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Masters in Cyber Security in USA

Digital is the way forward, and technology is fast changing the globe. With advancement come new problems and threats. The cyber-world is constantly confronted with best practices in system management, analysis, and risk diagnosis.

Masters in Cyber Security in the USA provide a solid foundation and prepares people interested in the discipline of cybersecurity to be literate with solid technical skills and industrial understanding, making them highly marketable. Cybercrime and cyber terrorism must be addressed promptly, and a master's in Cyber security in the USA will prepare you for this and much more. This makes the USA a valuable destination for International students such as Indian students wishing to pursue their Master's studies abroad.

Masters in Cyber Security in USA: Course Highlights




Masters in Cyber Security

Duration of the Course

1 to 2 years


A bachelors degree in a relevant field. A test in English is necessary.

Entrance Exams


Tuition Fees

30,000 - 60,000 USD


Chief Information Security Officer, Information Security Manager, Cryptographer, Network Security Systems Manager, etc.

Average Salary

90,000 USD

Why Masters in Cyber Security in USA?

The USA is known for being the home of advancements in technology. Also, many top-quality universities in the USA teach about the latest Cyber security methods and techniques. Studying master's in Cyber Security in the USA also benefits working in a high-paying job after your Master's study is finished.

Who Should take this Masters in Cyber Security in USA?

Students with a genuine intention of furthering their studies in Cyber Security should take their Master's studies to the USA. Students with bachelor's degrees in computer science and cyber security are allowed to apply to study this course.

Best Universities For Masters In Cyber Security In USA

University Name

QS World Ranking


University of California Los Angeles 


Los Angeles 

Massachusetts Institute of Technology 



The University of Texas Austin 



Arizona State University 


Los Angeles 

University of Minnesota 



Cost of Studying Masters in Cyber Security in USA

The cost of studying for a master's in the USA varies depending on your university location. You will also have to pay for expenses such as application fees, accommodation, and student visa costs.

Tuition Fees

University Name



Tuition Fees in INR

Massachusetts Institute of Technology 

MS in Cybersecurity 

1 Year

30.1 Lakhs

University of California Los Angeles 

MS in Cybersecurity 

1 Year

25.6 Lakhs 

The University of Texas Austin 

MS in Cybersecurity and Privacy

1 Year

28.3 Lakhs 

Purdue University 

MS in Cybersecurity 

1 Year

27.1 Lakhs

Arizona state university 

MS in Cybersecurity 

1 Year

25.6 Lakhs

University of Minnesota 

MS in Cybersecurity 

1 Year

26. 4 Lakhs

Cost of Living in USA

The cost of living in the USA is reasonably inexpensive for students who want to pursue a master's degree in cyber security if they can work part-time. Additionally, the cost of living varies by the university's location within the USA. Institutions in large cities typically have a more significant cost of living than those in smaller college towns. We'll look at a few typical expenses below.

Kind of Expenses 

Amount in USD 





Restaurant meal


Internet fee


Transportation fare 


Eligibility Criteria to Study Masters in Cyber Security in USA

  • Completing a Bachelor's degree in computer science, cyber security, or any relevant field is necessary.
  • Decent scores on English proficiency tests such as IELTS and TOEFL are needed.
  • Some universities require international students to submit a statement of purpose and letters of recommendation. It's critical to have these prepared.
  • A valid US student Visa is necessary. 

Exams Required to Study Masters in Cyber Security in USA

University Name

Accepted Exams

Minimum Band Requirement 

University of California Los Angeles 



The University of Texas Austin 



University of California Berkeley 



Syracuse University 



University of Delaware



Scholarships for Masters in Cyber Security in USA

Name of the Scholarship



Amount in USD

NSF CyberCorps Scholarship for Service

The NSF Scholarship award covers up to three years of stipends, tuition, and allowances for students studying cybersecurity in general.

Must be an international student 


Women Techmaker’s Scholarship

Scholarship awarded to academically excellent female students 

Must be an international student 


Aga Khan Foundation Scholarship

Academic-based Scholarship given by the Aga Khan Foundation to outstanding international students 

Must be an international student 

50% loan and 50% grant 

Hubert H. Humphrey Fellowship

This scholarship is for students, and young professionals from developing nations

Must be an international student 


Jobs after Masters in Cyber Security in USA

After finishing your master's in Cyber Security in the USA, there are many job offers. A cybersecurity graduate can work as a cryptographer, business analyst, security system developer, IT security engineer, consultant, and so on. Below we will look at some Cyber security-related jobs.

Job Profile 

Salary in USD 

Security Engineer


Data Security Analyst




Web Security Administrator


Network Security Systems Manager


How to Apply For Masters in Cyber Security in USA?

  • Finding the university you wish to attend is the first step. Check to see if they provide a Cyber Security Master's degree. Examine all pertinent details, such as the course overview, residence and employment permit requirements, educational costs, and other information.
  • For your admission process, you will need academic transcripts, evidence of English language proficiency test results (TOEFL/IELTS), and other relevant documentation such as a statement of purpose or letter of recommendation, a student visa for the United States, a passport copy, and copies of degree certificates.
  • After gathering your supporting papers, you must fill out the application form. Fill out the professional and personal information. After completing the application form, double-check all the information and set a time to submit your saved application.
  • Wait for the admission offer letter from your preferred university. The application and evaluation process usually takes a few weeks. Begin looking for a place to live and applying for grants and student loans as soon as you receive the offer letter.

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