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Masters In Business Analytics In UK

Business analytics is a collection of skills that analyse data to improve new or existing business concepts based on client requests. The United Kingdom provides the highest quality jobs and education in the world. UK colleges offer master's degrees in business analytics that include an internship. International students, such as Indian students studying in the UK, have the added benefit of a two-year stay back to complete their master's degree. Meritorious overseas students can secure jobs in the UK after completing their master's degrees.

The master's degree in Business Analytics in the United Kingdom consists of multidisciplinary courses that will provide students with the necessary abilities to work in any leading data firm. The United Kingdom's world-class teaching facilities incorporate cutting-edge technologies and distinct expertise.

Masters In Business Analytics In UK: Course Highlights




Business Analytics 

Duration Of The Course

1 Year


International Baccalaureate with a minimum of 35 points and a maximum of 17 points. An Honours Degree in Business, analytics, or a similar discipline with at least 60% marks or a CGPA of 6.0+ (for Indian applicants) or the equivalent. 

An appropriate professional qualification can also be used to replace the basic degree requirement.

Entrance Exams


Tuition Fees

25,000 GBP


Chief Technology Officer, Domain Business Analyst, Business Analyst, etc. 

Average Salary

70,000 GBP

Why Masters In Business Analytics In UK?

Because the course relates to practically every profession, from finance to entertainment, a master's degree in Business Analytics in the UK gives up a wide range of alternatives for students to study and choose from, rather than limiting them to a single profile.

Also, the fact that the UK government has prolonged international students' stay-back time in the UK after they finish their degrees gives them enough time to locate a good job and adds to the benefits of studying in the UK.

Who Should Take Masters In Business Analytics In UK?

The master's in Business Analytics should be taken by students in the field that wish to study in a diverse and highly rated educational environment.

The following are some business analytics courses you may encounter:

  • MSc in Business Analytics Operational Research and Risk Analysis
  • MSc in Business Analytics and Big Data
  • MSc in Business Analytics and Decision Science
  • MSc in Business Analytics and Management Sciences

Top Universities In UK For Masters In Business Analytics

University Name

QS World Ranking 


University of West London



University of Central Lancashire



Coventry University 



Leeds Beckett University



Manchester Metropolitan University



Cost Of Studying Masters In Business Analytics In UK

Compared to other popular destinations, studying in the UK is less expensive. The one-year time frame allows students to finish a two-year master's degree faster. The cost of a master's degree in Business Analytics in the United Kingdom varies depending on the institution. In comparison, top-ranked colleges typically charge higher tuition costs.

Scholarships, fellowships, and grants are available from the British Council and the Indian government to assist students in funding their education.

Tuition Fees

University Name 


Tuition Fees in INR 

Imperial College Business School

MSc in Business Analytics 

35.0 Lakhs

University of Edinburgh Business School 

MSc in Business Analytics 

25.1 Lakhs

University of Warwick 

MSc in Business Analytics and Big Data

32.1 Lakhs

University of Leeds 

MSc in Business Analytics and Decision Science

27.0 Lakhs

Liverpool Management School 

MSc in Business Analytics and Big Data

25.5 Lakhs 

Cost Of Living In UK

The cost of living in the UK varies on the university's location in the country. The cost of living in a University located in a major city tends to be more costly than the cost of living in a University located in a more rural area in the UK.

Kind Of Expenses

Amount in GBP

Student accommodation costs


1 loaf of bread


Transportation Fare




Restaurant meal


Eligibility Criteria To Study Masters In Business Analytics In UK

  • You must have Proof of Funds or a Sponsor's Written Consent to the Visa Application
  • Academic transcript from a prior institution in English or a translation by a qualified translator.
  • A minimum GMAT score of 650 must be considered for admission at a top-ranked institution.
  • You must have a valid UK student visa for the application process.
  • Most Universities require a statement of Purpose to be eligible for admission.

Exams Required To Study Masters In Business Analytics In UK

University Name

Accepted Exams 

Minimum Band Requirement 

University of Edinburgh Business School 



University of Warwick 



Middlesex University



University of West London



Leeds Beckett University



Scholarships for Masters In Business Analytics In UK

Name Of The Scholarship



Amount In GBP

Alliance Manchester Business School

University of Manchester Indian students scholarship

Must be an international student 


University of Warwick international student scholarship 

Idealo Scholarship - OFID Scholarship Program

Must be an international student 


Imperial College London Scholarship 

Imperial Business Scholarship for International students 

Must be an international student 


Leeds Business School Dean's Excellence Scholarship 

Deans Excellence Scholarship for International students International Excellence Scholarship

Must be an international student 


Liverpool Management School Future Leadership Masters Scholarship 

Academic-based Scholarship given to deserving international students for good grades

Must be an international student 


Job Opportunities After Masters In Business Analytics In UK

In the United Kingdom, a career in business analytics offers a diverse range of opportunities. Students typically find well-paying work in various data firms in the UK after earning their master's degree. The position could be in the entertainment, sports, education, banking, management, or any other commercial or public sector. Because of the high demand for Business Analytics graduates, they should be able to find a job offer within three months of finishing their master's degree. In the United Kingdom, business analytics roles pay well. Graduates get compensated more as their experience and talents grow. In the upcoming years, employment opportunities are also likely to expand.

Job Profile

Salary in GBP

Business Analyst


Domain Business Analyst


Senior Business Analyst


Chief Technology Officer




How To Get Admissions to Study Masters In Business Analytics In UK?

  • First, visit the university's official website and review the requirements for studying for a master's degree in Business Analytics.
  • Next, enter your chosen university's application page and create an account by entering your email address or phone number.
  • You will get login details and verification via email or SMS to your registered phone number.
  • Using the login details provided, enter all of your personal information (date of birth, gender name, etc.)
  • The application fees in the UK vary by university and area, and they can be paid using online banking. Choose your course and submit your application fee online.
  • Fill out and submit your application form as completely as possible.
  • Enter your academic credentials and any relevant supporting documentation.
  • Some universities and institutes may ask selected students to participate in a virtual interview.

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