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Part Time Jobs in USA for Indian Students


Pursuing part-time jobs in USA can increase your income, give you useful work experience, and help you get fully immersed in the local way of life. Over 1 million overseas students profit greatly from these positions. There are many alternatives, from retail, tutoring, freelancing, and internships to on-campus jobs like a library or dining hall labor.

While studying overseas, you can find a fulfilling part-time job on campus for up to 20 hours a week during session and up to 40 hours a week during breaks. This will enhance your academic experience with practical knowledge and cultural immersion by using university career services, networking, leveraging language skills, and starting early in your job search.

Benefits of Doing Part-Time Jobs in the USA for Indians

Part-time jobs in the USA for Indian students provide several benefits both during and after graduation. These positions offer networking possibilities, price advantages to cover living costs and education costs, and useful work experience. They also help to strengthen language and communication skills.

For Indian students in the United States, the following are major advantages of part-time work:

  1. Accumulating real-world experience in their subject of study or allied fields
  2. Enhancing communication and language ability in English through contacts with clients and coworkers
  3. Establishing contacts and a professional network that can help with future employment opportunities
  4. Generating additional money to pay for living bills, schooling, and other costs
  5. Adding pertinent work experience to their CV would help them land better jobs after graduation
  6. Getting to know the American workplace
  7. Investigating several professional routes and getting knowledge in diverse sectors

Top Part-Time Jobs Available in the USA for International Students

Part-time jobs in USA for international students are there to augment their income, obtain useful work experience, and fully experience the local way of life.

Whatever the course of action, international students need to be knowledgeable about legal obligations, including visa status and hourly limitations and make use of tools such as university career services to go ahead with the job search effectively.

Through the use of many part-time employment possibilities, overseas students can improve their professional experiences in the United States. Top USA Part-Time jobs for international students are:

On-Campus Jobs

  • Teaching Assistant
  • Research Assistant
  • Library/Dining Hall Staff

Off-Campus Jobs

  • Retail/Customer Service
  • Tutoring
  • Freelance Work
  • Internships

Online Jobs

  • Virtual Assistant
  • Content Creator
  • Web Designer

On-Campus Jobs in the USA



Average Salary

Campus Ambassador

Engage prospective students and promote the university.r

$12.4 per hour


Worked in an on-campus cafe, making drinks and serving customers.

$12.97 per hour

Teaching Assistant

Assist in classroom activities and provide support to students.

$13.94 per hour

Library Assistant

Shelving books, assisting customers, and providing administrative support.

$14.06 per hour


General office support, customer service, and communication with students and staff.

$15.48 per hour

Research Study Assistant

Work closely with professors on research projects.

$16.19 per hour

Department Assistant

Provide support in various departments within the university.

$16.44 per hour

Food Runner/Catering Assistant

Assist in on-campus restaurants with food service tasks.

$16.74 per hour

Sales Assistant

Assist in sales-related tasks and customer interactions.

$17.35 per hour

Tutor or Peer Mentor

Provide tutoring or mentoring services to students.

$23.94 per hour

Off-Campus Jobs in the USA



Average Salary

Office Administration

Managing office papers, connecting with customers, and organizing meetings

$16.50 per hour

Call Center Representative

Answering phone and email questions and solving problems

$13.70 per hour


Driving and maintaining private and leased cars

$17.00 per hour


Taking care of children in the absence of their parents or guardians

$14.32 per hour


Offering specialized services to clients on a project-by-project basis

$25.00 per hour


Translation of text or speech

$20.25 per hour

Store Associate

Assisting customers with their purchases, restocking shelves, and handling transactions

$13.46 per hour


Cashiering, processing, and customer service

$12.38 per hour


Taking orders, serving food and drinks, and providing excellent customer service in restaurants

$11.42 per hour

Retail Sales Associate

Assisting customers, maintaining store displays, and processing sales

$13.03 per hour

Online Part-Time Jobs in USA

The following is a list of online part-time jobs in the USA that are easily accessible:

  • Data Entry Clerk, which is a typing and data entry work-from-home employment.
  • Being a bookkeeper means keeping track of financial transactions and making sure books close on time.
  • Tutoring kids in a variety of subjects from elementary to college.
  • Work from home position in customer support with an emphasis on resolving problems and questions for customers.
  • Part-time remote Data Entry Clerk, workable from home data entry jobs.
  • Online paid focus groups and conversations students can take part in as virtual assistants or paid research panelists.
  • Support position as an administrator assistant at English with Lucy: online language school.
  • Part-time, experienced online IB teachers are needed to teach IB courses.
  • Online ESL Instructor.

