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Diploma Courses after Graduation


Long gone are the days when just possessing an academic degree would help you in a high-paying job. You need to choose a field of your interest and develop your skillset on the same. A Diploma degree in the field will help you to secure a job for yourself. Several students from all over the world enrol in Diploma programs in their areas of interest. Diploma courses enable a person to gain a more in-depth understanding of a specific field. After graduation, you can enrol in the best diploma course for a better career. Various Diploma courses to fine-tune your skills and secure a job.

Top 10 Diploma Courses After Graduation in Science, Commerce and Arts

Diploma courses after graduation are a great way of entering the workforce. A graduation degree might not have the requisite skillsets and the knowledge needed to land a highly competitive job. A UG degree will help you to better understand a specific job and the critical aspects involved in it. But Diploma courses are the ones that fine-tune for employment.

A diploma program can be pursued after 10th, 12th or graduation. After graduation, various diploma 1-year courses after graduation will fine-tune your skills and increase your chances of employment. It is always a great idea to study abroad so that it will help you to land a good job.

Some of the diploma courses after graduation in science, commerce, and arts are

  1. Diploma in Digital Marketing
  2. Diploma in Graphic Designing
  3. Diploma in Management
  4. Diploma in Computer Applications
  5. Diploma in Hotel Resource Management
  6. Diploma in Software Engineering
  7. Diploma in Fashion Designing
  8. Diploma in UI/UX Design
  9. Diploma in Journalism and Mass Communication
  10. Diploma in Interior Design

Compared to a graduation degree, a diploma course is for a shorter duration and focuses primarily on the skill development of the students. Acquiring a diploma course will help the students to kickstart their career in the relevant field.

Top 5 Diploma Courses After Graduation

Diploma in Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is the use of various websites, apps, social media platforms and other digital means to promote or sell your products online. Digital marketing involves the various platforms that companies use to create their online presence in the digital world. A diploma course after graduation in digital marketing helps you learn about the basics of search engine optimization, social media marketing, and email marketing. Students will also get an insight into the role of digital marketing in the overall marketing strategy of the business.

Basic knowledge of every aspect of digital marketing with specialisation in a few will kickstart your career with a good job.

Popular Courses in Digital Marketing (Abroad)

Diploma in Social Media Marketing, Social Media College, Sydney

International Diploma Program - Digital Marketing, University of California

Diploma in Professional Digital Marketing, Oxford College of Marketing, UK

Diploma in Graphic Designing

Graphics are the primary aspect of any online medium be it from websites to social media platforms. If you have a creative mind and can depict ideas in attractive graphics to the audience, then this is the right career option for you. But having a creative mind alone will not help, you need to have an understanding of the software applications and the various tools that can be used in graphic designing. This aspect can be learnt by enrolling for a 1-year course in graphic design after graduation.

A combination of creative skills, an understanding of computer technology, and excellent communication skills will flag off a great career in graphic design.

Popular Courses in Graphic Designing (Abroad)

Diploma in Graphic Design, Victoria University, Australia

Basic Graphic Design Course, Riverside City College, USA

Introduction to Graphic Designing, Master Design Lab, London, UK

Diploma in Management

Management is one of the main acumen when it comes to any business. It helps you to organise, and direct workflows, operations and employees in an organisation. This is one of the high-demand courses after graduation that helps students develop knowledge and the skills to take management roles. Some of the industries where these courses will be of great help would be business, accounting, banking, and financial sectors.

A significant amount of management knowledge, skills and knowledge will help you to garner a good role in the management sector.

Popular Courses in Management (Abroad)

Diploma of Leadership and Management, Business Institute of Australia, Sydney

Diploma in Business Administration, Ohio Business College, Sheffield USA

Diploma in Business Administration and Management, Kingsgate International College, UK

Diploma in Computer Applications

Computers have become predominant in almost all industries globally. This is one of the best diploma courses for a better career. Computer applications course gives you knowledge in word processing, spreadsheets, databases, image editing, web designing, etc. A diploma degree will help you land high-paying jobs as a software developer, data analyst, database administrator, etc. Some of the industries where you can work are banking, IT, insurance, etc.

Strong skills in programming, designing, and communication skills will take you to a good-paying job in one of the above-mentioned industries.

Popular Courses in Computer Applications (Abroad)

Diploma of Computer Science and Information Technology, Curtin College, Perth, Australia

Diploma in Computer Operations, Gwinnett Institute, Orlando, USA

BTEC National Diploma in Computer Studies, The College of Central London, London, UK

Diploma in Hotel Resource Management

One of the most popular and sought-after career options would be in the hospitality industry. If you are a person who loves interacting with people and giving them the help and support they need, then this would be a great career choice for you. Hotel Resource Management is the art of overseeing the operations of a hotel location. A diploma course after graduation in hotel resource management could fetch you one of the top positions in the hospitality industry.

Popular Courses in Hotel Resource Management (Abroad)

Diploma of Hospitality Management, Griffith College, Australian Skills Professional Skills, Perth, Australia

Hospitality and Hotel Management Diploma, International Career Institute, Los Angeles, USA

Diploma in Tourism and Hospitality Management, Amity College, UK

Best Countries to Study Diploma Courses after Graduation - List the countries

The following are some of the countries that are best to pursue a diploma course. This is due to the quality of education that is imparted in these countries and the cultural diversity that you can find in these countries.


Popular Courses


Diploma in Network Engineering

Diploma in Hospitality Management

Diploma in Journalism

Diploma in Health Science and Research


Diploma in Networking

Diploma in Software Development

Diploma in Professional Wine Management (Sommelier)

Diploma in Cookery and Kitchen Management


Diploma in Anti-Money Laundering

Diploma in Hotel Management

Diploma in Cybersecurity

Professional Diploma in Management


Diploma in Project Business and Management

Diploma in Digital Marketing

Diploma in Accounting and Financial Management

Diploma in Computer Aided Drafting and Design


Diploma in Business Administration

Diploma in Fashion Communication

Diploma in Legal Secretaries

Diploma in Arts and Design


Diploma in Business Administration

Diploma in Counselling Skills

Diploma in Hospitality & Restaurant Business Management

Diploma in Tourism


Everyone wants to embark on a great career after they complete their graduation degree. A graduation degree gives you problem-solving, planning, management, and willingness to learn. But you need a specific skillset in a particular area to take up a job. This skill set can be acquired within a short period with the help of diploma courses after graduation. We have listed various diploma courses after graduation. You can get yourself enrolled in these courses to embark on a successful career. In case of doubts or clarifications regarding these courses, you can get in touch with any of our AECC counsellors.


Which diploma is best after the 10th?

The diploma course in Digital Marketing is one of the best after the 10th.

Which diploma course has the highest salary?

Studying for the Diploma in Business Studies course will get the highest salary.

Is a diploma better than a specialisation degree?

Diplomas are considered one step low when compared to specialisation degrees. However, the curriculum that is devised in the diploma courses helps individuals to become skilled professionals.

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