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Part Time Jobs in UK for International Students

Part Time Jobs in UK for International Students

You have the option to work part-time in the UK as a full-time foreign student in the UK. Students from the European Union (EU) and students from non-EU nations are subject to various restrictions. Students from non-EU countries can work an average of 10 hours per week during the semester and 20 hours per week during the vacations or semester break, depending on the type of visa they have in the UK, which is generally a Tier-4 visa. The maximum number of hours you can work throughout the school year is usually written on your visa sticker or Biometrics Residence Permit (BRP).

When studying in any country, most international students search for part-time work. The reasons range from financial support to gaining experience to simply passing the time. Students can lower their school loans and learn new skills by working part-time. This blog is for you if you want to study in the UK, which has one of the greatest education systems in the world and also works part-time in the UK. We address everything connected to part-time work in the UK for overseas students in this section.

Part Time Job Rules for International Students in the UK 

While a UK student visa permits overseas students to work part-time in the UK, there are some restrictions and regulations that must be followed. They are listed below.

  • You cannot work more than 20 hours per week for a full-time degree programme, i.e. no more than 4 hours per day with weekends off.
  • During a language course term, you are not permitted to work more than 10 hours each week.
  • If the session is over, you can get a job for 40 hours a week, which is 8 hours a day with weekends off.
  • You are not permitted to work as a freelancer or on a contract basis.
  • You cannot work as a full-time employee for any firm unless you have a post-study work visa.

Above all, you should be able to strike a work-study balance. Your employment should not interfere with your academic achievement.

Types of Part Time Jobs in UK

If you want to know about part-time employment in the UK for international students, we must first explain what kind of part-time jobs are available. There are two options for overseas students looking for part-time work in the UK. There is both on-campus and off-campus employment. More information about the subject is provided below.

On Campus Part Time Jobs in UK for International Students

On-campus employment is one type of part-time work in the UK for overseas students. On-campus jobs are accessible within the university campus, as the name implies. These are ideal for students since they may work in a variety of departments in their area. There is employment available on campus in the library, computer laboratories, receptions, gyms, cafeterias, and other areas. Because on-campus employment is few, many students are unable to obtain them.

Off Campus Part Time Jobs in UK for International Students

Off-campus employment is the second choice for overseas students looking for part-time work in the UK. Off-campus employment is reasonably easy to find, although they are not necessarily close by. Office boy, receptionist, waiter/waitress, contact center maintenance, data entry, and other jobs fall under this category. Students must get authorization from their institutions to work off-campus part-time.

Online Part Time Jobs in UK

Part-time jobs in the UK offer additional opportunities for international students. There are also numerous online jobs accessible! Having an online part-time job in the UK may be quite useful, especially if you are enrolled in a tough degree. To get a job online, all you need is a laptop and a steady internet connection, both of which you will have. There are also numerous work-from-home opportunities accessible in the UK.

Tabulated below are some work-from-home jobs in UK which are part-time. You can have a look here:

Work from Home Job

Salary per Hour


INR 3525.25

Marketing Researcher

INR 2014.43 – INR 30216.

Data Entry

INR 377.70


INR 3021.64 - INR 8057.70

How to Find Part Time Jobs in UK

If you are willing to do practically anything, it is quite easy to get part-time work in the UK. You can work up to 20 hours each week in bars, restaurants, supermarkets, university unions, and so forth. The minimum wage is about 5 pounds per hour, which you will receive, but most jobs pay you more than that. As soon as you arrive, obtain your national insurance number and a driver's license. Even if you don't work the entire 80 hours per month, you may easily earn $200–300 each month. Private instruction is another excellent alternative (online or at home).

Work-Study Balance

Remember that your primary goal is to pass your course with a high grade. Do not accept a job that consumes your study time and has a detrimental influence on your academic performance. Strive for a balance between your education and your part-time employment.

Best Part Time Jobs for Students Studying in the UK

Finding a part-time job that pays as well is not so easy, so, here is a list of high-paying jobs that pay more than the regular part-time work to students.


Pay per hour (Approx.)







Health services


Social Care






Customer Service


Part Time Jobs Salary in UK for International Students

International students can apply for a variety of part-time employment in the UK. The majority of the places offer a comparable salary to students. These positions are not usually specialized. You can undertake occupations that do not need any hard talents. These occupations might assist you in recouping the costs of your studies in the United Kingdom.

Here is a list of Top Part-Time Jobs in UK for International Students and the per hour charges for them.


Salary (Per Hour) 


INR 805.94- INR 906.68

Delivery Boy

INR402.97- INR 604.45 per deliver


INR 805.94- INR 1007.42 per hour

Library Assistant

INR 1007.42- INR 2014.84 per hour


INR 1208.90 to INR 1410.39


INR 1158.53


INR 1007.42 to INR 1813.36


INR 1142.41

Customer Service

INR 1007.42


INR 906.68

Female Care Assistant

INR 1567.55

HGV Class 1 Drive

INR 1158.53- INR 2488.33

Registered Nurse

INR 2582.02- INR 3116.96

Health services

INR 1088.01


INR 898.62- INR 1644.11

Children Contact Supervisor

INR 878.47

These were some of the top part-time jobs in UK for International Students. If you are planning to study in the UK, we are here for you! AECC coaches will help you get through the stringent admission process while the mentors will help you get part-time jobs in the UK.

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