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Is January Intake Universities in UK your ongoing pursual or current study expedition on any of the internet search engines to plan and continue your higher education in the UK? Today, take advantage of this blog to equip yourself with all the necessary information. Through this blog, we will furnish you with all the details to commence your study-abroad journey utilising the January Intake in the UK.

A Quick Info on January Intake in the UK

  • January Intake is the Second-most popular Intake in the UK.
  • It is also known as the Winter/Spring Intake in the UK.
  • First semester begins in January of the particular year.
  • Application period for January Intake opens in September and ends in October.
  • Your Admission gets finalised between November to December.
  • Compared to September Intake, January Intake sees a lesser number of courses and scholarships offered.
  • Significant Benefits of Choosing the January Intake in the UK

    • Gives you time to analyse your future higher education and career goals.
    • You can avail the time to attend your English Proficiency exam, arrange money for travel and study and apply for UK Student Visa and Scholarships.
    • You can understand the country's culture, gastronomy, lifestyle, education system, healthcare system, growing career fields, salary culture, etc.
    • The intake also permits you to prepare for your study-abroad journey, such as purchasing clothes and other necessities.
    • It is a great time to learn the country's accent, shortlist your desired UK Universities and courses to study, find the best student-friendly cities, analyse the student life in the UK, etc.

    January 2024 - Application Opening and Deadline Dates of the UK Universities

    To get admission in the UK Universities for the January Intake 2024, international students must start applying in the second half of the year 2023.

    i) For those participating in the January 2024 Intake to apply to the UK universities, the application period begins in September and ends in October 2023.
    ii) Once you are through the admission's interview process, you will be finalised for admission between November and December 2023.

    List of UK Universities that participate in January Intake 2024

    Choosing one of the Universities in UK offering January Intake will be your best choice to study in the UK because once you graduate, you have less competition during your placement as the number of students choosing this intake are less. You can also take your time to be organised to meet all your study-abroad requirements and leisurely begin your journey. Universities with January Intake in UK also offer flexible courses like online and part-time courses for international students, allowing them to study even while working.



    QS WUR 2023

    Tuition Fess in GBP


    Anglia Ruskin University


    Eur 18,000


    Aston University


    Eur 19,950


    Bangor University


    Eur 17,000


    Bedfordshire University


    Eur 15,000


    Birmingham City University


    Eur 18,000


    Bolton University


    Eur 15,000


    Brunel University


    Eur 17, 355


    Bradford University


    Eur 15,000


    Brighton University


    Eur 18,000


    Chester University


    Eur 17,000

    1. Anglia Ruskin University

    Anglia Ruskin University, one of the Universities in UK offering January Intake, is a top university in the country that has earned its place in the top 40 in the list of best universities in the UK. In 2022, the University achieved an overall student satisfaction rate of 8% higher than the national average. Anglia Ruskin University is best known for its outstanding Academic support, Learning Community and Student Voice.

    The Employability Scheme at Anglia Ruskin University ensures students are exposed to the top employers in their field once they graduate. Moreover, Scholarships are available to well-performing students each year.

    Anglia Ruskin University is also one of the best Undergraduate January Intake Universities in UK, meaning the Undergraduate courses provided by the University have the best education and teaching quality. 

    Courses offered at Anglia Ruskin University

    Accounting and Finance Courses, Acting, Drama and Theatre Courses, Animal and Environmental Science Courses, Architecture Courses, Art and Design Courses, Computer Science Courses, etc.

    2. Aston University

    Aston University is next in the line of the best Universities with January Intake in UK. It is an award-winning university that acquired the "University of the Year" in 2020 from the elite UK Newspaper Guardian. The university highly believes in diversity and sustainability and has eradicated the education gap between Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic (BAME) students and their white peers. By studying at Aston University, international students can witness the most diverse and multicultural campus communities in the UK.

    Besides, the university provides high-quality degrees and thus earned the title of Gold-Rated UK University. The most exciting factor about studying at Aston University is that you will be paid high once you graduate, as it has a high reputation in the industry sector. Like all the Universities in UK offering January Intake, Aston is also one of the best Undergraduate January Intake Universities in UK.

    Courses offered at Aston University

    Business Courses, Law Scores, Medical Courses, Engineering Courses, IT and Computer Science Courses, Humanity and Social Science Courses and Accounting and Commerce Courses.

    3. Bangor University

    Looking for a UK university that is among the best January Intake Universities in UK with Placement? Well, then, Bangor University is the one for you. In addition to providing the best placement opportunities, the university offers higher education with affordable study fees. Another noteworthy fact about the university is that it provides scholarships worth 1 Million just for international students alone.

    If you prefer to utilise the students' accommodation of the university for your stay, then you can be ensured your stay will be breezy throughout your study period. With around Eur 35 million invested for students' accommodation, you have all the facilities from wi-fi, gym membership, campus life membership, sports facilities, cafe, bar, shops, 24-hour security and much more.

    Courses offered at Bangor University

    Management Courses, Archaeology Courses, Celtic and Medieval Study Courses, Fine Arts Courses, Criminology and Criminal Justice Courses, English Literature Courses, Film, Media and Journalism Courses, etc.

