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Study Abroad Expert | IELTS Expert

With an impressive 19 years in the education industry, focusing on international student recruitment, counselling, and business development, Bindu Mary Idicula is a pillar of support and guidance for students aiming to study abroad. Her journey, which spans across renowned organisations, is marked by a deep commitment to student success and career advancement.

Bindu's expertise lies in her ability to navigate the complexities of the global education landscape, assisting students in finding their ideal academic and professional paths. Her approach is defined by a blend of hard work, sincerity, and teamwork, all aimed at empowering students to reach their full potential.

Her dedication to the field is evidenced in her continuous pursuit of learning and growth, which she channels into mentoring students. Bindu's guidance is not just about academic choices but about shaping students' future careers in a global context, making her a valuable mentor in the journey of international education.


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