How to Find Part-Time Jobs in the USA?

Being an overseas student looking for part-time work in the USA needs initiative and making use of different resources. This is a comprehensive manual to assist you with your job search:

Step 1: Recognize your visa limitations and employment eligibility

To be qualified for a part-time job, make sure your F-1 or J-1 student visa is still valid. Recognize the hourly restrictions—20 hours per week during the school year, up to 40 hours during breaks. Work off campus may need CPT or OPT approval, although jobs on campus do not.

Step 2: Employ the career services offered by your university

Find part-time employment postings on the job board at your school. See potential employers at networking events and career fairs. Get help with your CV and practice interviews to strengthen your job application materials.

Step 3: Look at job boards online

Look through Indeed, Snagajob, SimplyHired, and Monster for part-time employment opportunities. See job postings in your neighborhood newspapers or on websites like Craigslist.

Step 4: Network with professors, staff, and peers

Ask professors, advisers, and other faculty members about possible jobs as research assistants or tutoring opportunities. Get in touch with seniors and former students who might know of openings or can recommend people. Join Facebook groups, university-specific online communities, or student forums.

Step 5: Visit local businesses

Search for "help wanted" notices in the windows of neighborhood shops, cafes, restaurants, and other establishments. Ask companies straight about part-time employment options and the application procedure.

Step 6: Start early and be persistent

Start your employment hunt early and keep up your applications. Your diligence will be rewarded even if it takes some time to locate the perfect fit.

How Much Do Part-Time Jobs in the United States Pay?

In the US, part-time employment comes in a variety of pay scales based on the region, industry, and sector. The US Department of Labor reports that the federal minimum wage for part-time employment is $7.25 per hour. However, paid rates can differ greatly.

Teaching, research, and department assistant positions on campus, for example, pay around $11.85 per hour on average. The hourly salary ranges from $17.25 to $22.90 per hour for off-campus employment, including office administration, call center agents, drivers, babysitters, independent contractors, translators, store associates, and more.

Additionally, cities like San Francisco, New York, and Los Angeles have marginally higher average pay rates, with positions like cleaners/maintenance staff, store associates, package handlers, and retail assistants. 

Rules and Regulations for Part-Time Jobs in the USA

Knowing the rules governing part-time employment in the United States for overseas students is essential to ensure that visa requirements are met and to stay out of legal hot water. Important recommendations consist of:

  • Work Hours: Generally speaking, part-timers put in between one and forty hours a week.
  • Wages: Part-timers typically get paid hourly rather than a salary; hence, employers must disclose their hourly pay rate.
  • Benefits: Except for part-time workers putting in 1,000 hours for organizations that offer pension schemes, employers are not required to offer fringe benefits like health insurance.
  • Termination: Based on corporate norms and regulations, part-time workers are subject to the same termination procedures as full-time workers.
  • Payroll Deductions: Social Security, Medicare, and state taxes are among the state and federal tax deductions available to part-timers.
  • Fair Labor Standards Act: It requires full-time workers to receive overtime pay and a minimum wage, and does not apply to part-timers.


Finally, part-time jobs in the USA provide overseas students with excellent chances to supplement their income, acquire work experience, and become fully immersed in the local way of life. A smooth and legally acceptable job search requires adherence to hourly restrictions, tax implications, and visa requirements. All things considered, part-time employment in the United States offers overseas students a route to improve their academic experience, acquire useful skills, and open doors to future professional prospects.

For more information regarding job opportunities in USA for international students, get in touch with our counsellors today. At AECC, we believe in offering the best advice to ensure an enriching experience for all Indian students. Call us today!

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