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Best Community Colleges in Canada for International Students


Canada has become an ocean of education in a short period because of its higher education system. Many universities have been created here to offer bachelor's, master and doctoral courses under various specializations like applied arts, computer science, biotechnology, etc. The government owns and funds some institutes in the country. A few are privately owned, but they are mostly all commercial institutes.

They are often the best way for many international aspirants to gain high-quality education under an affordable fees structure. With a comprehensive list of excellent community institutes, Canada is a dream education place for all international and domestic students.

In this article, we have listed some of the best community colleges in Canada and mentioned the details about each institution, which will help you know how to get started and provide you with enough information.

What is Community College in Canada?

The meaning of community college can be different from country to country. These colleges are sometimes called institutes of technology, university colleges, technical institutes, regional institutes, and in their direct form, colleges. It offers programs you can use for general education requirements. Then, you can transfer to a 4-year university to complete your bachelor's degree course.

In short, you become familiar with traditional academic disciplines in a community college that will later help set you up for entry-level designation at any institution of your choice. In some countries, the Canadian co

community is considered an institution that has been established to offer a two-year diploma and a three-year advanced diploma, similar to a polytechnic.

These diploma courses are recognized internationally, and they can also be used to work in Canada. Moreover, these colleges differ from the state universities in terms of course sustainability as they offer two-year classes. In contrast, the state institutes offer longer degree courses at UG, PG, and PhD levels.

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Best Community Colleges in Canada for International Students

Below given colleges are Canada's leading community institutes for international and domestic students. 

Let us get started know about them:

  1. Seneca College
  2. Centennial College
  3. Humber College
  4. George Brown
  5. Vanier College
  6. Bow Valley College
  7. Southern Alberta Institute of Technology (SAIT)
  8. Red River College
  9. Nova Scotia Community College

1. Seneca College

Seneca College is an international educational supplier that offers more than 290 diplomas, degrees, and certificates courses. Moreover, it gives students a chance to choose from 500 career options based on their interests. Students will receive assistance from hands-on learning, high-tech facilities, and expert teaching faculty. Toronto-based Seneca Institute was formed in 1967; it is a place for candidates seeking continuous, part-time, or full-time education. The institute is popular for the ability to study, which directs it to courses such as social sciences, applied arts, financial services, and science. It also has collaboration with leaders & experts in the industry that have courage and a strong knowledge of education.

2. Centennial College

Next on this list, we have Centennial Colleges, the prior choice of the most national & international students in the country. Centennial is a dream destination to acquire knowledge of PG, Post-Secondary, Degree courses, Fast-track courses and Diploma in association with the Universities of Toronto.

Also, it has contracts with numerous education institutes around the world. The prospectus consists of eight specialized schools, providing a variety of Postgraduate, accelerated courses, fast-track courses, and higher education. It also received a leadership award in international education in 2015.

Established in 1966 with only 514 students, but now, centennial college is home to more than 45,000 students. Being the first college accredited by the Ontario government, it has become Canada's most sought-after education institution. 

3. Humber College

Humber College was established in 1966 as the city's first public college. It is one of the leading community colleges in Canada. The institute offers 95 certifications and degrees in engineering, communication, business, social science, life science, and arts courses. All these courses are designed with depth details on practicals in industrial and corporate fields.

The college also offers Arts and General Science courses to help students with university courses and college. Interested candidates must have fluency in English to get admission into Humber College. However, eligibility criteria may vary depending on the course to pursue. 

4. George Brown

This Toronto-based college has earned a reputation and popularity among international students, making it one of the best community colleges on this list. With three main campuses located within the City of Toronto, students are taught to live, work and learn in Canada's most diverse economic hub.

George Brown offers the gold chance to acquire work experience through multinational companies. Owning a world-class reputation, the institute has had government approval and public funding since 1967. It leads to high-quality professional courses, including professional careers, diplomas, certificates, and postgraduate degree courses. These programs are developed in association with national & international companies, market leaders & experts. They are continuously updated to meet the advanced technology needs of the business world.

5. Vanier College

Vanier College language school came into existence in 1970 to offer courses in French and English to improve student's language skills to deepen their cultural combination and continue their studies & work. The institute has a beautiful eco-friendly campus where students take advantage of the summer and spring seasons to participate in school activities and learn things in a soothing environment.

To help students achieve goals in life, the institute maintains the quality of education. The team of certified teachers on the Vanier campus is available to strengthen personal and pedagogical skills and integrate students' language abilities.

The three rules followed by Vanier include :

  • putting the student at the centre of teaching,
  • catering to the individual and collective needs of students, and
  • making a stimulating and positive learning environment.

It also believes in social development; it is recognized for its community initiatives. The institute has been offering foreign language programs for recreational and professional communication. 

6. Bow Valley College

Bow Valley College was established in 1965 with more than 25,000 students to impart second language training, certificates, diplomas courses, etc. The college has experts in offering imparting world-class education and training courses. In addition, it has experienced and committed teachers who have excellent courses and has the largest number of English as a second language course in Calgary.

Students of Bow Valley are prepared to be ready to work in small classes, close connections with work experience and instructors. Students from all over the world pursue Bow's high-quality courses for many reasons. After completing any course from Valley Institute, they can continue their studies at any university or job of their choice. Students may be able to work in Canada depending on how long they attend Bow Valley College.

7. Southern Alberta Institute of Technology (SAIT)

The southern Alberta Institute of Technology is one of Canada's leading and largest polytechnic institutes. This Calgary-based institution is focused on teaching students the most training and skills possible. It has a successful opportunity rate, with over 80% looking for a job in less than 8 months of completing their degree.

It offers a wide variety of support services to ensure that students are cared for during the time and feel peaceful during their studies. Services offered by SAIT include information on financial aid, aid for people with disabilities, additional academic support, and confidential counselling service. Students are also motivated to participate in activities and join a club in their additional time. There are presently more than 70 clubs, varying from fitness and sports-related to hobby clubs. 

8. Red River College

There are numerous community institutes in Manitoba Province, but one college that leads the scoreboard is the Red River College. Since its starting in 1938, the college has had massive popularity.

Currently, the red river is home to more than 30,000 students seeking to earn their diplomas and degrees in more than 200 active courses. The institute is the hub of various identification spectrums for selected degrees, certificates, diplomas and labour training. However, these courses are standing by in their respective space. 

9. Nova Scotia Community College

Nova Scotia Community College is located in eastern Canada, renowned for the practice of water sports. Students will be able to reflect on the highest tides in the world or have fun with a day of rowing. The best thing is that it is one of Canada's affordable community high schools.

Students will have a chance to study with several students from 30 different countries. Here, you learn sports such as soccer, skiing, basketball, volleyball, etc. Plus, you will have the chance of achieving the most famous high school diploma in one of the institutes in the province. Nova's international course welcomes more than 2000 students from different countries. 


Suppose you are interested in studying in Canada. In that case, you should know that the country is a destination for acclaimed community colleges worldwide. They are cheap & affordable, also offering high-quality courses and opportunities for international candidates. When considering studying abroad, community colleges may not be the first preference. However, they are best in terms of imparting quality education. You can contact AECC for more details or if you need any further assistance to study abroad.

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