High Paying Jobs in UK for Indian Students

Learn everything you need to know about High Paying Jobs in UK 
and get end to end expert guidance from us.

High Paying Jobs in UK for Indian Students

Learn everything you need to know about High Paying
Jobs in UK and get end to end expert guidance from us.

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In today's environment, money is critical to meeting people's requirements. And the money will come from a job, a business, or some other source. But, on the other hand, we can't dispute that there are a lot of grads. They are out of work, and finding a good job is becoming increasingly difficult. However, with enticing work opportunities and skyrocketing incomes large enough to meet their financial ambitions, the United Kingdom is one of the most sought-after places to settle and build a good living. 

So, if you're undecided about your job route and are perplexed about which is best for you. Here is an article that will assist you in conveying information about high-paying professions in the UK.

High-Paying Job Industries in UK

Before going deep into the topic of the highest paying jobs in the UK, let's throw some light on why you should work in the UK.
  • Rest is Expected: UK working environment is quite different. Even a new employee expects that they will have some rest and give time to friends and family after working hours. You aren't contemplated to work extra unless urgently needed.
  • Socialising with Colleagues: In the UK, workspaces are usually quiet, calm, and composed Unless you want to talk to your coworkers. Employers feel that when employees have a pleasant bond, productivity increases.
  • No Sir or Ma'am Rule: In the UK, seniors are not addressed with sir or ma'am because they believe seniority in age doesn't decide your post. Someone younger than could be in a higher position than yours!

Why Information Technology in the UK?


Top Employers

Average Total Compensation in INR



Rs 1.01 crore

Investment Managing

Man Group

Rs 94.8 lakhs 

Management Consultancy 

Kearney and McKinsey and Company

Rs 91.8 lakhs

Investment Banking 

Standard Chartered Bank and Credit Suisse

Rs 91 lakhs

Social Media 


Rs 87.5 lakhs

IT Services


Rs 87.7 lakhs

Financial Research 

G- Research

Rs 86.5 lakhs



Rs 86.11 lakhs


Highest Paying Jobs in UK

Here is the list of highest-paying jobs in the UK:-

High Paying Job Roles

Average Salary Per Annum in INR

C-Suite Jobs (CFO, CMO, CEO, etc.)

Rs. 80 lakhs-1 crore

Vice President (Sales)

Rs. 99 lakhs 


Rs. 95.9 lakhs


Rs. 95.3 lakhs


Rs. 94.3 lakhs


Rs. 94 lakhs

Pilot and Aircraft Engineer

Rs. 93.5 lakhs

Aircraft Controller 

Rs. 90 lakhs to 1 crore

Plastic Surgeon

Rs. 91.7 lakhs

Tax Director

Rs. 90.8 lakhs


Rs. 87.8 lakhs

IT Director

Rs. 78.4 lakhs

Managing Director 

Rs. 75.4 lakhs

Advertising and Public Relations Directors

Rs. 71.21 lakhs 

Marketing Director

Rs. 69.9 lakhs


Rs. 65.21 lakhs 


Rs. 51.91 lakhs

Chief Executives (The C-Suite Jobs)

The C-Suite means a group of executives or chief executives at the Company's top-level management. It includes -

1. CEO: Chief Executive Officer

2. CMO: Chief Marketing Officer

3. CFO: Chief Financial Officer

4. CIO: Chief Information Officer

5. COO: Chief Operations Officer

6. CTO: Chief Technology Officer

Reaching the top-level management of the same Company requires a lot of hard work and loyalty at the same time. Chief executives become one of the highest paying jobs in the UK because they are responsible for every pros and con of the Company. The average salary range lies between INR 80 Lakhs – and INR 1 Crore, excluding other compensations and business trips.

Vice President (Sales)

The most vital part of running any business is sales. Be it service or product. A company's survival depends on its ability to make sales. The Company's vice president(sales) heads the sales team, who acknowledges the target audience, follows up on leads, sets sales records, and converts sales as fast as possible for the betterment of the Company. The average salary of the Vice president of sales is around INR 99lakhs.


As Britishers are pretty much concerned about their oral and dental health. So, In the UK, an orthodontist's position is a key aspect. They are not like the average dentist, but they are some special ones who are solely responsible for your teeth and jaw irregularities, and they are named orthodontists. The average salary of an orthodontist is around INR 95.9 lakhs Per year.


Nephrologists are medical specialists who identify and treat diseases in the kidney. They deal with the disorders occurring in the kidney. Nephrology Is an area of comprehensive study as it deals with the organs affected by kidney diseases. You have to pursue a 5-year training program which includes three years of clinical nephrology and two years of training in general internal medicine, to be a Nephrologist in the Uk. The average salary in the UK is around INR 95.3 Lakhs.


Anaeshthesiologist gives the patients undergoing medical surgery, psychiatric treatments, and other anaesthetics. To be an Anaesthesiologist in the UK, a medical student should experience five years of general medicine, two years of available training, and eight years of Specialist training. The average salary of an anesthesiologist is around INR 94.3 Lakhs. But As there is a saying, "If the rewards are given higher, then the investments were surely demanding."


The one who takes care of health issues related to toddlers, infants, teenagers, and young adults is named a Paediatrician. They provide personalised nutritional advice to the parents for the growth of their babies. To be a Paediatrician in the UK, you require eight years of education. The average salary of a paediatrician is around INR 94 lakhs per annum.

Pilot and Aircraft Engineer

A pilot and aircraft engineer is considered a pretty good and high paying job in the UK. To obtain a commercial pilot licence (CPL), you must first have a private pilot licence (PPL). They are required to pursue a BSC Air transport in commercial pilot training. Salary in this post depends upon the operator. But still, the average salary of a pilot and aircraft engineer is 93 lakhs per annum

Aircraft Controllers

To handle aircraft control, one needs to have exceptional leadership abilities and mental and professional strength and preparedness. There is a level of criticality that reaches a higher level because of the safety of the people who travel by plane. The average salary of an Aircraft controller lies between INR 90 lakhs to 1 crore.

Advertising and Public Relations Directors

Advertising and public relations are used to present a brand's positive image. Agents analyse the Company's target demographic and employ various advertising techniques. The average salary of an Advertising and public relations director is around 71.21 lakhs per annum

Other High Paying Jobs in UK


Average Salary Per Annum in INR

Senior Police Officers

58.4 lakhs 

Senior Professionals of Educational Establishments 

58.2 lakhs 

Train and Tram Drivers

57.8 lakhs 

Ship and Hovercraft Officers

55.4 lakhs 

Higher Education Teaching Professionals 

52.8 lakhs 

Electrical Engineers

52.5 lakhs 

IT Business Analysts, Architects, and Systems Designers

51.9 lakhs 

Business and Financial Project Management Professionals

51.9 lakhs 

So here we are at the end of the article, which will conclude that there are a lot more earning opportunities in the UK with higher packages. So, the students who were worried about their careers at the start of this article may be joy after going through this article as it covers all the UK's high-paying jobs.
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