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November Intakes in Australia for Indian Students

november intakes

The November intake in Australia is one of the three major intakes for universities, the other two being in February and July. This intake system is unique to Australian universities and differs from the intake systems in many other countries.

The November intake is typically less competitive than the February and July intakes. This is because fewer students apply during this period and only a select number of programs are offered. As a result, students applying for the November intake may have a higher chance of getting into their desired program.

The application process for the Australian November intake usually begins around six months before the deadline. The exact deadline can vary depending on the university and the specific course. Some universities that offer November intake include the University of Newcastle, Griffith University, Deakin University, University of South Australia, and La Trobe University.

The November intake is an excellent opportunity for students who are flexible with their course selection and are looking to avoid the rush of the more popular February and July intakes. It's always recommended to start the application process early and keep an eye on the deadlines to ensure a smooth admission process.

November Intakes in Australia: Course Highlights

To start, we have compiled a list of highlights to give you a heads-up of what you can expect from this blog. As you read further, you will learn more about what the November Intakes in Australia is all about and how it can shape your future.



Intake Name

November Intake

Intakes available for the degree programs

Limited, mainly Vocational and Short-term courses

Intake Application deadline for Bachelor’s, Master’s and PhD in Australia (usually)

Typically in September

Courses available in November Intake

Mainly Vocational and Short-term courses

Popular Australian Universities Offering November Intake

UNSW Sydney, University of Southern Queensland, Central Queensland University, University of New England

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Why choose November Intake in Australia?

Choosing the November intake in Australia can be a strategic move for Indian students planning their abroad education. This intake period offers unique advantages such as less competition and a wider selection of courses. It's an ideal choice for those who value flexibility and are ready to seize the opportunities that Australian universities offer.

Let's delve deeper into why the November intake could be your ticket to a successful academic journey in Australia.

Less Competition: The November intake is less popular compared to the February and July intakes, which means there is less competition among applicants. This can increase the chances of getting admission into your desired program.

Flexibility: The November intake offers a wide selection of courses, including online courses, vocational courses, short-term courses, and other full-time popular courses. This provides students with greater flexibility in choosing a course that suits their interests and career goals.

Avoid Study Gap: If you've missed the major intakes in February and July, the November intake acts as a bridge to avoid a study gap.

Higher Visa Success Rates: Since the November intake is off-peak compared to other times of the year,  visa success rates can be higher and waiting lists shorter.

Individualised Attention: With fewer students enrolling during this intake, universities can provide more individualized attention to each student.

Tactical Timing for Certain Career Areas: The November intake can be a strategic choice for students interested in Business and IT studies.

Top Universities for November Intake in Australia

Australia is home to numerous prestigious universities that attract students from around the globe. Particularly for Indian students, the November intake can be an opportune time to embark on their academic journey Down Under.

Let's explore some of the top Australian universities that offer a variety of courses during the November intake, providing a unique blend of quality education and multicultural exposure.

Australian Universities Offering November Intake

Popular Courses available in November Intake

UNSW Sydney

Offers a variety of courses across different disciplines

University of Southern Queensland

Known for its Business and IT programs

Central Queensland University

Offers a range of Vocational and Short-term courses

University of New England

Renowned for its Online courses

Australian National University (ANU)

Offers a wide range of courses

The University of Melbourne

Known for its comprehensive course offerings

The University of Sydney

Offers a variety of courses across different disciplines

The University of Queensland

Renowned for its Business and IT programs

Monash University

Offers a range of Vocational and Short-term courses

The University of Western Australia

Known for its comprehensive course offerings

November Intakes in Australia - Cost of Study for Indian Students

Pursuing higher education in Australia is an investment, and understanding the cost of study is a crucial part of the planning process. For Indian students considering the November intake, it's important to have a clear picture of the financial commitment involved. From tuition fees to living expenses, let's break down the cost of studying in Australia during the November intake to help you make an informed decision.


Cost of Study in AUD per annum


AUD 14,000 - AUD 17,00,000


AUD 32,000 - AUD 54,000


AUD 28,000 - AUD 42,000

Applying for November Intakes in Australia

Applying for the November intake in Australia is a process that requires careful planning and timely action. For Indian students, understanding this process can be the first step towards a successful academic journey in Australia. From choosing the right course and university to preparing the necessary documentation, each step is crucial.

Let's walk through the application process for the November intake in Australia.

Research Your Options (April - May): Make a shortlist of the universities and gather the required information from their respective websites.

Register for a Standardised Test (May): Register for a standardised test (as determined by the program's eligibility requirements) and take the test.

Prepare Necessary Documentation (June): Prepare all the necessary documentation and the test results.

Start Applying (August - September): Start applying to the universities of your choice.

Application Window Terminates (October - December): The application window usually closes around this time.

Application Acceptance/Rejection Time (December - January): This is when you'll typically hear back from the universities about your application status.

Search for Financial Assistance or a Scholarship (December): Begin your search for financial assistance or a scholarship.

Apply for the Student Visa (December - January): Apply for the Student Visa as soon as you receive your offer letter.

Departure Preparations (January): Start making your departure preparations.

Session Starts (February - March): The session usually starts around this time.

Scholarships available for November Intakes in Australia

Studying in Australia can be a significant financial undertaking, but scholarships can help ease this burden. For Indian students considering the November intake, numerous scholarships are available that can make this dream more attainable. From partial to full scholarships, let's explore the opportunities that can help you achieve your academic goals in Australia without financial strain. 


Amount in AUD

Australia Awards Scholarship

Full tuition fees, return air travel, establishment allowance, contribution to living expenses, etc

Australian Government Research Training Program Scholarships

Up to AUD 28,092 per annum

Destination Australia Program

AUD 15,000 per year

Charles Darwin University Scholarships

Varies, up to 50% of the tuition fee

Melbourne Research Scholarship

Stipend and fee offset - AUD 35,600

The November intake in Australia offers Indian students a unique opportunity to pursue their desired courses with less competition. With a wide range of universities and courses and the potential for scholarships, it's an excellent time to embark on your educational journey. Remember, early preparation and application are key to securing your place.

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What are the benefits of November intake in Australia?

The main advantage of applying to universities in Australia during November Intake is less competition.

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