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Cost of Living in New Zealand


The New Zealand gives a delightful experience to the ones who visit it for study, work, tourism, etc. Gorgeous beaches and beautiful landscapes surround the small island nation. You can enjoy its natural beauty while living. However, there are various costs involved that you need to understand before moving into New Zealand. 

Cost of Living for Students in New Zealand

The cost of living for students in New Zealand is divided into various brackets. Students must manage various weekly costs such as accommodation, transportation, food & groceries, entertainment & recreation, personal care, etc. Below we have highlighted these values in INR and NZD for a better understanding.

  • Accommodation: 5120.10-10240.19 INR (200-400 NZD)
  •  Transportation: 512-1024 INR (10-20 NZD)
  •  Food & groceries: 1024-1536 INR (20-30 NZD)
  •  Entertainment & recreation: 2560-3072 INR (50-60 NZD)
  •  Personal care: 5120 INR (100 NZD) 

Cost of Living in New Zealand for a Family

Various factors decide the cost of living in New Zealand for a family. These rental factors include the city of choice, whether to live in the city center or not, etc. However, the average living cost for a single person is 1400 NZD (70210 INR), excluding rent. Likewise, it will be 4500 NZD (225677 INR) for a family of four.

Accommodation Costs in New Zealand

Accommodation is one of the significant living expenses in New Zealand, which is influenced by the type of residence, you choose to stay in. There are a few options below from which you can take your pick per your budget.

Types of Accommodation 

Average Amount in NZD & INR

Halls of residence

Between 300 (15362.24) and 600 (30724.48) per week

Local homestays

Between 110 (5632.82) and 370 (18946.76) per week

Rented apartments for 3 to 4 persons

{200 (10241) per person} per week 

Between 3 and 4 bedroom house

565 (28932.22) per week

A single room house 

215 (11009.60) per week 

Cost of Food in New Zealand

Food in New Zealand is another significant expense, especially for overseas students. Although it's affordable in New Zealand, if you want to save on costs, we advise cooking your meals to reduce eating outside amounts.

Food Items

Average Amount in NZD & INR

Meal from university food hall or campus café

Between 7 (351) and 12 (601)

Meal at an inexpensive restaurant

20 (1003)

Three-course meal (2 people, mid-range restaurant) 

100 (5015)

Local beer

9 (451)

Imported beer

9 (451)

A bottle of wine

15 (752)


5 (250)

Coke or Pepsi

3 (150)


3 (150)

Monthly Grocery Expenses in New Zealand 

Monthly groceries are another essential cost for New Zealand, especially for those who prefer cooking their meals. Fortunately, it's affordable for people with any budget, whether high or low. Take a look at some typical grocery amounts below.

Kind of Expenses

Amount in NZD & INR

1 liter milk 

2.67 (133)


2.50 (125)

1 kg white rice

3 (150)

A dozen eggs

5.40 (270)


11 (551)


12.90 (646)


20 (1003)


Between 3 (150) and 4 (200)


Between 3 (150) and 4 (200)

Cost of Public Transport in New Zealand

Another crucial cost factor to consider in New Zealand is public transport. A benefit is that every city is well-connected with it, and it is also cheaper than other nations, especially for Indians living in the New Zealand.

Types of Transport

Amount in NZD & INR 


Between 4 (208) and 11.5 (598) 


Between 4 (208) and 11.5 (598) 

Taxi or Uber 

3.3 (171) per km 


Between 4.7 (244) and 73 (3798) 

Rented cycles

1 (52) per hour

Domestic flights 

Between 50 (2601) and 70 (3641) 

Affordable Cities to Live in New Zealand

When looking for a living in New Zealand, finding an affordable city is essential, especially if you have a tight budget. Two of the most inexpensive cities in the picture are Dunedin and Napier. To help you out, we mention the five cheapest and best Kiwi cities with various expenses.

Affordable Cities

Average Amount in NZD & INR


2200 (110207) per month


2050 (102692) per month


2450 (122730) per month


2100 (105197) per month


1950 (97683) per month 

Cost of Studying in New Zealand for Indian Students

accommodation, student visas, and other expenses. For Indian students, no matter how affordable education in a nation such as New Zealand is, it's always expensive due to the currency value. Fortunately, they can afford these amounts with scholarships and other student funding options. As for the student visa, they can cut down on its costs with an expert study abroad consultancy. Below are the estimated amounts to consider.

  • Tuition fees (UG): 1000000-1400000 INR per year.
  •  Tuition fees (UG, engineering, medical, vet science, dentistry, etc.): 1100000-3500000 INR per year.
  •  Tuition fees (PG): 1200000-1700000 INR per year.
  •  Tuition fees (Ph.D.): 30000-40000 INR per year.
  •  Living (university provided): 13000 INR per week.
  •  Living (self-funded): 8000 INR per week.
  •  Student Visa: 13000 INR.
  •  Transportation: 180 INR.
  •  Books and supplies: 23000 INR.
  •  Electricity, gas, or water: 4600 INR.
  •  Mobile plan: 500 INR.
  •  Food and entertainment: 7000 INR per week.


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