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November Intakes in Australia for Indian Students


In Australia, there are two significant intakes: February and July. Universities offer all their required courses, scholarships, and ancillary advantages like internships, fellowships, and on-campus positions like assistantships, making these intakes incredibly competitive. While September intakes and November intakes are less popular, only a few colleges offer specific programmes to international students during these months.

Why November Intakes in Australia is Popular Among Indian Students

The main advantage of applying to universities in Australia during November Intake is less competition. Because most candidates apply for courses in February and July, the number of applicants registering for courses in November is lower, and your chances of securing your selected programme are higher!

Application Deadline to Study November Intakes in Australia

By a large margin, Australia has the highest proportion of international students per capita globally. International students made up 22.7 per cent of all students in Australian universities in 2022. Universities in Australia have also established branches abroad or partnered with educational institutions in other countries to deliver Australian courses.

Here are the steps to go for November intake with a timeline:

April- May

Research your options


Register for a standardised test (as determined by the program's eligibility requirements) and take the test.


Prepare all the necessary documentation and the test results.

August- September

Start applying

October- December

Application window terminates


Application acceptance/rejection time


Begin your search for financial assistance or a scholarship.


Apply for the Student Visa


Departure preparations

February- March

Session starts

How to Choose the Best Intake in Australia?

Australia is recognised as one of the best destinations to pursue higher education, with over 500,000 international students enrolling in Australian universities each year. In Australia, renowned universities like ANU, University of Melbourne, and the University of Sydney offer a variety of intakes. Australia is an ideal site to explore academic interests because of its high-tech surroundings, excellent campus facilities, numerous post-degree prospects, and significant global exposure.

Unlike Indian universities, Australia has many intake seasons for both native and overseas students throughout the year. As a result, in the year 2021, 98,379 students enrolled at Australian universities. The three intake seasons for Australian institutes are listed here.

Semester 1: Late February or early March marks the start of the semester, which runs through late May or early June. It is a popular choice among Indian aspirants.

Semester 2: Late July or early August is the commencement of the semester. Among Indian students, this is the most popular intake.

Semester 3: September through late November is the semester's start date. For this particular intake season, a limited number of courses are offered.

International students may be perplexed as to which entry season they should choose. Each of the three admission seasons has its advantages and disadvantages, making it difficult for overseas applicants to select a specific intake season and apply accordingly. Before choosing a certain intake in Australia, consider a few things.

● For all intake seasons, students should check the availability of their selected programme.

● Students should also consider the required scores, and their prospects of selection, before applying.

● The student's standardised test scores and English proficiency scores should be considered.

● Acceptance rates for specific intake seasons may be high, while acceptance rates for others may below.

● Opportunities for employment in Australia and success rates after graduating from an intake season's batch should be considered.

● Finally, and most significantly, before enrolling in an intake season, the candidate should have all the application paperwork available.

List of universities in Australia for November Intake

Australia is one of the most preferred destinations for international students. As previously stated, Australian universities typically offer courses in February and July, with only a few courses available in November. The universities in Australia that offer November intake are mentioned below.

UNSW Sydney

Program Fees Per Annum
Master of Business Administration INR 20 Lakhs
Bachelor of Computer Science INR 22 Lakhs
Bachelor of Business Administration INR 17 Lakhs
Masters In Science INR 22 Lakhs
Bachelor of Technology INR 21 Lakhs

University of Southern Queensland

Program Fees Per Annum
Master of Business Administration INR 34 Lakhs
Masters of Science [M.Sc] Psychology INR 22 Lakhs
Master of Engineering [M.Eng] INR 21 Lakhs
Master of Data Science INR 21 Lakhs
Master of Law [L.L.M] Sustainable Development Law INR 22 Lakhs
Master of Aviation Specialisation Aviation Management INR 20 Lakhs

Central Queensland University

Program Fees Per Annum
Bachelor Accident Forensics INR 13 Lakhs
Master of Engineering [M.Eng] INR 14 Lakhs
Bachelor of Engineering [B.Eng] INR 16 Lakhs
Bachelor Physiotherapy INR 15 Lakhs
Bachelor of Accounting [BAcc] INR 15 Lakhs

University of new England

Program Fees Per Annum
Bachelor of Medical Science INR 15 Lakhs
Master Nursing Practice INR 14 Lakhs
Master Health Management INR 15 Lakhs
Bachelor of Arts [B.A]/Bachelor of Laws [L.L.B] INR 15 Lakhs

November Intake Universities in Melbourne

Melbourne's top universities: Melbourne, Australia's largest city and one of the world's most livable cities, also houses some of the most significant educational institutions in the country. Melbourne has seven of its eight universities listed in the QS World Ranking Universities 2018, making it one of the most appealing study destinations. It is an ideal place to live because of the high quality of life, the clean environment, and the low cost of living.

Few of the top universities in Melbourne:

● University of Melbourne

● RMIT University

● La Trobe University

● Monash University

● Victoria University

Eligibility Criteria to Study November Intakes in Australia

The first step is to find out if you are eligible to apply for the loan. The following are the general eligibility criteria that all banks follow:

● You should be an Indian

● You must have a solid academic background.

● You must be applying to professional, technical, or other types of programmes. The majority of banks believe that the course chosen should be job-related.

● You must have received acceptance to a foreign university.

● If you are under 18, your parents can take out the loan on your behalf.

You might not be able to receive a loan for every course. The following courses are eligible for the education loan:

● For Graduation: Reputable universities offer career-oriented professional or technical courses.

● MCA, MBA, MS, and degrees are all options for post-graduation.

● These courses could come from overseas universities or institutes that have received state and federal approval.

Application Process to Study November Intakes in Australia

To be approved for the November Intake in Australia, you must keep a few things in mind. Listed below are a few examples:
● Proofread your application before submitting it. It's essential to start the application process at least 3-to four months ahead of time.
● Apply for an education loan and a VISA as soon as you receive your offer letter. These procedures can be time-consuming.
IELTS, TOEFL, GRE, GMAT, SAT, and other exams necessitate extensive preparation. Attempt to clear them all at the same time.
● Interviews should be well-prepared, and applications should be submitted on time.

Australia Student Visa process for November Intakes

You may stay in Australia as long as you are enrolled in a school to complete your academic programme when you arrive. If you match the precise eligibility conditions, you may apply for a temporary graduate visa through the new post-study workstream or the graduate workstream once the programme concludes. The length of your subclass 485 visa will be determined by the qualification you used to qualify for the arrangements.

Graduates with a Bachelor's or Master's degree may be eligible for a two-year work visa after completing their studies. Graduates with a Master's by research degree or a Doctorate may be eligible for a three- or four-year post-study work visa, depending on their qualifications. Other graduates may be eligible to apply through the graduate workstream.

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FAQs About November Intakes in Australia

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