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All of us are the residents of an evolving planet that is always open to new changes and modifications. From writing letters to texting over WhatsApp, from attending meetings and classes to having them on conference video calls, from entering outer space to creating our Metaverse, we have imbibed many changes that have paved our lives. One of the key developments is in the technology industry, which has been a game-changing notion in people's lives.

We have a vast space of tech all around us. But when it comes to taking up the tech we use as a commodity to study material, it has been underrated in the modern-day world. Here begins the talk about one of the most underrated but highly recommended courses of B.Tech. It is a highly vast course and stands out as a highly beneficial one if taken as a career path and study.

What is B.Tech?

B.Tech or, to elaborate on, bachelor of technology is a graduation course taken up by aspirants of technology-oriented streams such as engineering, designing etc. It is a vast field and comprises a bachelor's degree in various areas.

B.Tech Course Highlights

I researched the topic in a much deeper way. B.tech is a 4-year course comprising eight semesters and numerous topics. There are over 20 different fields such as electronic engineering, civil engineering, communication, food technology, aerodynamics etc. It is a job-oriented course, and one can be recruited for high-paying jobs like civil engineers, computer specialists, food technicians, automobile experts, etc.

Semester Wise View of the Subjects in the B.Tech Course

B.tech covers a wide range of subjects and can also be considered a link between science and commerce streams because in this course you get to learn matter from both these areas. 

The subjects that are to be learnt in the semesters are as follows:

Year -1:


  • Engineering Physics
  • Mathematics - I
  • Engineering Physics
  • Basic Electronics
  • Engineering Graphics
  • EG Lab
  • Environmental Studies


  • Engineering Chemistry
  • Mathematics - II
  • Engineering Mechanics
  • Specialisation based Subject
  • Computer Programming
  • Programming Lab
  • Engineering Mechanics Lab



  • Engineering Thermodynamics
  • Control Systems
  • Mathematics -III
  • Electrical devices
  • Strength of Materials
  • Thermodynamics Lab
  • Control Systems Lab


  • Data Structures
  • Digital Electronics
  • Mathematics - IV
  • Microprocessors
  • Microprocessors Lab
  • Digital Electronics Lab
  • Theory of Machines



  • Structural Analysis
  • Concrete structure
  • Machine Design
  • Industrial Automation
  • Elective - I
  • Sensors and Instrumentation
  • Structural Analysis Lab
  • Industrial Automation Lab


  • Hydraulics and Pneumatics
  • Elective – II
  • Analog Circuits
  • Transportation Engineering
  • Digital Signal Processing
  • Elective - III
  • Hydraulics Lab
  • Circuit Design Lab



  • Elective - IV
  • Elective - V
  • Elective - VI
  • VLSI Technology
  • Power Electronics
  • Fundamentals of Machine Learning
  • Power Electronics Lab
  • Electives Lab


  • Industrial Management
  • Open Elective
  • Dissertation
  • Industrial Project
  • Viva Voce
  • Internship 

B.tech Specialisation Subjects

In the second year of this course, the aspirants have to choose a specialisation subject to select their future profession easily. This field encompasses a wide range of subjects from which the aspirant might desire one. It can be any engineering subject of the aspirant, such as food technology, civil structure, computer specialisation, programming, machine-building and structure, etc.

B.tech Entrance Exams

To enter this prestigious course, the aspirants should answer some entrance exams. The exams consist of topics from the subjects of physics, chemistry and mathematics. The result of these examinations determines the admission into the colleges. Some of the entrance exams to pursue B.tech are listed below, along with the agencies conducting them:

  • JEE mains ( National testing agency )
  • VITEEE ( VIT University )
  • SRMJEEE ( SRM institute of science and technology )
  • (BITS Pilani)
  • MET ( Manipal Institute of higher education )
  • KIITEE ( Kalinga Institute of industrial technology )

Top Universities to Pursue B.tech Abroad

On a bigger scale, the world is on its way to adapting technology assets and equally qualified people. It is imbibing and is preparing for a new and agile Tech generation. The scope in this field is ever increasing and is looking for well-trained aspirants for the same. Numerous universities are encouraging to join the same worldwide. Some of them are:


QS rank

Stanford University 


University of California 


Cambridge University 


Seoul University, Korea 


Princeton University 


Cornell University 


Quick Reads: Universities in Abroad 

Jobs and Salary After B.tech

B.tech is a job-oriented course and has ample job opportunities in it. There are various types of jobs and their salary rebates from $5,000 to $250,000 per month. From teachers to technical experts to machine producers, there is a vast field in the employment sector of this course. Moreover, the aspirant gets an internship in his final semester, through which he can access jobs before completing his course. Some of the primary jobs listed in this course are:




Civil Engineers 


$10,000 to $60,000

Structural engineering experts

China and Australia 

$25,046 to $50,000

Food technical assistance 

India and Russia

$30,000 to $90,000

Government officials in roadways and railways department 


$70,737 to $80,000

Automobile experts and consultants 

South Africa, Indonesia, South Korea, USA

$45,000 to $78,527

Scope After B.tech Abroad

B.tech is a unique and fascinating course that has a guaranteed job opportunity. It has a vast scope and ongoing projects that help engage with fellow aspirants and enhance our knowledge and boost our creative nature. This has decreased unemployment and increased the per capita income of countries worldwide. This has made the underdeveloped public free from poverty and hunger. This has relieved us from the shackles of social evils and has brought us out onto a vast scope of warm and great jobs that reap immense financial and social results.

Top Recruiters for B.tech Degrees Abroad

B.tech is a great course that enables us to open ourselves to a new side of tech, which is unique and sprawling. It is a course that unlocks the future for us. It has a wide range of subjects and expands our range on various topics, and makes us the future architects to what the future of technology holds. Many countries are promoting the development of this area, such as the USA, Russia, UK, Japan etc. Many universities promote this and have promoted it for a long time through effective use of resources, good teaching faculty, high salary placements and excellent projects. It would be a great choice to opt for a course in this field for a bright future in the tech industry.

Today, the IT industry is one of the most important, with an enormous revenue of over $15 billion. Also, it is one of the primary foundations of the future and shall continue to be the same. We are soon getting exposed to the tech generation, and it's our sole responsibility to utilise all the assets and gadgets provided to us to their fullest and be the techies of the next generation.

We are on the cusp of a new era, the world of tech and infinite magnitude of development. So let's take this B.tech course as a powerful weapon to change the world and turn it into a much better and developed place because, as the wise say, "The tech is our future, and we have tons of it to nurture".

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FAQs about B.Tech Subjects

Which B Tech course is best?

Computer Science, Aeronautical, Mechanical etc. are a few of the best BTech courses. 

Which are the subjects in B Tech 1st year?

Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, English etc. can be a few subjects in B Tech first year. However, it is dependent on the stream you choose. 

Is B Tech easy?

B Tech is not considered an easy program. However, if you study hard, you can pass with no arrears. 

Is B Tech good for the future?

Yes, B Tech is good for the future, and the degree has scope in all countries. 

What is a BTech qualification?

A B Tech is a graduate-level program. 

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