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Indian Students in Ireland: An In-Depth Look at the Cost of Living and Managing Finances Abroad


Ireland, with its rich academic tradition and welcoming culture, is a popular destination for Indian students. However, understanding the cost of living is a key aspect of planning for an enriching educational journey in this beautiful country. It's not just about the numbers, but also about understanding the lifestyle, local customs, and value systems. From the cost of a warm meal to the price of a cinema ticket, from the nuances of public transport fares to the seasonal variations in utility bills, every aspect contributes to the overall cost of living in Ireland. It's all about comprehending how these costs align with your budget and lifestyle preferences, and how you can optimise your expenses while making the most of your student life in Ireland. This understanding empowers you to make informed decisions, ensuring a smooth and enjoyable overseas study experience.

Accommodation Options and Costs in Ireland

Understanding Ireland's accommodation options and their costs is essential for Indian students planning to study in Ireland. Each student can find various accommodation options and their associated expenses below and choose one according to their budget and preference.

Ireland's Accommodation options and their cost in EURO:

Accommodation Types in Ireland

Cost Fee (in EURO)

On-Campus Accommodation

The cost varies greatly depending on the university and the type of accommodation. Payments are usually made in two instalments, one in September and the other in February.

Rented Accommodation

The cost of rented accommodations also varies greatly depending on the location and type of accommodation. Payments are usually made at the end of each month.

Living with a Host Family

The cost of living in Ireland with a host family can vary. It’s a popular option and can be found through local newspapers or accommodation service sites.

Long-Term Student Hostel

The cost of long-term student hostels can vary. They offer a more affordable option for students.

Food and Daily Living Expenses

Your culinary and day-to-day life experience in Ireland is an integral part of your study abroad experience. Let's explore the costs associated with them to help you savour this experience without breaking the bank.

Daily Living Expenses in Ireland

Monthly Cost in EURO

Rent (studio/small 1 bedroom for solo)


Utilities (Electricity, gas, water, cell phone/internet)


Food (groceries + eating out)


Sports (Gym) and Entertainment (movies, bars, tours)




Basic lunchtime menu (including a drink) in the business district

€17 per meal

Combo meals in fast food restaurants (Big Mac meal or similar)

€11 per meal

Transportation and Travel Costs for Students

The costs associated with Ireland's transportation and travel are the most affordable and it is attractive to international students among the European countries. Getting to know Ireland's transportation costs will not only help you manage your budget effectively but also ensure a seamless and enjoyable travel experience throughout your stay in Ireland. Also, it will help you to explore Ireland's scenic landscapes and vibrant cities by planning your budget.

Let's go through the transportation and travel costs to help you plan your Irish adventures efficiently.

Public Transportation:

Public Transportation Type

Monthly Cost in EURO

Bus Éireann

Varies based on the route and distance

Dublin Bus

A 30-day bus ticket can cost as much as €160

DART (Dublin Area Rapid Transit)

Discounted fares are available for students

LUAS (Tram service)

Discounted fares are available for students

Private Transportation:

Private Transportation Type

Monthly Cost in EURO

Car (including insurance, fuel, maintenance)

Varies greatly depending on the car model, usage, and insurance costs


Varies based on the distance travelled

Bike (including maintenance)

Initial cost of bike plus minimal maintenance costs

Healthcare and Insurance for International Students

The labyrinth of healthcare and insurance of the Ireland country can be complex and confusing. This guide aims to demystify these complexities, ensuring your health and peace of mind during your academic journey.

Let's unravel the essentials of healthcare and insurance tailored specifically for the global scholar.

Health Insurance Type


Approximate Annual Cost in EURO

Irish Life Health


Varies based on the plan

VHI Healthcare


Varies based on the plan

Laya Healthcare


Varies based on the plan

Study and Protect


Between €150 and €180

Irish Naturalisation and Immigration Service (INIS) Scheme


Application Fee is EURO 175 and Application Processing Fee is EURO 950

Here is a more detailed cost of both the Public and Private Health Insurance plans in Ireland

Irish Life Health:

  • 4D Health 1: €1,386.40
  • 4D Health 2: €1,599.80
  • 4D Health 3: €1,849.40
  • 4D Health 4: €1,922.10
  • Simply Health Plus: €1,453.27
  • Excel Care: €2,250.98
  • MyPlan 150: €1,082.00
  • MyPlan 150 Day to Day: €1,172.00
  • MyPlan 350: €908.00
  • MyPlan 350 Day to Day: €983.00

You can choose the Health plan as per your preference and circumstances. To help you choose, we have given a short description of the 4D health plans in Ireland.

4D Health 1: This plan offers coverage for inpatient scans, consultant fees, public and private hospital stays, certain high-tech hospital procedures, maternity care and emergency inpatient treatment abroad.

4D Health 2: This plan provides similar benefits to 4D Health 1 but with a lower excess of €150 per claim and includes coverage for private rooms in private hospitals.

4D Health 3: This plan offers the same benefits as 4D Health 2 but with a lower excess of €50 per claim.

4D Health 4: This plan provides comprehensive coverage including inpatient scans, consultant fees, public and private hospital stays, certain high-tech hospital procedures, maternity care, and emergency inpatient treatment abroad with the lowest excess of €50 per claim.

VHI Healthcare:

  • EnhancedCare Complete 150 Day-to-Day: €1,933.24
  • PremiumCare: €4,389.45

Laya Healthcare:

  • Excel Care: €2,250.98
  • Simply Health Plus: €1,453.275
  • Total Health No Excess: €2,471.385
  • Connect Simplicity: €1,517.776

Social Life and Miscellaneous Expenses

Begin an international study journey isn't just about academics, it's also about immersing yourself in a new social milieu and managing sundry expenses. This section will shed light on the vibrant social life you can anticipate and allow you to plan for your social life seamlessly.

Social Life and Miscellaneous Expenses

Monthly Cost in EURO

Eating Out


Entertainment (movies, concerts, etc.)


Gym Membership


Personal Care (haircut, toiletries, etc.)




Miscellaneous (gifts, donations, etc.)


Being thoughtful about the cost of living in Ireland equips Indian students to plan their study abroad journey effectively. From accommodation and daily expenses to healthcare and social life, being aware of these costs helps students self-manage their budget efficiently. A comprehensive realisation of these expenses is key to a smooth and enjoyable educational experience in Ireland.

Ready for your Irish adventure with AECC? Let's transform your Irish dreams into reality and make your educational journey in Ireland an unforgettable experience. Connect with AECC today!


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