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Architecture Schools In Australia for Indian Students


Studying architecture in Australia is a once-in-a-lifetime experience that no student should pass up. Because of the manner, architecture here blends forms of art and style with material handling could be the most satisfying experience. Many design schools are available at Australia's universities for prospective architects to refine their talents and begin becoming registered architects. The global highest architectural schools are ranked using the QS (Quacquarelli Symonds) rankings.

The undergraduate curriculum is regarded as the architectural foundation course. Australia is home to some of the world's best universities, which are ranked among the best in the world. In Australia, a great deal of emphasis is placed on developing and nurturing students' practical abilities. A student is prepared to work in this industry as a successful professional. A healthy balance must be maintained between experimental and theoretical studies.

The Top Architecture Schools in the Country

Australia is a major centre for international education. It has many institutions and colleges that draw students seeking higher education. One such topic of study is architecture. Because Australia is a centre for education, you may find many architectural courses there.

S No.


QS Ranking (2021)


University of Sydney



University of Melbourne



University of New South Wales



University of Queensland



Monash University



University of Adelaide



University of Technology, Sydney



University of Newcastle



Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (RMIT)



Curtin University of Technology


Architecture Schools In Australia – Degrees And Specialization

List of best universities in Australia where you may study architecture for bachelor's, graduate, and doctorate degrees.

University of Sydney

Sydney School of Architecture, Design and Planning:
  •  Undergraduate course options
  •  Bachelor of Architecture and Environments
  • Bachelor of Design in Architecture
  • Bachelor of Design in Architecture/Master of Architecture
  • Postgraduate courses in architecture, design and planning
  • Master of Architecture
  • Master of Architectural Science (Audio and Acoustics)
  • Master of Architectural Science (High-Performance Buildings)
  • Master of Architectural Science (Illumination Design)
  • Master of Architectural Science (Sustainable Design)
  • Master of Design (Design Innovation) (Strategic Design)
  • Postgraduate research degrees
  • Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)
  • Architectural Design
  • Architecture history and theory
  • Architectural science
  • Design
  • Urbanism. 

Admission Procedure

The two types of qualifications are 'guaranteed' and 'indicative selection rank.' We offer Guaranteed Entry for most programmes and list a 'Guaranteed' selection rank based on the ATAR (Australian Tertiary Admissions Rank) plus adjustment factors. Guaranteed admission to a course is contingent on achieving all required admission criteria. The availability of space Selection ranks that aren't labelled as 'Guaranteed' are only indicative. They do not guarantee admission. Additional entrance requirements and a limited number of seats are required for these programmes. For course-specific admissions requirements, including prerequisites that may apply to some courses.

The University transforms your result to an ATAR equivalent for non-Australian high school qualifications. These rough estimates may alter as the evaluation schedule used to convert the results change. The Bachelor of Design in Architecture (Hons) permits you to further your potential in a research post under the direction of a member of academic staff if you compete for or have been offered an undergraduate pass degree in DesignDesign. 

University of Melbourne

  •  Bachelor of Design
  • Bachelor of Design (Degree with Honors)


  • Doctor of Philosophy

Engineering students with a bachelor's

  • A three-year engineering undergraduate degree with a total average mark of at least sixty-five per cent is required
  • A Design Portfolio
  • One Architectural History subject; and
  • A two-page biographical statement is required.

University of New South Wales

  • Bachelor of Architectural Studies (Undergraduate)
  • Bachelor of Construction Management and Property (Undergraduate)
  • Bachelor of Architectural Studies (Undergraduate)
  • Bachelor of Industrial Design (Undergraduate)
  • Bachelor of Computational Design (Undergraduate)
  • Bachelor of Landscape Architecture (Honours)(Undergraduate)

Admission pathways

UNSW Global offers university pathway programmes to assist you in transferring to UNSW Sydney and achieving your academic and professional objectives.

English language requirements

Depending on your educational background and citizenship, you may be asked to produce proof of your English ability to study at an Australian university. English language skills are critical for coping with lectures, tutorials, assignments, and tests. Hence, institutions need a minimum level of English language fluency for enrolment.

If English isn't your first language, you'll need to show proof of your ability to communicate in the English language before you can be accepted to a university of your choosing. This can be accomplished by demonstrating that you meet one or more of the following criteria:

  • University English courses and English language tests
  • Prior English language studies are required.

Quick Reads:

 Additional qualifications

English language courses and programmes to help you improve your English skills.

University of Queensland

Undergraduate programs:

Bachelor of Architectural Design

Postgraduate programs:

Graduate Certificate in Information Technology for Master of Architecture students:

  • Information Technology Graduate Diploma
  • Information Technology Master's Degree

Complete a UQ – Queensland-accepted qualification. A year 12 diploma or equivalent qualification is required.

  • Obtain the required entrance score
  • Ensure that all academic prerequisites are met.
  • Meet the language requirements in English
  • Complete any program-specific application criteria successfully.

Some programmes have a quota, which indicates that only a certain number of spots are available. Because the entrance to these programmes is competitive, completing the minimum entry requirements does not ensure acceptance. UQ admits all applicants who meet the program's minimum entry requirements for programmes without a quota. 

Monash University (Queensland)

  • Architectural Design - Bachelor's degree
  • Design - Bachelor's degree
  • Engineering and Architectural Design - Bachelor's degree
  • Art, Design and Architecture - Doctorate/PhD

Architecture Schools In Australia - Course Eligibility

A table with specifics on the university-specific eligibility criteria can be found below. This comprises ATAR rankings, high school graduation scores for Indian students, and language competency criteria for international students. To study in Australia, you must meet the following minimal requirements:

University name


Indian School Certificate

Grade Equivalent



The University of Sydney






The University of Melbourne

English Language scores are required

English Language scores are required




University of New South Wales






University of Queensland






Monash University

English is required

English is required






Architectural Association School of Architecture: First, second, and fourth-year candidates who exhibit academic achievement and financial need are eligible for scholarships. Regardless of nationality or background, applicants to the main undergraduate course are entitled to apply for a scholarship.

Scope and Job Prospects

Many Australian enterprises have offices in Singapore, which equates to a bigger worldwide footprint, so architecture possibilities are plentiful in Australia. Keeping this in mind, the fees may also increase. Cibyl conducted a 2020 poll of more than 71,000 students and found that construction, civil engineering, and surveying were the most common job choices for architecture, building, and planning students.

The architecture field has different jobs. To fulfil the education is required, various colleges and universities. According to your budget and interest, one can opt for the course. Undoubtedly, this field will always remain in demand as structural needs increase day by day.

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FAQs About Architecture Schools In Australia

Is Architecture in demand in Australia?

Professional Architects are in high demand in Australia which is foreseen by Australian government's Labour Market Insights Research. Also, the survey say that the employability factor is expected to rise very strongly for Architects in Australia by 2026.

How many years does Architecture take in Australia?

It takes three years to complete Bachelor of Architecture in Australia. Students wishing to pursue Masters in Architecture must study for another two years.

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