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Syllabus of Data Science


We now live in a time when the sentence "Information is wealth" means up to its fullest. Everything depends on data from corner shops to stock markets, the strength of passwords to the likes on our social media posts. Today, the data science sector's estimated value is over 1 billion dollars as it is growing at its fastest pace possible, and employment in this sector today means a treasury opened from heaven. This is due to the increased use of gadgets and media that disseminate essential data. Also, the lack of skilled civilians to perform such complex tasks gives further impetus to employment in this field. Recommended content that we get on social media platforms is an excellent example.

So if you're a tech freak and want to make a living out of your knowledge, entering the data science industry can be a wise choice. Because data is the future, and information is the key to it.

What is Data Science?

Data science is nothing but the collection, utilization and application of data on a large scale. It is mainly concentrated on graphs, spreadsheets, codes and stuff like that. This field is an offspring of the IT industry, the most developing sector today. It has a large target audience, and a big quota for employment as the data collected is of huge magnitude, and the Human Resources needed for these jobs are pretty few. An employee in this field gathers data and finds patterns in them. Later the person subtly uses these results to find solutions for day to day problems.

 Syllabus of Data Science for Beginners

Data science is one of the few subjects in the IT sector where you study less, apply more and try to involve your knowledge in solving the real-life problems haunting society. It takes lesser time than other job-oriented software courses, and its benefits are unimaginable and ever-increasing. In simple words, data science is like sowing in hundreds and reaping in millions. The syllabus of data science goes as simple as it could be: because this field of computer science focuses more on the prospects of data gathering and utilization. The first and the essential matter is to have a good grip on statistics. This is because the benchmark is data in this sector, and its proper application and usage can be learned in this field only. Hence, having a handful of hold on the static matter is necessary. Next comes learning and practising computer languages such as PYTHON and SQL. These languages are recommended as they are more user friendly, object-oriented and easy to learn, also through glancing at some code libraries such as pandas, matpotlib, NumPy etc. Using these two simple but essential subjects as the pillars for your data study in this field, you can lay a solid and eminent foundation for your future in this environment.

Subjects of Data Science

Moving onto a bit more advanced levels of Data science, there are some complex but life-changing things you should know. Along with learning all the matters listed above, one has also to have a good hold on machine learning and should have a good grip on AI. Also, to understand complex algorithms and equations, one should have a good handle on math.

Apart from all these, the aspirant should undertake practices and projects on this topic. They are the best way to learn and improvise on Data handling, analysis, problem-solving, and creativity.

So if we put all this together, Data science comprises these topics:

Types of Data Science

Data science is a highly significant field to opt to study. It has excellent standards of job security, high amounts of salary payment, respectable position in the society and no fear of any hazard. Soon, data scientists shall occupy a significant role in the economy. The main reason for this is the ever-increasing demand for AI technology and also the development that's taking place in the R&D forums of all the nations. There are various types of Data sciences. Such as:

  • Machine learning
  • Data mining
  • Artificial intelligence
  • Data engineering
  • Actuarial sciences
  • Business analytics

Top Universities to Study Data Science Abroad With QS Ranking

Many significant universities promote and encourage the youth to involve themselves in this sector through projects and placements, coaching and resources. They are on the move to create the next "Data generation". Some of them are:



UCL Bloomsbury,

London, UK


Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), USA


National University of Singapore (NUS)


EPFL, Switzerland 


University of Toronto, Canada


Tshingua university, Beijing, China


Top Destinations to Study Data Science

From a personal perspective, it is believed that data science can be studied only in the areas being applied. Countries like the USA, China, Russia, Japan etc., are teeming with resources in research, technology, and development. Also, they give a lot of importance and invest a lot in AI and computer technology. These countries have high payments, top-notch quality placements and a suitable environment for data research. So beginning your study in such areas can serve a good purpose.

Scope After Data Science Abroad

Data science has a vast scope and endless job facilities. Having a degree in such a subject can open the doors to excellent job placements in multi-national companies like YouTube, Meta, Instagram, Amazon etc. This area also has a huge minimum salary of $10,000 and above.

These institutions provide excellent support and help in developing the tech industry and promote tech enthusiasts who get into the software industry. In a sentence to compile, this data science course is a great way to opt and can become an excellent way for a bright future. 

Data Science Jobs and Salaries Abroad

As mentioned earlier, data science has a great scope and sample job opportunities. Some of them reap very great financial benefits. Some of the most important jobs available are:



Salary range  


Data scientists and research developers

$95,000 – $165,000


Machine learning experts and Data researchers 

$98,169 and above


Data analysts and researchers 

€77,000 - €95,000

South Africa

Web developers and data researchers 

$54,329 - $86,399


Machine learning and AI experts

$37,981 - $39,150

Data science is a vast, fresh and interesting field, and one should understand its various boons and banes to choose it as a stream finally. It has multiple benefits, but there is a struggle similar to it on the path of being a data scientist.

There are various possibilities for learning Data science, and it is recommended that this learning begins at an early age. Through this, one can quickly understand the problematic and complex concepts, which may result in a little smooth way of being a perfect data scientist.

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FAQs About Syllabus of Data Science

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