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Diploma Courses after Graduation


The competitive job market worldwide demands candidates who not only have specialised knowledge but also have practical skills. Diploma courses after graduation serve here by providing a fast route to job readiness. These short-term programs are becoming popular nowadays owing to their practicality, cost-effectiveness and industry focus.
Read on to learn more about the diploma courses that you can choose to succeed in today's dynamic job market.

What Are The Diploma Courses Available After Graduation?

Students have multiple diploma courses to choose from after completing graduation. However, before we head onto the available options, let's quickly understand what diploma courses are!

Diploma courses are basically short-term courses that offer focused training and practical knowledge and skills to students that will help them grow professionally and personally. Diploma courses can also be beneficial for people who are looking to change their careers and advance within their current career field. These courses provide the opportunity to acquire new skills, gain more knowledge, and transition into new roles or venture into different industries.

Students are taught both technical and soft skills. Technical skills are related to a specific subject. This may include planned education and training. For instance, learning and practising graphic designing skill set, MS Excel etc.

On the other hand, soft skills are those that can be learned and developed over time such as communication skills, leadership skills etc. Overall, these courses provide individuals with the right guidance to grow in their careers.

Popular Diploma Courses After Graduation

Diploma courses after graduation are a great way to start your career. These courses broaden the horizon of the learner and also increase their earning potential. Compared to a graduation degree, the diploma course is for a shorter duration and focuses on skill enhancement of the students.

Here are some of the best after graduation diploma courses in commerce, arts and science:

  • Diploma in Business Management
  • Diploma in Computer Applications
  • Diploma in Advanced Digital Marketing
  • Diploma in Graphic Designing
  • Diploma in Finance and Accounting

Top 5 Diploma Courses After Graduation

Diploma courses help in the overall development of the student. These crucial skill development courses not only increase job opportunities but also empower an individual. 

Read on to know about each course along with course duration, fee and other important details.

Diploma in Business Management

An important diploma course that helps students build their skills from the ground up is the Diploma in Business Management. Aspects like marketing, accounting, management etc. all come under this diploma course. Furthermore, students get to explore the various aspects of business and management whilst learning the key mantra to handle an organisation efficiently.

Opting for this particular diploma course after graduation enables individuals to make better financial decisions. Some of the key subjects covered in the course include Business Economics, Marketing Principles, Financial Accounting and Project Management.

  • Duration: 6 - 12 months (Based on top 5 universities)
  • Career Options: Sales Manager, Business Management Executive, Finance Manager, Business Analyst, Business Development Executive, HR Executive.
  • Fee: INR 1 to 10 lakhs

Diploma in Computer Applications

Computers have become predominant across various industries globally. These one year diploma courses after graduation in Computer Applications can help you be in loop with the latest technology and trends with innovation. Industries that require professionals who pursue courses as such are IT, insurance and banking.

The course will help you develop strong designing, programming and computer skills which will eventually land you in high paying jobs in any of the mentioned fields above.

  • Duration: 6 to 12 months
  • Career Options: Web Developer, Web Designer, Accounting, Database Handling, Basic Computer Applications, Computer Operator, Programmer, Technical Support, System Administrator.
  • Fee: Up to INR 45,000

Diploma in Advanced Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is an upcoming market where you can leverage your social media platform to sell products and services online. In today's digital savvy world, transforming your passion for online trends to a high paying job is more attainable than ever.

A diploma course after graduation in digital marketing will help you learn the basics about the strategies and tools used in online marketing. It will cover a range of topics including but not limited to search engine optimization (SEO), social media marketing, content marketing, web analytics.

  • Duration: 8 to 12 months
  • Career Options: Digital Marketing Manager, Content Strategists, SEO Specialists, Email Marketing Manager, Digital Analytics Experts
  • Fee: INR 8 to 10 lakhs

Diploma in Graphic Designing

Diploma in graphic designing course equips students with the knowledge and creativity required to create visual content for various purposes like websites, ads, and more.

The course will teach you the fundamental graphic design principles that comprises colour theory, layout design, composition and more. So, if you have a knack for creativity and an understanding of computer technology, you can most likely make a great career in graphic design.

  • Duration: 12 months
  • Career Options: Graphic Designer, 3D Model Designer, UI/UX Designer
  • Fee: INR 5 to 15 lakhs

Diploma in Finance and Accounting

Diploma in Finance and Accounting typically covers subjects like financial management, taxation, accounting principles, auditing and more. It is designed in a way to provide students with a strong foundation in all the above-mentioned areas. This diploma is a specialised programme that provides students with foundational knowledge and skills in accounting and finance.

If you are looking for an entry-level position in the financial service sector, this is one of the best courses to pursue after your graduation.

  • Duration: 12 months
  • Career Options: Bookkeeper, Payroll Administrator, Account Payable Clerk
  • Fee: INR 5 to 10 lakhs

Benefits of Pursuing Diploma Courses

Opting for diploma courses after graduation opens doors to numerous opportunities. Let's explore the main reasons why opting for a diploma course is a good investment for one to make.

  • Specialisation in a Field

Pursuing diploma courses in any field allow students to specialise in their particular area of interest. It enables them to carve out a niche for themselves when appearing for an interview in the job market.

  • Job Readiness

Diploma courses equips individuals with job ready skills, be it technical, problem solving or time management, that meet the demand of today's competitive job market.

  • Skill Enhancement

Diploma programs are designed in a way to provide hands-on training to individuals in their chosen field. For instance, many courses include internships and work placement as a part of their curriculum.

  • Affordability

The diploma courses are usually shorter in duration and are more affordable compared to degree programs. They offer a cost-effective way to acquire new skills or upgrade existing skillsets.

  • Career Advancement/Enhance Employability

Diploma programs provide practical training and hands-on experience in specific areas of study. These programs focus on developing practical skills and competencies that are directly applicable to the workplace and make graduates more employable.


To wrap up, diploma courses after graduation provide numerous opportunities for international students to enhance their skills and attain desirable jobs in their chosen fields. With a focus on skill enhancement, these diploma programs empower students to thrive confidently in a professional work environment.

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