may need to study in all six semesters. It should be noted that there may or may not be changes in them.

BCA Course Syllabus: Semester 1

Computer Science

Internet Technologies

Computer Graphics

Data Science

Database Management Systems

Cyber Law

Network Systems

System Analysis

Programming Languages

Music and Video Processing

Accounting Applications

Personal Information Management

Management Information System (MIS)


Word Processing

BCA Course Syllabus: Semester 2


Subject Type

Personality and Soft Skills Development


Basic Discrete Mathematics


Data Structures Using C


System Analysis and Design


Visual Programming


Working of C Programming


BCA Course Syllabus: Semester 3


Subject Type

Database Management System


Object Oriented Programming in C++


Operating Systems


Software Engineering


C++ Programming


Shell Programming


BCA Course Syllabus: Semester 4


Subject Type

Computer Networking


GUI Programming


Professional English


Introduction to Web Technology 


Java Programming


Web Designing project


BCA Course Syllabus: Semester 5


Subject Type

Unix Programming




Graphics and Animation


Business Intelligence


Business Intelligence Lab


Python Programming


BCA Course Syllabus: Semester 6


Subject Type

Design and Analysis of Algorithm 


Cloud Computing


Multimedia Applications


Advanced Database Management Systems


Artificial Intelligence


Application Development



Having a career in the field of computers is the professional aspiration of many students. There are plenty of courses available to start your career in computers. Wise decisions need to be taken while selecting the course. Enrolling on a BCA course abroad opens up a lot of opportunities for youngsters. We have furnished the best details that we could provide for a BCA degree, please feel free to contact AECC for further details and assistance. Go ahead and enrol for the best course according to your requirements and have a great career ahead


What is the Bachelor of Computer Application (BCA) course?

Bachelor of Computer Applications is a three-year graduation degree. The BCA syllabus is devised across universities in such a way that it equips the students with the basics of computer application and software development.

Who is eligible to enrol in the BCA course?

BCA eligibility criteria vary between universities. But in general, whoever has secured 40% to 60% aggregate in the higher secondary examination is eligible to enrol for the course.

How long is the BCA course, and what are the core subjects covered?

BCA course duration lasts for three years. Some of the core subjects that are covered in the course include computer graphics, animation, computer networks, DBMS, programming, operating systems, etc.

How does the BCA course differ from other IT-related courses?

BCA course structure is designed in such a way that it equips the students with the basic knowledge of programming in C++, computer operating systems, DBMS, etc. On the whole, the course concentrates on the application level in computers. But the other IT-related courses concentrate on the technical aspect of computers.

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