    4. Bedfordshire University

    Bedfordshire University is a mix of an ancient and modern phenomenon. With its establishment dating back 100 years ago, it has reinvented itself by introducing the latest and modern facilities for students. Popular for being a budget-friendly university for international students among the other UK universities, Bedfordshire University will be your right pick if you expect both quality education and affordable study fees. Almost all courses offered at Bedfordshire allow students to take part in professional training for one year as a part of their course.

    Moreover, the university has a seven-storey library and a 40 million Euro STEM building specially built for students passionate about studying STEM courses. The university is also a student-friendly university with a separate caring and development community for students. Finally, the university boasts research-oriented studies and has an individual research institute of its own.

    Courses offered at Bedfordshire University

    Business Courses, Computing Courses, Sports Courses, Media Courses, Psychology Courses, Performing Arts and Design Courses, Law Courses, Engineering Courses, Teacher Education Courses, English Language and Communication Courses, etc.

    5. Birmingham City University

    Quick Fact

    Want to experience the best student-life by living in one of the largest cities of the UK?

    Then Birmingham City University is the perfect choice. The University is located in Birmingham, the second-largest city in England, where you can witness an ideal high-tech city with major establishments and prolific natural and man-made wonders. Not just that, with multiple campuses inside the university and its facilities, you get to experience one of the vibrant student lives and a first-class quality education.

    Being a Birmingham University Student, you have the advantage of studying accredited courses. Also, the University possesses professors who are the best at their profession. Many of the other perks include, scholarships worth Eur 1,000 if you are an outstanding candidate, earning while you study, travelling outside the UK for your study, attending placement interviews for many leading companies, etc.

    Courses offered at Birmingham City University

    Accounting and Finance Courses, Information Technology and Software Courses, Engineering Courses, Acting Courses, Linguistics Courses, Architectural Technology Courses, Automotive Engineering Courses, Biomedical Engineering Courses, Criminal Justice Courses, Business Administration and Business Management Courses, etc.

    6. Bolton University

    Among the Universities in UK offering January Intake, Bolton stands out as one of the best as it offers you multiple reasons to choose it for your higher education. Bolton is one of the most diverse cities in England, where all kinds of nationalities flock to the city to continue their study or work. On a majority, Boston University hosts around 120 nationalities, with 25% coming from minority ethnic backgrounds.

    A greater news for international students is that the university charges only around Eur 12,950 for both UG and PG courses. The Bolton city is also one of the most affordable cities in England, so you can concentrate on your studies without much financial constraints.

    Being a Bolton University student, you don't need to worry about your job placement as the university offers you many employability programs to equip you with all the right skills to get employed soon.

    Courses offered at Bolton University

    Accountancy Courses, Animation and Illustration Courses, Arts, Design and Fine Arts Courses, Biomedical and Medical Engineering Courses, Management, Logistics and Supply Chain Courses, Civil Engineering Courses, Community Development and Youth Courses, Computing Courses and many more.

    7. Brunel University

    When talking about Universities in UK for January Intake, Brunel cannot be ignored as it is an internationally recognised university, constantly providing quality education to meet the needs of the industries and society. Brunel, being a university empowering students to face the challenges of the world competitively, is constantly pushing itself to be the best research-intensive university. Its main goal is to instill Excellence, Innovation and Entrepreneurial Spirit in students.

    By studying at Brunel University, you will have the advantage of learning through cutting-edge technologies, research studies and experiential work-based training. To top it all, the University has a beneficiary university and student community to address students' concerns regarding studies, health (both psychological and physical) and family. The placement opportunities provided by Brunel are no less compared to the other Universities in UK offering January Intake.

    Courses offered at Brunel University

    General and Advanced Medicinal Courses, Engineering Courses, Management Courses, Criminology Courses, Communication and Media Courses, Arts Courses, Digital Media Courses, Law Courses, Journalism Courses, Sports, Health and Science Courses, Theatre Courses and many more.

    How to Apply for January 2024 Intake in the UK?

    The Application Process to begin your study-abroad journey at one of the Universities in UK offering January Intake is precisely given below.

    • May - June 2023: Shortlist your favourite Universities. Start gathering information on admission requirements, application opening time, deadlines, and eligibility from the University websites.
    • June - September 2023: Start giving your English Proficiency exam.
    • September 2023: Fill out the application forms attach the required and supporting educational documents and send them to your shortlisted Universities.
    • October to November 2023: If your application is accepted, you will get an admission enrollment letter which you have to accept before the given deadline.
    • November 2023: Apply for scholarships, bursaries or assistantships available for you. After receiving your offer letter from the University, start your UK Student Visa application process.
    • December 2023: Book your flight tickets and start your journey to the UK to commence your higher studies.

    What if I missed applying to January Intake Universities in the UK?

    If you have missed the January Intake in the UK, you can always choose to apply to September Intake or the May Intake. September Intake is the most popular Intake in the UK, followed by the January Intake and the final is the May Intake.

    Still require information or guidance to take the next step in your journey of applying to the Universities in UK for January Intake?

    Don't wait till you approach your deadline.

    Connect with aecc today to comprehend the complete process of successful admission to one of the Universities in UK offering January Intake.

    Our expert in-house counsellors will sit with you for a one-on-one consultation and assist you until you start your study-abroad journey to the UK.


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