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Part-Time Jobs in Ireland for Indian Students


Thousands of international students in Ireland engaged in full-time study are now looking to work part-time jobs to fulfil their needs. Ireland is becoming increasingly satisfying for those searching for part-time job opportunities. First, there is no limit for international students to work part-time in Ireland. In Ireland, there are a huge number of part-time job opportunities available that one can take advantage of while studying for their undergraduate and postgraduate degrees. Many international students are engaging in part-time jobs to avail themselves of a chance to earn extra income that helps them invest in relevant skills in the future. Mostly, there are two major types of part-time jobs available in Ireland:

  • On-campus
  • Off-campus

Eligibility Requirements

To be eligible for this, a student must have permission to study in Ireland and possess a Bachelor's degree minimum that is approved by a well-known Irish awarding body, say, a university or college. Here is the eligibility requirement for having a part-time job in Ireland:

  • Registered with the Garda National Immigration Bureau, or simply GNIB.
  • Accepted to study a well-recognized course by the Ministry of Education and Skills.
  • Enrolled in any full-time course at or above NFQ Level 7.
  • Enrolled in a UG or PG degree program for at least one year.
  • Should attend a university or college between 8 AM and 6 PM per week.
  • Students need to have an Irish bank account where their salary gets credited.

Part-Time Jobs in Ireland for Students - Rules and Regulations

For someone working as a part-time employee, there are several types of rules and regulations to follow and keep in mind. Any international student who wants to be a part-time worker must enrol in any course that will last at least one year or more. Anyone who fulfills this will not need a special work permit to get a part-time job in Ireland. Apart from these, students are allowed to work for only 40 hours every week during the following months: June, July, August, and September. You can also work during the holiday season from the 15th of December to the 15th of January. Besides, the student should have the following visa type to take up the part-time job accordingly:

Visa Type

Part-Time Job

Stamp 2

The Stamp 2 visa type allows the candidate who is pursuing a full-time course to work up to 40 hours per week and 20 hours per week during the school year in Ireland.

Stamp 2A

The Stamp 2A will not allow the candidate to indulge in any part-time opportunities, since the full-time course opted for isn't mentioned in the eligibility list.

How to Get a Part-Time Job in Ireland?

One of the many advantages of studying in Ireland is that international students can work part-time while pursuing their studies. As many as 54% of the international students in Ireland are experiencing a shortfall in expenses every month, and many companies in Ireland are offering part-time jobs to support these students financially. By getting a part-time job, students can cover their expenses on a regular basis. However, finding the right part-time job is tough and needs some effort and time to secure the most suitable job for you. Here are the top tips for finding part-time jobs in Ireland for students:

Tips to follow

  • Learn your rights.
  • Create a resume.
  • Look for part-time jobs far in advance.
  • Upload your CV to job platforms.
  • Triple-check your details.
  • Take part in extracurricular activities.
  • Be enthusiastic as a job applicant.
  • Put your social media settings to private.

Where to Find part-Time Jobs in Ireland?

  • Part-time job search tools
  • Social media
  • University job fairs
  • Recruitment agencies
  • Your network

Types of Part-Time Jobs in Ireland 

In Ireland, part-time jobs are the primary income source for many international students who can't work during regular work hours. For reference, regardless of the level of the candidate's experience, Ireland offers a varied number of part-time job opportunities. There are nearly a hundred types of part-time job roles available. One can filter and pick the right one that describes their interest or suitability. Students typically want a part-time job that helps them gain exposure and earn money to pay for fees and other daily expenses. So, out of the hundreds of options, we've narrowed down a few of the most popular types of part-time jobs in Ireland:

Cafes, restaurants, bars

Working in cafés, restaurants, and bars is the most popular part-time job in Ireland, and it is not exceptional in that. This sector in particular offers plenty of jobs for the majority of the international students in Ireland. Their part-time jobs conveniently allow them to choose timings that do not coincide with their academic timings.

Minimum wage: EUR 12/hour

Call Center or Customer Service

Many students and aspirants are trying to get into customer service or call centre work, as it seems like a great choice of part-time work for those who seek work on a part-time basis in the long term. The customer service sector gives priority to candidates who have a bit of prior industry experience to serve and earn better in this field.

Minimum wage: EUR 18/hour


It is often considered one of the prestigious part-time job roles available to international students who are enrolled in UG and PG programs in Ireland. Private tutoring pays out well and offers good proficiency in the topic you pick. While working as a tutor in the mainstream, students can still cope with the program, as they may react to university easily.

Minimum wage: EUR 15/hour

Retail Jobs

Retail jobs come with plenty of responsibilities, such as stacking shelves, inventory management in stores, order sorting in supermarkets, managing registers, and so on. These part-time jobs are considered secure and stable employment, with more scope for interacting with diverse people in Ireland. These jobs often pay higher wages when compared to other part-time jobs.

Minimum wage: EUR 13.5/hour


Secretary or company assistant are part-time jobs that require higher skills such as public communication, networking skills, and organizational coordination. These are part-time jobs that require a higher level of skills. The work will involve conducting office meetings, scheduling work or tasks, cold-calling, setting up the demo, and so on. Many international students find these part-time jobs useful, as they provide great insights into corporate working cultures and policies down the line.

Minimum wage: EUR 20/hour

Why Do a Part-Time Job in Ireland?

Ireland is really a good country in terms of offering international students an opportunity to work part-time, especially for those looking to travel from their own countries for study, adventure, and new experiences! So, when it comes to working part-time while studying at a college or university in Ireland, work-life balance is excellent, and those who get part-time jobs reap numerous benefits. Though working while studying seems like a total drag, Irish norms will never make one think that way either. So here are the reasons and benefits of doing a part-time job in Ireland:

  • More free time to focus on other projects and activities
  • Opens doors for fresh opportunities.
  • Reduced Stress Levels and Improved Health.
  • Saving money by earning extra income
  • Learn to save and manage money
  • Gain transferable and public relations skills.

Part-time Job Salary in Ireland for International Students

As said before, Ireland has a lot of part-time opportunities and sectors for interested aspirants who are eligible for a minimum hourly wage of EUR 9.80, as most of the companies offer part-time pay at an hourly rate for their employees. Companies may increase these minimum wages to an extent for employees who sustain for longer terms. Here are some of the part-time job roles and their hourly wages as per the Irish employers' regulations:

Job role

Wage per hour

Sales assistant

EUR 21

Healthcare assistant

EUR 19

Driver helper

EUR 15

Research assistant

EUR 22

Screening associate

EUR 17

Library assistant

EUR 16

Superannuation officer

EUR 18


EUR 28


EUR 26

Community support worker

EUR 24

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FAQs about Part-Time Jobs in Ireland

Can Indian students work part-time in Ireland?

Yes, Ireland offers Indian students to work on a part-time basis for up to 20 hours during their semester and up to 40 hours during vacations and semester breaks.

Do Indian students get jobs in Ireland?

Yes, there are several Indian students enjoying high positions in several of Ireland's top companies.

How much can you earn in Ireland as a student?

You may be able to earn from GBP 10 to GBP 12 per hour when you work part-time in Ireland. It may increase based on your job, employer, location etc. 

Is it easy to find a part-time job in Ireland?

Yes, getting a part-time job in Ireland is not difficult if you follow the proper channels.

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