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Study in Canada After 12th


Embarking on a journey of higher education marks a significant milestone, especially for Indian students after their 12th grade. Canada stands out as a land brimming with opportunities, where academic ambitions are nurtured into reality. The choice to pursue Courses In Canada After 12th is a step towards a future rich in academic excellence and cultural diversity.

Celebrated for its outstanding education system, There is an array of Canadian courses After 12th across diverse fields. Whether it's the bustling urban life of Toronto or the serene campuses in British Columbia, students are assured of a holistic learning experience. From cutting-edge IT courses in Canada after the 12th to the extensive best courses in Canada after the 12th science, Canadian institutions provide a foundation for academic and personal growth.

This blog serves as your compass in navigating the vast educational landscape of Canada, addressing key questions and offering insights into life and study in Canada after the 12th. It's your guide to unlocking the doors to a world of possibilities in Canadian education.

Education System in Canada After 12th

After completing their 12th grade, Indian students seeking to study in Canada are met with a robust and diverse educational framework. Renowned for its world-class standards and progressive teaching methodologies, the Canadian education system offers a broad spectrum of academic paths.

Institutions in Canada offer a variety of Courses In Canada After 12th, each designed to cater to different career aspirations and academic interests. For instance, students interested in technology can pursue IT courses in Canada after 12th, which are known for their cutting-edge curriculum and industry-aligned training. Similarly, those inclined towards science have access to some of the best courses in Canada after 12th science, recognised globally for their research facilities and expert faculty.

Institution Type


Qualification Issued



Bachelor's Degrees, Diplomas, Certificates



Diplomas, Advanced Diplomas, Certificates

Vocational Schools


Vocational Certifications, Apprenticeships

This table offers an in-depth look at the diverse educational institutions available in Canada, highlighting the duration, focus areas, and example courses. It's evident that whether students are looking for a comprehensive guide on Canada courses after 12th or specific programs like Best Courses In Canada After 12th Commerce, Canada's educational system has a place for every aspiration.

Are you an Indian student looking to unlock your potential in Canada after your 12th? AECC is here to guide you every step of the way. From choosing the right course to navigating the visa process, we offer comprehensive support and free consultations.

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Top Courses to Study in Canada After 12th

As Indian students look to broaden their horizons after the 12th grade, Canada emerges as an educational powerhouse with its diverse array of specialised courses. These courses are meticulously designed to align with the latest global trends and industry demands, offering students a blend of theoretical and practical knowledge. From the realms of technology and science to the fields of commerce and arts, Canadian universities lay out a spectrum of opportunities, each leading to promising career paths.

In the sphere of technology, IT courses in Canada after 12th are particularly distinguished, integrating advancements in digital technology and software development. These programs often include partnerships with leading tech companies, offering students hands-on experience and networking opportunities. Science students have access to some of the best courses in Canada after 12th, marked by advanced research facilities and innovative curricula in fields like biotechnology, environmental science, and physics.

For those interested in commerce, Canadian universities provide comprehensive programs in business administration, economics, and finance, known as some of the best courses in Canada after 12th commerce. These courses are structured to develop future business leaders and innovators, with a focus on global economic trends and entrepreneurial skills.

The IT courses in Canada after 12th are particularly noteworthy, renowned for incorporating the latest advancements in technology and digital innovation. For students inclined towards science, the best courses in Canada after 12th science are on offer, featuring state-of-the-art research facilities and leading-edge curricula. Commerce enthusiasts are not left behind, with Canadian universities offering some of the most comprehensive and best courses in Canada after 12th Commerce, designed to nurture future business leaders and entrepreneurs.

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Popular Courses in Canadian Universities



Field of Study

Key Features

Annual Tuition Fee (CAD)

University of Toronto

Bachelor of Science in Computer Science


Advanced programming, AI & Machine Learning focus


University of British Columbia

Bachelor of Commerce

Business & Economics

International business modules, Co-op programs


McGill University

Bachelor of Engineering in Civil Engineering


Sustainable design, World-class research facilities


University of Northern British Columbia

Environmental Science Program

Environmental Studies

Emphasis on sustainability and ecological research


University of Lethbridge

Bachelor of Health Sciences

Health Sciences

Specialization in Public Health, Research opportunities


University of Windsor

Bachelor of Computer Science


Software development, Cybersecurity focus


Vancouver Island University

Bachelor of Tourism Management

Tourism & Hospitality

Industry partnerships, Practical learning approach


Western University

Bachelor of Arts in Psychology

Social Sciences

Comprehensive curriculum, Research-driven


Yorkville University

Bachelor of Business Administration


Online learning options, Focus on entrepreneurship


Trent University

Bachelor of Science in Conservation Biology


Fieldwork, Conservation research


Trinity Western University

Bachelor of Fine Arts


Creative development, Studio work


Dreaming of pursuing one of these top courses in Canada after 12th? Let AECC help you navigate your options, find scholarships, and make your study abroad dreams a reality.

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Study in Canada after 12th: Best Cities


Notable Universities

Popular Courses

Student Life Highlights


University of Toronto, York University

Business, Engineering, IT

Multicultural environment, robust job market


University of British Columbia, Simon Fraser University

Film Studies, Computer Science

Scenic beauty, strong tech industry


McGill University, Concordia University

Arts, Engineering, Business

Bilingual culture, vibrant arts scene


University of Ottawa, Carleton University

Political Science, International Studies

Political centre, rich in history


University of Calgary

Energy, Environmental Science

Close to natural parks, dynamic economy

Embark on an unforgettable educational journey in one of Canada's dynamic cities. AECC is here to assist you in finding the perfect city that aligns with your academic goals and lifestyle preferences. Explore the vibrant student life and diverse courses in Canada after 12th with our expert guidance.

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AECC has partnered with leading universities in Canada and will assist you at every stage of your journey to pursue Diploma and UG courses in Canada! We have helped thousands of students achieve their objectives and pursue higher education in Canada, and we will help you too! Contact aecc for any queries/assistance regarding your study in Canada.


What is the minimum percentage required for studying in Canada after 12th?

The minimum percentage required can vary depending on the university and course. Generally, a minimum of 60% is expected for most courses in Canada after 12th. However, for competitive programs, the requirements may be higher.

What are the test score criteria for admission into Canadian universities?

 Admission criteria include standardised test scores such as the SAT or ACT for undergraduate courses. Language proficiency tests like IELTS or TOEFL are also required for students whose first language isn't English. The specific scores depend on the university and the chosen Canada courses after 12th.

How much does it cost to study in Canada after 12th?

The cost varies by university and program. International students planning undergraduate studies in Canada after 12th can anticipate tuition fees ranging from CAD 20,000 to CAD 30,000 annually. Remember, living costs vary across cities and add to this expense. 

What exams are required to Study in Canada after the 12th?

Apart from academic qualifications, exams like IELTS, TOEFL, SAT, or ACT are typically required. These exams assess language proficiency and academic readiness for Canada after 12th studies. 

Which are the best courses in Canada after 12th commerce?

Popular courses for commerce students include Business Administration, Economics, Finance, and Accounting. Canadian universities offer some of the best courses in Canada after 12th in these fields, with opportunities for internships and practical experience. 

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